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    After considering all the new possible fleet compositions the Imperial Navy seems deadlier than ever,

    so much so that resistance does in fact seem futile.

    Between Interdictor class and Onager class Star Destroyer,

    the Empire has very effective nets and spears to hunt down Rebel's with.

    A fleet of Victory or Imperator class Star Destroyers supporting the operation,

    would spell certain doom for splinter fleets.
    The only possible Rebel response would be overwhelming firepower in the form of a Star Defender,

    which is both rare and extremely unlikely.

    Okay just when you thought you were safe in the outer rim,

    something new and menacing appears on the radar.


    This introduces the Rebel Nadiri Starhawk built from the remains of Imperial Star Destroyers,

    and the Imperial Onager-class Star Destroyer.

    The Onager spinal weapon is actually a scaled down Kyber crystal laser,

    while not as powerful as the Death Star's superlaser.

    It still poses a serious threat in space combat.

    think for a moment.

    How just a few of these Onager-class star destroyers can cripple the flagship of any factional navy,

    now on the flipped side the Nadiri Starhawk can arrest the mobility of any capital ship using it's powerful tractor beam emitters.

    Gaming with Star Dreadnoughts and Star Defenders?

    One of my favorite tabletop Star Wars fleet battle systems is SW Armada,

    one reason is because of the games mechanics and especially because the playing pieces/models are extremely detailed.

    Originally players posted that the SSD would never be a reality in the game due to its massive fire power, but simply failed to be true and now the Super Star Destroyer is available for tabletop.

    Yes SW Armada does seems to take a cue from Sony's JTL meaning that the models aren't true to scale.


    That being said Shapeways has responded by sculpting the Viscount Star Defender..........…tar-defender-armada-scale

    These investments on either front would prove devastating fleet engagements,

    now where does that leave my JTL Capital Ship combat engine?

    Unaffected, Yes I do intend to use Star Dreadnoughts & Defenders but only of the nine kilometer scale.......

    1st I wished to deploy Bellator class at 7,200 meters on the direct orders of the Emperor,

    will retain superior firepower with 250 Octuple Heavy Turbo Laser Batteries , 250 Quad Heavy Turbo Laser Batteries, 250 Double Heavy Turbo Laser Batteries, 40 Heavy Turbo Laser Batteries, 14 Quad Heavy Ion Cannon Batteries, 116 Medium Ion Cannon Batteries, 96 Advanced Concussion Missile Launchers, & 24 Tractor Beam Emitters.

    Which the Rebels respond with the 8.100 meters Viscount Prototype Battlecruiser armed with Mon Calamari Redundant Shielding, a superior point defense systems.

    The Prototype deploys 250 Octuple Heavy Turbo Laser Batteries, 250 Quad Medium Turbo Laser Batteries, 200 Advanced Concussion Missile Launchers, 150 Double Heavy Ion Cannon Batteries, 150 Double Laser Cannon Turrets, & 30 Tractor Beam Emitters.

    I think I'll listen to the Imperial and Rebel Fleet again. I was a little preoccupied, but it sounded really interesting.

    Just imagine the fear running thru the minds of every crew member aboard a warship,

    those not directly involved in the battle such as bridge officers, gunnery crews, and fighter pilots.

    The men, women, and multiple alien species racing about trying make emergency repairs,

    finding and treating the wounded, or searching for an unlocked escape pod.

    Only the droids of the Trade Federation died in battle without fear,

    but due to their limited sentience we can't even be sure of that for certain.

    For most rational beings the prospect of being blown in to the vacuum of space,

    or instantly incinerated wasn't appealing but a outright terrifying reality of space warfare.

    Star Wars lore isn't only about the jedi or the multitudes of heroes and villains of the saga,

    it was a star faring conflict of naval battles that intrigues me the most.

    It's like watching mobile cities go to war,

    in which there are hundreds of thousands in nameless casualties.

    Battle Breakdowns

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    Recent updates to the GCW Event Space Battles provide me with a little more insight,

    as I was irl physically disabled by the time it was implemented on SOE live.

    I still feel it needs one major modification,

    replacing the Lancer class Frigate with a Arquitens class Light Cruiser.

    Although not quite a equal match for the Nebulon B it is far more formidable than the Lancer.

    which was designed specifically to destroy star fighters....

    The only true flaw in SWG/JTL is ship scaling, available mass, and finally inconsistent conformity.

    I believe the Devs dealt with the model issues by engineering a perceived balance that didn't exist in the Star Wars Universe.


