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    Obique posted yesterday in discord:

    "Internet was supposed to be done today, but apparently the folks that renovated the place however long ago were dummies. Need to get a crew in to send a new coax line in from the street into my house. Will continue unpacking, but I literally can't do anything without internet so it's my number one priority. I could probably fix it myself if the walls didn't have asbestos"

    thanks for the notification

    we didnt see it too. obi or skorpios will fix that it

    i guess another non-scheduled downtime/maintenance by the server company. happened quite a few times over the last few months

    can be easily coded in

    This mini series is just unbelievable good.

    Extremely oppressive most of the time ... realistic ... and excellent actors.

    Many great scenes ... this is one of my favorite ones

    TC is pretty outdated atm

    our latest version (Obi his repository) has many things changed and fixed. that includes the NPCs having weapons again and being able to fight back :)

    here is a list of the upcoming changes:

    • updated NPCs
    • updated spawns
    • updated/added patrol routes
    • moved from SQL to MongoDB (database)
    • implemented color picker
    • implemented basic armor
    • implemented special lines
    • implemented freeshot chance
    • fixed NPCs so they have weapons again
    • fixed NPC combat
    • and many more small changes

    Obi has to fix 2-3 more things then we can finally update TC. plus numerous changes in the launcher

    Veteran reward NPCs

    - placed in iconic spots in the galaxy

    - 1 NPC for furniture. 1 NPC for vehicles. 1 NPC for ...

    - NPC gives info about your character age

    - Filtered items. category and if available or not

    - for every month played you get "points"

    - items/objects cost "points"

    - 72 months played = 72 points

    - with 72 points you can buy 2x 36 months items or 24x 3 months items (as example)

    - all items will be free trade ... some might required bio link

    Out of curiosity, will the General Grevious wheelbike be added to the game or no?

    atm we spawn vehicles in a way that allows us just a few vehicles to use. the grevious wheelbike is not in the list of usable vehicles right now. we plan to use/create/spawn vehicles differently in future

    SOE didnt have vehicle deeds for every possible vehicle ingame. we want to change that so every vehicle has a schematic PLUS a vehicle deed that can be used

    I am currently adding Neutral presence files to all 3 base planets (Corellia / Naboo / Tatooine).

    the plan is that neutral presence is given when the planetary gcw points/control are not higher than 10% buffer/barrier to imperial or rebel faction.


    • Tatooine has 55% Overall Imperial GCW control /// 55% < 60% => Neutral presence active
    • Tatooine has 65% Overall Rebel GCW control /// 65% > 60% => Rebel presence active

    Iconic towns/places may have imperial or rebel NPCs all the time. like Bestine who is the Imperial capital of Tatooine but mixed with Neutral units

    Here's the newer video on how to install PSWG's launcher.

    I hope that answers your question.

    he meant local server :D

    Do we have a step by step anywhere to get localserver going? I started it and cant login so i assume its a bit more complex than it thought.

    i could make one ... but Obique is about to create a docker version of holocore. the installation would be super simple then :) so i just wait until he is done