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    Well, as far as progress is concerned we're still working on some things. And, it's Summer time, so people might be taking it easy, or are busy with college. Also, this was in the activity feed, I'm certain many people missed this, but Waverunner was retired from staff on Jun 22nd, he has been inactive for some time.

    I'm not sure who Waverunner is, what did he do?

    I'm wondering, what is actually being worked on at the moment? Looking at the JIRA page it seems not much has been updated for a few weeks other than bug fixes, and the development screenshot thread hasn't had anything posted for over a month now. I really like watching the development of PSWG so this isn't a complaint about how fast things are going, I'm not sure if I've just been looking in the wrong place or something like that! Have things slowed down or am i just missing the things that are being updated?

    What would be the point of this, though? I expect GCW and such but it would seem like a huge addition to the game for not very much gain. There would be quite a few problems with it as aswell.

    For many people the old textures/overall look of the game is nostalgic, it just wouldn't be the same if it didn't have those early 2000s graphics. I quite liked them!

    Looking at some of those screenshots it seems they miss the mark on some of the locations and don't seem to understand them too how Tatooine now has giant glowing neon signs all over the place.

    thats a good ideaatm the items are not spawned in anyway and need to be set/spawned in (although we have the coordinates for all items already)

    While it's understandable to not want everything to be extremely easy, i still think an emulator making subjective 'improvements' to the game is a bad idea on principle, at least regarding the initial content included.

    What do you mean by "the original story"? The legacy quest line is going to be included in the game at some point if that's what you mean, it wouldn't be SWG without it.

    XP in jtl had no meaning really you didn't do duty missions for xp you did it looking for things to RE. RE projects were the main driving force of replayability of what content JTL had. Ok put it in better perspective for a ground game person...imagine everytime you went to DWB you had to create a new toon to get in. Do it enough and you could acquire parts for a full mando suit...but that would be a LOT of rerolled toons...who would sell that much time investment without bartering for something equivalent. Credits to a pilot doesn't mean much...unlike ground. Most good RE projects were priceless...and all unique snowflakes no two projects were the same. End game content in space was very random number generator reliant.

    Things like level 7 shields and quantum ion drive engines that were "rewards" for starmap quest were great in that on those items the range on some of the individual stats on that piece were wide. That is both a good thing and a bad thing. Sure you could get a 105 top speed QID but it often took around 1000 runs (thousands ...hundreds of thousands....of brand new alts for each run....some never got one over 102 speed after millions of runs using disposable toons) to get one such stat....even that number is overly optimistic. Most runs all ya got was 8000 credits for selling it to chassis dealer because the item was no better than what you would get in a duty mission...which would mean deleting the toon completely and trying again. Voiddragon how many times have you deleted a character at login to try at some of the "content". What's stopping you from getting it from someone else?....sigh those somebody elses and other players are your competition....pretty much the end game content for pilots was PvP. If you didn't care about PvP then likely you would have no reason to try and get better equipment than the enemy you fight. Crafted equipment for the most part was just placeholders till you get it replaced with an item made through reverse engineering space loot. In essence it was an arms race where each pilot tried to get an edge on an opposing faction by accumulating more pieces of space loot where only one stat on the item was good...for a level 8 RE project you combine 8 parts with 1 good stat on each to combine them all into one piece of equipment. Each component on your ship other than missile launcher and chaff were RE end projects achieved by countless hours of looting parts in duty missions or random killings of NPCs, trading/bartering with other players, and countless rerolling of toons to acquire one time only content. Other pilots will only trade an item they acquire if they have something better than the one they are sure you could rely on chance/luck/extreme stupidity of a pilot trading you an item unattainable by other means.....the random range of top speed on QID was wide with a low max speed and high top speed possible on that item within that quest reward...high top speed on non QID engines if you were lucky might be 98 or so....versus the 106 top speed possible with qid and only qid...and even that was based on could also get a 99 speed QID but the lower speeds are what get traded and the high ones are kept.