    Everyone knows that JTL star fighters and Pob are not true to scale, in some cases it's grossly exaggerated.

    Basically interceptors, bombers, and superiority craft sharing the same hitbox if not handling.

    Available Mass:

    In the case where superiority fighters are 140+ mass and Bombers 200+ or more,

    how is it possible a Arc-170 only has 125k in mass making it impossible to fully arm or armor.

    Meanwhile the Republic JSF out classes modern interceptors like the TIE/In and A-Wing by 24-40k more mass with superior handling.

    Inconsistent Conformity:

    If you ever took the time to measure the CR90 you'll find that it's over 200 meters long when it should be only 120m,

    and the ISD is is 2,593m long classing it as a Battleship not a Star Destroyer which is only 1,600m long

    I believe this was done for dramatic effect but there is no way a CR90 will fit is a SWG ISD's docking bay,

    so imagine what space PvP would be like if Imperial fighters where true to spec and had no shields and 20% or more mass to armor up.

    So there we are and still we have nothing to complain about because we have the finest space combat simulator ever created.

    the question is in what direction can we expand on it.

    You know I love fleet space battles but with the pilot community being what it is who knows what the participation numbers will be,

    which is why I created this dialog to begin with.

    Well after a few weeks in my Adv X-Wing flying against the Space GCW Battle Event I shot down two player Tie Defender Prototypes, 1 Tie Interceptor, and 1 Tie Fighter.

    I noted a few flaws in the script of the event itself, 1st was that there are no gcw awards for destroying npc starfighters.

    2nd players are unable to affect a npc frigates hull or system point values, only shields and armor.

    While it can be argued that star fighters don't have sufficient firepower, that is not true of the many star fighter bombers.

    But the 3rd issue I have with the event is the final GCW aware of 5,000 faction points, this alone isn't a glaring issue but a accumulative one.

    Let's say the player isn't a part time combatant but a full time SWG Neet,

    three event's per day equals 15,000 GCW or 105,000 per week.

    I can only attend one of two battles per day yet I've earned and main the rank of General without even trying,

    so a overall award reduction is required day 1/10th the current value.

    I am pretty sure my JTL Capital Ship post have nothing to do with Restuss ground GCW events,

    so I'll assume the entire post line was a honest mistake.

    Capital Ship Targeting Computers:

    A fire-control system is a number of components working together, usually a gun data computer, a director, and radar, which is designed to assist a weapon system in targeting, tracking and hitting its target.

    It performs the same task as a human gunner firing a weapon,

    but attempts to do so faster and more accurately.

    This is how multiple weapons are linked to fire in rapid succession under the control of a gunnery crew,

    that being said I believe the only alteration required is the target reticle to represent target range.

    Orbital Bombardment:

    This would be a rather touchy subject if it hadn't already occurred in Star Wars Galaxies before,

    to offer a target I point out the Ruins of Restuss.

    Most of our die hard players certainly believe that star fighter bombs destroyed the entire city,

    but I don't believe that to be the case as it would be simple for Star Destroyers in low orbit to target the city.

    That being said the details are clearly described in Star Wars Wiki

    , but should such an ability be available to players warship captains?

    Rebels, Privateers, Pirates, & the Imperial Navy:


    Quite naturally alterations of this nature will carry devastating side effects,

    lets start with the content encoding which will naturally creates a variety of bugs and system errors.

    Lets pretend that all of this is stabilized somewhat on test servers prior to release to the public,

    artwork, factional xp tiers, expertise trees, ship component resources &crafting values.

    Combat engine, warship space zones, npc ships and warship AI, limited daily & weekly warship quest,

    tier loot & rewards, and Warship GCW Events & Naval GCW merchant npcs.


    Now that everything is in active game play it's players it's up to individual players or guilds to pursue Naval careers,

    rebels will engage in factional piracy attacking Imperial convoys in support of the Rebellion.

    While Privateers & Pirates will attack anyone for a wages from either faction or profit from the spoils of war,

    while the Empire will seek out pirates and rebel scum to keep the peace in the galaxy.

    This can be accomplished by simply modifying the preexisting Interdiction Burst Generators to cull ships in Warship Space,

    or Daily/Weekly high tier missions to accomplish the very same goals.

    Game Balancing:

    The sad truth is that balance is only relative between ships of the same Hull Class and technology Era,

    smaller ships will enjoy faster flight speeds while larger vessels will enjoy superior firepower.

