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    I'd say most of the fun in RPing a Force Sensitive in this era is both the level of secrecy required, and the potential of -possibly- obtaining a lightsaber, which are quite possibly the rarest weapons on the galaxy.

    Formal instruction in the Light and Dark sides of the Force would be rarer than a physically active Hutt, so I'd kinda enjoy being limited in how much of the Force I could use.

    The Sith Shrine is new canon, not Legends. Ah, the neverending contradictions.

    You can always self proclaim yourself as a Sith Lord, but you cannot physically be a part of that Order in character, it's just a fact of the Rule of Two. A Dark Jedi is, in many ways, similar to a Sith, often holding similar beliefs, but Dark Jedi are not a strict order, as the Sith are.

    "The term Dark Jedi was a collective and vague name of dark side practitioners (be they fallen or rogue Jedi) that used Force powers and a lightsaber, but were not always members of a certain organization; whereas the term Sith refers to a definite heritage or ideology."

    pretty cool RP story, a bit light on details but in my opinion very plausible. it's not unthinkable to assume that there is more than 1 Sith lord in the galaxy. in fact i can only track Darth Sidious's chain of master/apprentice back a few generations before it only refers to a reigning Twi'lek Sith lord as the final predecessor. also the Jedi temple on Coruscant was built directly on top of a Sith shrine from the galactic domination period of the Sith Empire. it is said to still have residual dark side power, partially accounting for why the jedi council didn't know that Palpatine was Darth Sidious. He was also one of the best if not the best at force concealment or buried presence as it's also called. Being a Sith in my opinion just means that you commit to the dark side of the force, like being a jedi means to commit to the light side of the force, and being a gray or gray jedi means you walk a line in between light and dark while not committing to or following the rules of either side. all in all a very cool idea, dark or gray force users rise up to fight the empire lead by a mysterious sith lord.

    The idea of being a Sith Lord in an official sense is implausible. Only Darth Vader and Darth Sidious are the two Sith Lords in this era, sticking to Darth Bane's rule of two which was established after the destruction of the Brotherhood of Darkness. That being said, you can be a Dark Jedi. Or... Dark Force User, I guess. Since it's also hard to call yourself a Jedi without full Jedi training. The Jedi Temple was also built atop a Light Side Force Nexus, not a Dark Side one. Bast castle, on the other hand, was built on a Dark Side Nexus, same with the Emperor's citadel on Byss.

    Bottom line, it's possible to be a Force User in RP, but it's something that is better as something -extremely- secretive. Lightsabers hidden, no public use of Force Powers AND accepting the consequences of being a Force User in this era. If you're discovered, the Inquisitors would likely be on your ass, if you weren't executed. Same applies if you follow the Dark Side and can be seen as a threat to Palpatine's power. I have my own ideas for Light sided Force Sensitive RP themed around SpecForce kinda work. Heavily secret and such.