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    The problem is that it's illegal. Legitimate developers and people working on projects won't go near it, and rightly so.
    What your left with is all the drama from the past year. If you want a project that will actually last and is legitimate, anything using the source code is not what you want.

    Oh okay, so what about SWG legends? ive been following project swg since its start on and off and every time i lose interest it works and then when i see that its all working it stops and its just a vicious cycle haha.

    I made it clear when I started SWG Reborn that its entire purpose was to get your NGE fix. It was simply impractical to suggest that a server running on illegal source code would last forever and I maintain my recommendation that players support Project SWG's developmental efforts. I'd still suggest if you want your NGE fix to go to a SRC leaked server but unfortunately it's all just one big shit show at this point.

    whats the problem with it? if its complete that is

    Did anyone else ruin their experience by playing on the TC far too much, for me i had a 90 for every prof on starsider and three different accounts and yet i just spammed TC for some weird reason young me liked to get freebies even though i already had most of the shit on my live toons.

    Cheers for all the answers guys, I was thinking some of the Jedi temples and stuff like that of course. Are Point of interest waypoints working or will i have to try go from memory haha.

    Hey lads, a mate of mine has never played this game and it's been forever since I played it so i Told him I'd take him on a tour of the Galaxy. Any things that I should take him to specifically? Jabbas palace is already top of the list haha