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    They are only visible in God Mode.

    pcgoblins setup steps are exactly how I'd tell someone to do it.

    Right now there is no way to create an account without having me create it manually for you. We're currently figuring out the ideal way to solve this. We'll likely have separate users, meaning you would have to create a new account instead of using your ProjectSWG one for login. This remains undecided.

    The idea is to have different server options in the same launcher for ease of access.

    I misunderstood - I thought you were talking about an in-browser Launcher. I just naturally assume anything on a browser is not as secure as an application - but I haven't kept up with web security/HTTPS/Certificates at all...

    What I was referring to was a master server list, which the launcher can display. The launcher would remain a desktop application.

    That IS pretty sweet looking, and it probably has some other applications that could be integrated with it, but is it secure enough?

    Communication between any applications we make can be secured to whatever level we deem necessary, if that's what you mean.

    I like the look, but I'm also one looks doesn't matter to me much. Its whether it is working right and its functional.

    I care primarily that it works, is intuitive and can be expanded upon, which is partially why the design isn't super complicated either. The images are there to give that Star Wars Galaxies vibe, which would otherwise be lacking. The idea is that new functionality can be added with ease due to the navigation on the left, instead of trying to fit it all into a single space.

    I'm not aware of any Star Wars movies being dubbed in Danish. Definitely subs and perhaps shown on TV in a few years. Yes, years.

    Personally I dislike the collections..... there were *very* few that I'd managed to or had interest in completeing on live, one of the few I did try completeing was to get the Virago schematic...... never found enough of certain types of ships though...

    That's a decision every player has to make. They'll have to ask themselves: Do I care enough about this to put in the effort? If the answer is no, then you'll just have to live without. Nothing important should come by doing nothing, in my opinion.

    The question would be how to define an "active" account.... Possibly going by last date logged on and give rewards by play-time rather than account age?

    Being in-game doesn't mean you're doing anything, as you could be AFK in a house or something. I still think the only viable way to hand out powerful items is by actively obtaining them. Tying it to existing mechanics, such as collections or loot, means using what's already in place instead of inventing something new.

    Veteran Items remain as Veteran Items (incentive for playing)

    You don't need to actively play. It works based on account age, not play time. I find rewarding players that signed up early and punishing those that didn't to be a bad game mechanic, since it should be about the amount of time you play and not a registry date.

    Some of the old veteran reward items are way too good for a system like that. I think distributing it through collections or some form of loot is a much better idea, so you can earn them if you put in the effort.

    Why do you find the old system better?

    The Image Design window itself can't be done because that's part of the client code, which we can't touch.

    That's not to say a change of gender or even race is impossible, however. It can be done.