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    So one of the things that often bugged me on SWG was the issue of equipping a cloak/duster with a chestplate. Now obviously, for the sake of Jedi, having a JMC with a Comp Chestplate with 35s in it would be considered extremely unfair, but what about in the appearance tab?

    I'm not asking for anything radical, but when SWG released the appearance tab I saw an explosion of really cool combinations that each and every person used to look unique.

    All for except the fact that we couldn't equip a robe/duster of any kind in our appearance tabs with a chestplate without it un-equipping either or. Same thing went for jackets going over full body suits, or cloaks over full body suits.

    Since I've seen it on NPCS:

    Why not make it for Players? It'll give us more diverse options, let players even further customize themselves and have truly unique looking characters! We'd probably see some really cool variations of what people think a dark Jedi should look like, cybernetics if you want and just more diverse characters.
    Btw, In order from left to right
    : The Shambler, Aralina Silk (Emperor's Hand), Vansk of the Blackguard.

    I came across this:

    It has kept me busy at nights coming back from work, trying to figure the "best" PvE Smuggler Build, either built for survival for Heroics, or soloing Dungeons (Kubaza Beetle Foreman YOU WILL BE MINE...) while running around dodging aoes.

    So, if there are any old Smugs on here show off your builds here. Whether they are PvP, PvE, Group Support whatever. Figured it create some conversation, and maybe swap some war stories?

    Also what the heck is Innate Armor? ?(

    Yes to this.

    I had a level 90 Commando and Officer on Chimera. But I lived on TC for some strange reason, completing collections, heroics and GCW Rank that I could have done on my mains, but choose to ignore.

    Granted I was a teenager at the time, I was more eager to get chapter updates and items before the main servers got them.

    That and I enjoyed spec'ing at will to whatever I so pleased, to me it cut down on the Legacy and grind to 90 really..

    Amen brother.. Well said..

    Don't mind me other patrons, just reading and listening to all sides of the story here.. :whistling:

    Now you getting the essence of strategy.

    What can I say, I destroyed scum in EaW Online with relative ease during space combat.. Imperial Technology always instills that sense of pride! .. or arrogance. But both work well in battle!

    Also, Interdictor's are weak.. utterly. Like wet tissue paper, obviously against small scrub fighters it goes easily. Don't forget the Corellian Missile Boats! Interdictors have that little ability in the Wells to deflect/detour incoming proton torpedo's. But something ballistic can get through.

    Rebel players escort a team of Missile Boats through a space battle to the Imperial side in an attempt to blow up an Imperial Interdictor that is stopping Rebel Medical Frigates from evac.

    Imperial Players are tasked with defend the Interdictor while simultaneously holding fighters and destroying the Missile Boats.

    ^ Would be a cool idea for a Space PvP Mode, no? ^

    Yes welcome! I too have had the.. "experience".. of trying out different variants of SWG and their communities in whole! (cough)..

    Wait.. so fly sorties against Imperial Cruisers? .... Like big ol'e Kuat Motor's Star Destroyers and blow em' up? Yes do this.

    Should add an Imperial Interdicter, it has GWG's (Gravy Well Generators) that restrict the ability to Hyperspace. Would be interesting if say Imperial Players were tasked with protecting it, sort of deny Rebel players from jumping in to assist (vice versa for Imperials and for leaving).

    Welcome aboard! Not much to do but run around explore!

    Regardless, once the game goes live, you'll have a great time with other players.

    Quarantine Zone. Type /target undead and have examine it for seeing his dreams of being a Stormtrooper die.. literally.

    I'd also recommend Aurrilla, have fun running though. Imperial Base on Talus, run around Endor and see if you can find a Gorax!

    Even though I've had to walk thousands of miles on Tatooine.. I loved seeing my old favorite grinding spots for collections when I first got off Tansarii, some people just log in and leave when they can't shoot or kill , but honestly, half of Galaxies for me was exploring those ancient or nostalgic places..

    So thanks for all the hard work in getting those POI's active, it brings a tear to my eye as I remember my past! :saint:

    On a serious note, wow, 4 hours in and my index finger is dying from holding the "w" key down .___.

    Was 13 when I first got on, was playing Empire At War, saw an ad for it and tried to 14-day trial. Loved it, bought it the first day I could. Got all the expansions and went to work up until the bitter end.

    That and my fascination with the EU, Prince Xizor, Guri (lulz..), the Blacksun in general made me love it that much more. Oh the joys of being a smuggler and soloing the Kubaza Beetle Caverns and that really annoying/constantspazhealing Kubaza Queen...

    As per our General Service Agreement: We don't advertise or promote other NGE/Pre CU/Mixed content servers,however it's not difficult to find with simple search as SWG EMU.
    But I warn you most of the custom content servers deviate so far from the original content,
    it's wasn't worth the effort to invest in them.

    Oh no no, trust me I've tried the other... servers only to be met with childish comments and my character being banned when I call out immature behavior. I meant I know there is the test one we can log onto from the Project Launchpad, I thought there was another server within the Project Launchpad I did not know about is all.

    Well, I guess I'll say a few things, was a Smuggler on Europe-Chimera, Krix Swiftshadow (stolen from a NPC because I have issues), was really good at what I did. Tried EMU, got boring really cause there is a lack of content and a strict adherence to all things "Pre-Cu" was annoying. Not even any NGE items or npcs :/

    Anyway, glad to be apart of this community, can't wait to see what gets added in over the weeks/months!