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    what do you guys think about making the Jedi great again ? :lol2:

    the idea is:

    • jedi prof can not be selected like other professions from start
    • random badges needed to "unlock" the profession (like the old jedi system)
    • each "wheel" in the profession overview can only be unlocked in phases or other other level ranges (1-19 / 20- 39 / 40 - 59 / 60 - 79 / 80 - 90)

    I really like where this is going. :bravo:

    Incorporating an anti-afk system like that to it also is a great idea. :beer:

    same goes for terminal missions

    my opinion so far:

    the credit payout should decrease the more missions you do

    that means the XP increase for your daily terminal missions will not be there. if you want to level up ... run around and kill NPCs/creatures on the planets. do quests. but not farm terminal missions 24/7 and get millions out of it. lol

    this is my personal opinion. doesnt mean that our team or this project will apply it to our version. we are still in the phase where things can be improved and enhanced before real development starts

    For traders yeah that could work....maybe a random chance of finding something special when harvesting resource's too (all sorts of interesting finds happen when people dig for stuff) in addition to crafting items.

    For entertainers it would be a bit more difficult...maybe a rich patron or something has decided to send them something nice...?

    ~whatever is decided some way needs to be made for non-combat classes to get hold of things since they cannot *farm for loot* the way combat classes do.

    good idea

    just thought about it

    combat profs = treasure chests
    crafting profs = special event during sampling
    entertainer prof = special event during buffing

    special event means that a window will pop up where you have to enter a value ... like the amount of insignias when you tried to ent buff someone. so afk farmers wont be able to "farm" items again like on live server



    • Spawners and waypoints auto vanish after turning off god mode. no relog required anymore


    • Colors applied to static items
    • Skillmods are now applied when equipping wearable items


    • Loot will work on all creatures / droids and npcs again


    • Restuss ruins are up !


    we already found that out and are working on a fix for that. it is an awareness related problem

    to be updated just check out the issue list…es?status=new&status=open

    pausing a bit from work on npc weapons and their combat profiles :)

    rebuilding Restuss a bit ... before destruction. ofc the destroyed town will be next. saving them in different files will allow us later on to re-enact the different phases of town invasion/destruction again. the plan is to have different phases for rebuilding and destruction like we had in the old jedi village where players can take part in demolition or rebuilding it. just a few ideas/hints:

    - Vehicles attacking town

    - Donating resources to build vehicles, buildings and troops

    - Phases linked to weekly GCW updates

    As you can see we want to have a different Restuss than the one on live server which got kinda boring after a few weeks.

    does it even disconnect you from server when you are afk for 30mins or a few hours doing nothing ?