    While it is possible for three smaller craft to take down a larger variant,

    say three Dreadnaught class Heavy Cruisers versus a single Imperial class Star Destroyer.

    The same can't be said of inferior crafts such as multiple Nebulon B class Frigates versus a single Bellator class Battle cruiser,

    every frigate that engages will most likely be vaporized.

    The only mitigating factor in such a battle would be support craft such as star fighters & bombers ,

    to inflict as much structural damage as possible prior to the fleets engagement.

    Space PvP:

    It's assumed that players will come in factional conflicts during Warship Space Zone GCW Events,

    as all ships from star fighters to gunships can participate.

    However only a organized fleet stands a better chance of assaulting of defending VIP warships, or installations,

    thus the player pilot & Naval community will often be called upon yet again for these conflicts.

    I imagine massive fleets will not initially be available for some time and the community as a whole would have to embrace the expansion,

    that being said it's more likely that player sponsored events will be the way to go.

    How To Implement the Mariner Profession: A Second Look:

    Another means to create a Naval Character is to simplify it as a sub Profession as with Pilot on a XP Wheel,

    and offer Naval Academy Expertise in a method similar to Beastmaster.

    This second option not only makes basic Warship combat available to all players,

    players who invest in NA Expertise would gain enhanced & advanced abilities.

    So a Factional Navy XP wheel would earn players rank abilities & Warship hull clearances',

    while the optional NA Expertise trees would further develop their proficiencies.

    Without going into details these would be enhanced tactical abilities common to the NA Profession,

    to more Advanced Factional Tactics like The Ackbar Slash or Thrawn Pincer maneuvers.

    I believe this method would eliminate the need for a exclusive Profession to facilitate epic Star Wars fleet combat,

    however I feel its best that players initiate a quest unlock the Naval Sub Profession.

    Requiring players to complete elements of space and ground combat to acquire their first hull certification,

    thereafter players deploy that ship as Captain or crew to gain exclusive Warship Space XP.

    As I've stated previously Warships will exist in larger zones away from JTL to avoid adversely effecting normal game play,

    in addition only Warship Space XP advances the Naval Wheel in their Factional sub Profession.

    Star fighters & PoB in Warship Space only earn Space XP in small support vessels,

    Naval sub Profession requires a Corvette hull class or larger to gain Warship Space XP.

    New Ship classifications

    Player starships each fall into a distinct role that determines a ship's handling characteristics. Roles determine acceleration, deceleration, rotation rates, momentum/slide, throttle "sweet spot" (the throttle level resulting in greatest rotation rate), and high-speed rotation penalty:

    • Light Fighter

    Low mass light fighter. Very crisp rotation, but sacrifices acceleration and deceleration to accomplish this. Very slide heavy, but very little rotation penalty at high speeds.

    • Medium Fighter  

    Moderate mass medium fighter. Sloppier rotation, slightly more acceleration, less sliding and more significant rotation penalty.

    • Heavy Fighter

    High mass heavy fighter. Much sloppier rotation, but amazing acceleration and deceleration. Penalty when going at top speed for rotation is severe.

    • Interceptor

    Fairly light mass space superiority fighter. Mixes characteristics of light and heavy fighters. Expect to sacrifice mass to get the maximum performance out of this one.

    • Bomber

    Very high mass, very heavy craft. More diverse weapons arsenal available.

    • Multi-passenger Ship (POB)

    Most have 2 turrets, except for the Y-8 Mining Ship which has 4, and the gun ships (6 turrets).

    These ships have decoratable interiors that can be occupied by group members as if it were the inside of a house. These ships have turrets that can be jumped into and out of by people aboard the ship.

    POB ships no longer take up one of your structure lots, but still hold a maximum of 75 items on board, gunboats can hold 150 items.

    Cannot launch a third POB if two others have items inside of them. For the purposes of this maximum of two PoB's, the Sorosuub Luxury Yacht Veteran Reward counts as a PoB.

    • Gunboat

    Multiple decks (1 deck on the Imperial gunboat, 2 on the Rebel gunboat, and 3 on the Blacksun gunboat). They have 6 manned turrets, and two pilot operated weapons or countermeasure launchers.

    150 default interior item storage.

    Warship Corvettes: Ships of roughly 100 - 200 meters length

    Example: CR90 corvette, Marauder-class corvette.

    Multiple decks & have 6 manned weapon batteries,

    as well as small star fighter hangars.

    200 default interior item storage.

    Warship Frigates: Ships of roughly 201 - 500 meters length

    Example: EF76 Nebulon-B escort frigate

    Multiple decks & have 6 manned weapon batteries,

    as well as small to medium star fighter hangars.

    200 default interior item storage.

    Warship Light Cruisers: Ships of roughly 501 - 1,000 meters length

    Example: Victory class Star Destroyer

    Multiple decks & have 6 manned weapon batteries,

    as well as medium to large star fighter hangars.

    300 default interior item storage.

    Warship Heavy Cruisers: Ships of roughly 1,001 - 1,799 meters length

    Example: Imperial class Star Destroyer

    Multiple decks & have 6 manned weapon batteries,

    as well as large to huge star fighter hangars.

    300 default interior item storage.

    Warship Battleships/Battle Cruisers: Ships of roughly 1,800 - 5,000 meters length

    Example: Allegiance-class Heavy Star Destroyer,

    Lucrehulk-class Battleship

    Multiple decks & have 6 manned weapon batteries,

    as well as huge to enormous star fighter hangars.

    500 default interior item storage.

    Warship Star Dreadnaughts/Defenders: Ships of roughly 5,001 - 19,000 meters length

    Example: Bellator class Star Battle Cruiser, Viscount-class Prototype Battle Cruiser,

    Mandator II-class Star Dreadnought

    Multiple decks & have 6 manned weapon batteries,

    as well as enormous star fighter hangars.

    500 default interior item storage.

    The Lambda is the base for the Imperial Gunship hull,

    it maybe faster but it's poorly armed.

    The Gozanti class cruiser is basically a gunboat armed with photon torpedoes,

    it wouldn't be hard to implement but it's not really a warship at only 41.8 meters.

    Basically a 400 plus meter long Baleen-class heavy freighter would be a suitable warship hull,


    this orbital restricted vessel can be modified to carry point defense laser cannon turrets.

    Chief asset once enabled to modeled on is the player Gunships,

    "Rebel, freelance, and Imperial" of which warships are exaggerated forms of gunship.

    Initial Hulls are the Deep space ISD,

    and the Space GCW Event Nebulon B and Lancer class Frigates assuming the files are recreated.

    All other models will have to be scratch built,

    initially a balanced hull class selection.

    How to Implement the Mariner Profession:

    How does Mariner fit into the Iconic Hero Professions,

    well on the surface it seems rather simple although there is considerable game data encoding involved.


    BOTHAN : +65 Precision +25 Constitution +50 Agility +60 Luck

    HUMAN : +50 Precision +50 Strength +50 Stamina +50 Agility

    ITHORIAN : +40 Precision +60 Strength +70 Stamina +30 Luck

    MON CALAMARI : +60 Precision +40 Constitution +60 Stamina +40 Luck

    RODIAN : +80 Precision +20 Stamina +80 Agility +20 Luck

    SULLUSTAN : +40 Strength +60 Constitution +60 Agility +40 Luck

    TRANDOSHAN : +50 Strength +65 Constitution +65 Stamina +20 Agility

    TWI'LEK : +40 Precision +60 Stamina +60 Agility +40 Luck

    WOOKIEE : +10 Precision +85 Strength +85 Constitution +40 Stamina

    ZABRACK : +50 Precision +50 Strength +50 Constitution +50 Agility


    JEDI : +120 Agility / +40 Constitution / +30 Luck / +30 Precision / +40 Stamina / +100 Strength

    BOUNTY HUNTER : +20 Luck / +60 Precision / +40 Strength / +80 Constitution / +80 Stamina / +80 Agility

    SMUGGLER : +120 Luck / +20 Precision / +20 Strength / +70 Constitution / +30 Stamina / +100 Agility

    OFFICER : +20 Luck / +70 Precision / +50 Strength / +80 Constitution / +80 Stamina / +60 Agility

    COMMANDO : +60 Luck / +120 Precision / +120 Strength / +60 Constitution

    SPY : +40 Luck / +50 Precision / +50 Strength / +80 Constitution / +40 Stamina / +100 Agility

    MEDIC : +80 Luck / +50 Precision / +50 Strength / +60 Constitution / +120 Stamina


    MARINER ( Marine/Command ) +60 Luck /+60 Precision /+60 Strength /+60 Constitution /+60 Stamina /+60 Agility


    ENTERTAINER : +40 Constitution / +120 Stamina / +120 Agility / +80 Luck


    TRADER ( Domestics / Structures / Munitions / Engineering ) +90 Luck +90 Precision +90 Strength +90 Agility