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    I remember your (BlueCasket) avatar, I presume for ProjectSWG. It's a bit creepy and I like creepy.

    The eyes are creepy. Congratulations on the upcoming wedding.

    The programmers/designers and people that contribute their time (I am not one) have made much progress on ProjectSWG.

    I believe he was also the priest in The Exorcist, which I will be brutally honest, was a movie I didn’t take seriously. That was probably the first movie I saw him in. But yeah, 90 years and so many roles in acting is quite something, he will be missed. RIP

    wow. I just looked up and Turner Classic Movies has a little tribute to him as I finished reading the comments. I forgot he was in the Exorcist.

    I just learned that Max von Sydow passed away on March 8, 2020.

    I mostly know of Max from Ingmar Bergman's films and I have a certain affection for this actor as a result. I always gave a little smile when ever he showed up on the big screen, like in Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens. I was learning about Ingmar Bergman just prior to when Star Wars (later re-titled as Episode IV: A New Hope) was originally released. His role was not a big one, but it was Max von Sydow, the actor from The Seventh Seal, Hour of the Wolf, Through a Glass Darkly, and The Virgin Spring. He made eleven films with Ingmar Bergman. The Virgin Spring was the first Bergman/Sydow film I saw.

    I will miss seeing him pop up in new films. It was almost always unexpected. On the plus side, I have not seen all the films he was in, so I have those to surprise me.

    this is pretty awesome :dj:

    could be kinda the new way to create music/songs although it is from 2009 ...

    This is really interesting. I was left wondering if it was really an instrument, responding to the objects or if it was staged to appear so. So I looked up ReacTable. I am really interested in the technology behind this.

    Both sons are here for the holiday, and we went to see The Rise of Skywalker. We were not able to see it Sunday because of work.

    I enjoyed it. They enjoyed. There was a scene with young Mon Calamari and another with an Ithorian in the background. I think they did a nice job with the footage of Carrie Fisher. If I had not worked today, I would have watched The Last Jedi before hand.

    So, I was thinking about how Vet Rewards would work in terms of how they are unlocked and gained. I’m sure there might be another post similar to this, but I’ll reiterate. Perhaps there could be a counter that clicks once every time you log in and immediately goes into a 24 cooldown so to speak. You could play for however amount of time, but the cooldown would still continue until it’s up or past the time you logged in. Then afterwards you could get another click on the counter that eventually accumulates towards a reward. Not sure if it’s possible to code in a global clock cooldown per day, but it could be an incentive to log in and check things out.

    I have always liked the idea of Vet Rewards being "spoon fed" to us as oppose to "here they are, all of them, enjoy." It gives one something to look forward to. I say "spoon fed" only because my brain is not providing me with a better word or phrase though I am certain one exists. I realize "spoon fed" could be read as something derogatory. That is not my intention.


    I have been thinking about this today. Note the date is for next Friday. I will see it maybe Sunday. The theater has 12 screens. All but five are for Star Wars.

    Today's rills have no respect for the Jedi.

    If this were old school Disney, the rill would have danced around you, singing a happy rill-song, and possibly help you get dressed.

    Now they beat you up, kill you, laugh, and I bet spit on you after you lost consciousness.


    ... I just can't imagine Rey falling to the dark side and them showing us in the trailer, ...

    Exactly. I eagerly wait for that plot point to unfold.