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    character farm area is just for devs :)

    there are some spots in a small radius ... which represent the most common things about AI

    - faction AI vs. faction AI

    - Patrol AI vs. patrol AI

    - and more

    nothing special

    XP bonus has been set to 50 !!

    By doing this we want to ensure that you are able to gain combat levels pretty fast so you can enjoy the new features/stuff we added to Test Center :)

    Perfect spot to level up would be the Quarantine Zone on Dathomir. To get there just use the Fast Travel feature on the Character Builder Terminal in front of Mos Eisley Starport.

    Some of them are "pairs" ... like Jedi and Dark robe for the same "rank"

    they should have similar/same stats then. although there could be some difference in stats that fit better to light and dark side. jedi = more defensive stats /// dark = more offensive stats

    I need some help with robes/cloaks. what CL should they be available ? what skillmods should be on them ? it would be nice to have skillmods on ALL robes/cloaks depending on their level and rank.

    CLs can be: 22 / 30 / 40 / 50 / 60 / 70 / 80 / 90

    Remember that some robes/cloaks didnt have any stats on live server ... but we want to change that (like the old CL 40 or 60 robe)

    Robe/Cloak CL Skillmods
    Acolyte Robe
    Apprentice Robe
    Cloak of Hate
    Cloak of the Kursk
    Dark Jedi Enforcer Robe
    Dark Jedi Knight Robe
    Dark Jedi Templar Robe
    Dark Jedi Council Robe
    Elder Jedi Arbiter Robe
    Elder Jedi Oppressor Robe
    Initiate's Robe 22
    Jedi Consular Robe
    Jedi Council Robe
    Jedi Knight Robe
    Jedi Knight Cloak
    Jedi Master Cloak
    Jedi Sentinel Robe
    Padawan Robe 1
    Robes of the Storm Caller
    Shatterpoint Cloak

    Possible skillmods:

    Possible Jedi related skillmods:

    I like everything I've heard so far but I am curious. Would the added 500 points make enough of a difference that jedi wouldn't simply be overtaken by whomever they face both PvP and PvE ?

    Armor Rating / Percent damage reduction

    1000 10.5%

    2000 20.0%

    3000 28.5%

    4000 36.0%

    5000 42.5%

    6000 48.0%

    7000 52.5%

    8000 56.0%

    9000 58.5%

    10000 60.0%

    As you can see the advantage of those 500 points get less with increasing total armor rating.

    also nearly all non-jedi professions have extra armor via expertise. jedi don't.

    All armors and robes will have updated and fixed CL restrictions. Protection values for the armor/robes at the different CLs are like this:

    CL Jedi Non-Jedi
    22 2000 1500
    30 2750 2250
    40 3500 3000
    50 4250 3750
    60 5000 4500
    70 5750 5250
    80 6500 6000
    90 7000 6500

    Armor parts have the advantage that they can have more sockets than jedi can have via wearable items. Therefor a small bonus in protection is granted (500 pts)

    The different layered armor stats will look like this:

    CL 22 assault armor - Energy 1000 / Kinetic 3000 / Elemental 2000

    CL 22 battle armor - Energy 2000 / Kinetic 2000 / Elemental 2000

    CL 22 recon armor - Energy 3000 / Kinetic 1000 / Elemental 2000

    the standard bonus/malus is always 1000 points on energy and kinetic.

    this may ofc differ when you craft them by hand and put in different layers or even primus cores

    Very good ideas. I say run with them.

    If you guys do decide to go with craftable robes. Plz don't forget about sockets


    pretty excited about it :)

    we also might possibly add "layers" to the robe ... like there are with armor parts. so you can shift defense stats to the different protection types

    right now we are even discussing about adding different types of robes

    normally all robes had 6k on all which is like a battle type armor. we can add more variation to it and introduce scout and assault robes. focus on energy or kinetic defense. or even create an unique one when you craft them on your own ... by adding different layers to it (like armor crafting).

    this would make your LS crystal choice important again too

    As long as they're not a random drop I'd be ok with it. My inventory use to get full of them when I would hunt force sensitive. I love the robes but I can only wear 1 at a time. lol

    Also, didn't the robes have armor protections before ? Granted not great ones but still.

    they had "hidden" armor protection

    not like i posted ... where you can see the stats on them. they had only info like faint ... lucient and so on .. which stand for certain protection levels

    We are currently working on fixing the armor protection and came up with the idea:

    - Jedi robes should have armor protection values too

    - Only robes can give jedi armor protection (plus expertise ofc)

    - Special robes will have different levels (more diversed than only 20 / 40 / 60 / 80

    - Robes can be looted from NPCs ... given as quest reward ... or bought via NPC vendors (Aurilia)

    - Robes can be obtained as an existing item or even as a schematic so a crafter can craft them for you