    While deleting a character to try it all again is your own choice, that seems like it might go against how things were intended to be. If the developers wanted you to be able to do them over and over again for certain rewards, that's how they would have been. Clearly there must have been some reason for restricting it.

    An annoying aspect of SWG was the non repeatable content that should be repeatable. Any space content that JTL got from Kashyykk expansion and beyond didn't get reset once you resign your pilot squadron...instead they became one time only type quests. Starmap quest is one such example. In an ideal setting I could have a combat toon to help your friends progress with combat type quests and structures trader so I can make my ship equipment and RE my own projects as well as make harvesters and other things that structure traders do. Pilots are forced to continually reroll characters that are disposable alts in order to get more shots at getting a good quantum ion drive level 7 shield etc which is up to the RNG gods currently. Once you do get a decent one and eventually complete a RE project with it...if decay ever degrades it or the unthinkable happens and it is somehow way of replacing it ever except by abandoning whatever toon is most disposable to the pilot or never utilizing the second character in the first place leaving it only to be disposable. Any other content prior to kashyyk was repeatable either via redoing duty missions or reaquiring the tier rewards after resigning and starting over in another pilot squadron. After resigning from a squadron you start completely over and all content in space treats yo like the next time you go through that content the game for the most part acts as if you are completing those missions for the first time...except for missions/quests that are added by an expansion other than JTL.

    You do need to keep in mind that with the current thinking that by limiting an account to only 2 toons was fine in live because they didn't care how many accounts you had. Many players during live had multiple accounts so that they could try other professions without deleting their current favorites and this still is the exact same environment you want to limit hard-handedly more now than when they were in live because if you have more than one account now you could be banned (which wasn't the case in live myself I had 4 accounts 2 for myself and 2 for my girlfriend now ex). This is especially true of pilots that are used to doing workarounds to have any they need at least one disposable alt to run starmaps with. Most crafters also had multiple accounts for when they wanted to do any combat...or to use more harvesters and factories and hoeses to store all of those resources in. The better crafters were good because most of the time they play a combat toon too so they have a better understanding of how the things they craft are they know which stats are higher priority to experiment on and improve. Also many resources for some crafters rely heavily on combat classes to collect or aid in collection. Direct knowledge is better than secondhand.

    So two toons per account with a one account per person under threat of ban a lot more heavy-handed than how the live environment was you are wanting to emulate. 3 or 4 toons would be better.

    I didn't get far enough to need high-level gear for space, but what's stopping you just getting stuff from other players? Why can't you just trade with another player who was fortunate enough to get that stuff? Quests were non-repeatable specifically so you couldn't keep doing them to grind the rewards and EXP.

    Live version may have allowed more than 1 account so you could get more than 2 characters, but that wasn't as much of an issue as allowing that many here would be. In live you had to pay for more accounts, which would have stopped a lot of people doing it just to get a better advantage in the game. This will be free so if its possible to create as many accounts and characters as you want, players would definitely do that and it would certainly have a huge impact on the community and economy of the game. This will likely have a lower playerbase than live SWG did as well, so it's even more of a problem.

    Even without commenting on the actual gameplay BF1 wins, it's doing something actually unique. Rather than just going for the safe option of carrying on with using the current biggest trends for a setting (modern or futuristic once again) it's pushing the industry forward, in a way.

    Just handing out the game would be piracy, really. The other SWG EMU requires you to own the original game in some way, either the disc version or having purchased the full game digitally back when it was still available.

    Allowing so many characters in combination with multilogging i think would just completely ruin the economy, as well. Even though the EMU doesn't allow it when i was playing a few months ago there were many group of 6+ characters AFK surveying for resources in a group. It would be worse if that sort of thing was actually 'encouraged' by allowing all those characters on one account.

    Hopefully it's a limit of about 2, you don't need any more than that. If players are allowed too many it takes away from having to interact with others, it shouldn't be possible to do everything yourself, especially not when Multi-logging is possible.