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    Was that in the NGE too? Or just CU/Pre-CU. I don't remember stats tied to races in the NGE, maybe I just didn't notice XD

    New races would be awesome but I imagine there is a fair bit of work in that. Personally I'd be happy with any of the original SWG races but always loved Zabrak and wookie the most

    How hard would it be to add extra skin/fur/tat colours?

    Welcome mate, I believe you can download the client from some places online, a friend of mine did it recently to play the emu with me. I think this is the guide he used.

    Hope it helps mate :) remember that this project is separate from SWGEmu, same client is used though, just different launchers.

    Corm :cantina_band:

    Looking forward to logging in and exploring again myself, darn PC all packed up in boxes atm, so frustrating :P

    Haha yep I did, Full dark red mando except gloves, melee bh was rly strong in duels, crap for hunting tho XD

    What were your char names on infin, Kurz?

    Heya, I'm Matt, I've been keeping an eye on the project for a while now, after the new movie was released I had the urge to hop into SWG again. It's great to see some familiar faces here!

    My original SWG life started on Lowca, about a month or 2 after launch. But I soon moved to Bria and then EU-Infinity where I spent the longest time playing, mostly playing as a Neutral Bounty Hunter (Cormaq Tengudori) and Rebel/Imp Jedi as -eXodus-, although I did have a ton of other characters over the years playing all professions including crafters.

    I started playing less and less after 2008 (which I now regret) as I was busy with Uni and another mmo (Lotro) but did go back for about 6 months on Farstar after Infinity shutdown until the games eventual close.

    In the real world I'm an Independent Graphic Designer so that takes most of my time, but I'm happy to lend a hand if needed.

    Really looking forward to the continued progress here and making some new friends.


    Corm :cantina_band:

    Thx for the warm welcome mate and everything answered in one post, awesome! I guess I'll quietly pray that everything works out well for both projects. In the mean time I guess it's time to see if I can be of help here. Miss this game so much,



    Heya folks,

    After seeing the new Star Wars movie recently I had the itch to try SWG again, Many amazing memories and amazing people, some of whom are on these forums. While the SWGEmu is great I always preferred the combat in the NGE so started looking for an NGE emulator. I've been keeping an eye on PSWG for a while but wasn't aware until I started looking into things recently that it's going to be a while before we have a flushed out universe here (which is fine of course, I commend your efforts and I am very excited <3 ).

    The only other option seemed to be SWG Reborn/Legends. I looked into things a little bit (reddit hehe) and side from the drama that sadly surrounds that project currently it seems very promising, From what I gather this is because they are using the original SOE source code and server infrastructure.

    My questions are:

    - Does using original SOE Source code raise copyright/legality issues, Or is it okay as long as it's a non-profit venture?

    - Are you guys going to use this too? incorporate elements or use it as reference to speed up the development process? I guess it's an all or nothing kinda thing if legal issues come into it.

    The main reasons I ask is that I'm worried to sink time into a project that has drama surrounding it, would rather put time/money into a sure thing, which PSWG seems to be for the NGE. Right now I'm just an impatient sod and the SWG legends server seems almost too good to be true while I wait for PSWG, hence why I'm here.

    Thanks, and apologies if these are questions you'd rather not answer, I'm aware you're first and foremost an emulation and the work you're doing is fantastic :)


    Cormaq / -eXodus- :cantina_band: