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    Just created my account today. Logged on for the first time and when I tried to put in my avatar name is just stays on "verifying Avatar Name." I've tried different races and names but it seems to just stay on this loading screen no matter how long I wait.

    just tested it ... worked fine for me

    complete new character ... spawned into game world

    maybe you waited too long when creating character ? afaik the limit is like 15 mins or so ... until the character name gets "released" again so someone else can pick it

    what is your command to boot up the server ?

    in case you use "clean" it then for sure will rebuild it every time ... otherwise it will only rebuild if there are certain changes in the code afaik.

    I logged in after a long break and noticed my character was gone and I was prompted to create a new one. Did I miss a wipe or something? Thanks!


    every now and then we have a wipe when it is required because of massive code changes or specially those who "break" characters. since it is a Test Server and XP rate is set to x50 ... it should be pretty easy and fast to get your character back to a good CL


    well .. some ppl marry multiple times in their life ! ;)

    Best wishes to you and your wife !


    I also ran this query from the readme on the git which I think solved a login error I was getting on the run command. But I may have imagined that helping.

    db.createUser({user: "holocore", pwd: "pass", roles: []})

    There is a standard user at beginning with admin rights

    if you want to add more ... do it via Mongo DB admin tool. ability to register new accounts outside MongoDB will be added by Obique at some point (near future as far as i know)

    you dont have to import any text file afaik

    the txt file only displays the possible configurations that need to be created in the package list

    Welcome back :)

    Did you follow this guide ?…elopment_guide_localhost/

    1) we do not use cfg files anymore. it is all stored in the MongoDB. check the link i posted

    2) sounds like that you still have TCP Encryption in your PSWG Launcher enabled. Go into your launcher settings and look in LOGIN SERVERS. select LOCALHOST and disable the check button for TCP ENCRYPTION. that should fix it