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    I m heavily biased, I think, because of the SW CCG from the 90s. Looking back, I spent far, far too much time and money on that... though I also got a lot of hours of enjoyment. Things balance out. My friends and I in high school would finish work in class then waste the rest of the time playing cards. Kinda pissed off the teachers, but our work was done, so too bad for them.

    Anyway, my decks centered around Imperial stuff, which was just cooler looking. So I might just stick with that.

    I think I generally like the Empire better (always have), but the characters I have (they are defined and transport between games in similar roles - healer, melee tank, range DPS, crowd control, etc as well as character traits - selfless, psychopath, technician/crafter, etc) lean good-guy. So I'm conflicted.

    Sadly, MMOs are having a really rough time in the market since "free to play" and microtransactions became par for the course.

    Seems to me that SWG would actually have an easier time, since there isn't a lot of new content, quest design, etc.

    While I am not personally a fan of the depths of resources and crafting, I recognize how awesomely complicated the system is and the world of complex items that it spawns. It is a shame when things are dumbed down.

    Will get a screenie in a bit

    What is interesting is that you can resize the map element by dragging, but not other parts of SWG's famously user-friendly UI.

    Ah, thanks, I figutered that might be the case.

    My problem is that when I set resolution to 1920x1080, the interface elements end up being very tiny.

    Honestly, I haven't played SWG since the official servers shut down, so I am operating at a bit of a loss. Nonetheless, I'd like to say hi to everyone and hope I figure out how to make this work ;-)


    I am having problems - one, is there a way to change the UI size as a whole? Second, the chars I rolled have no skills (and the connection is dropped fairly quickly)