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    I cannot find the page to post bugs.

    The error message was -

    Fail to zone : You were not found in the database

    Try relogging to fix this problem

    I have some crash reports as well. Please let know if you want them, and where to post them. They are zip files containing three files.

    I don't remember having such problems finding the bug posting page. I found a page that lists bugs, but nowhere to post a problem.

    I have a similar problem.

    My entertainer, Asylo, is ok. No issues.

    I have two combat characters that report the same problem.

    The first character, Baybr, reported this problem a while ago.

    At the time I made the second combat character, Shebog, and it was ok until I just tried to log in.

    I will create a ticket.

    First I have a work around and can login.

    Now the problem.

    I changed my password from the Project SWG web site. I can successfully log into the web site with the new password.

    However the new password does not work for the game. I get the message - "Login failed: incorrect password"

    Then If I try again, I get the same message, but I predictably get the message - "The Login Server is currently not available. Please try again later."

    I think all forms of SWG has generated that message on a second login attempt, even if it is correct.

    My workaround is to use my old password. It still works to get in the game.

    So in my case, the website password and the game password are not in sync.

    I waited overnight before posting this in case there is a process the syncs the game login and web site login.

    There may have been a post long ago reporting that the synchronization was not working. Tosteto, does that ring a bell? It could have been another project.

    i find this one better :)

    I sent this to my sons. As I told them, my job had not sucked out my soul, I would wet my pants with excitement. As is, I can see and enjoy the promise of wet trousers. To be clear, wet as in urinate. I would not be proud of that either.

    Yes, and seasons greetings to all the Project SWG staff. I hope things are good with you.

    (now queue the Charlie Brown kids to start singing...)

    (now bring in the Wookies to sings a Life Day song...)

    ... what a mess

    There's a book?! 172 pages of SWG history?! Man, I wish I saw this earlier!

    To the author: This is something I've always wanted but never thought someone actually cared to make, so thank you! I'll be getting a copy soon.

    It has been very enjoyable.

    I am not sure I would have ever been aware the book existed if it were not for Tosteto's post. So many thanks to Tosteto.

    Most impressive!

    And the cat it very nice too. I like the picture where the cat is pointing at the box. Cats are funny little beings. I had a cat that I would massage her paws and she would close her eyes, purr, and she stretch out her cat "fingers." I had another cat that would attack me. That cat also attacked me if I petted her. She was my psycho-cat.

    Is that Trandoshan skin covering the box?