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    Hi I traveled to Musty and when the loading screen for Musty cleared my toon was stuck in a wall section. Help! Can't move him except to turn around/jump.

    hmmm strange

    worked for me in the past fine

    what is your ingame character name ? Boden ?

    i can try to recover him

    Ah sorry, had to a factory reset on my laptop and have spent the last day organizing my stuff.

    I have a Dell Inspiron 5577, Windows 10 Home, 64-Bit OS. I just got it a few months ago and it's one of Dell's "Gaming Laptops". I can give exact specs basically copy pasted if that helps

    So I have no Java installed, this laptop is now just like it was being pulled out of the box, fresh from the factory, nothing installed except Microsoft Home Office and Google Chrome. Now when you say the latest version of Java, when I first did that the launcher would not launch, I got a runtime error. I thought I was supposed to get Java 9 specifically? Do you have an "exact" link as to what I am supposed to download specifically? Either I missed a guide how to install this properly, or I'm just having bad luck.

    Java SE Runtime Environment 10.0.2 on page

    or use direct download link…0.0.2_windows-x64_bin.exe

    so you just click it in files on project web each time?


    just put it on desktop for example or keep it in downloads folder

    it is a single file. remember that new versions will be auto downloaded and you then need to run the new jar file you just downloaded !

    Well I had to completely uninstall Java because when I went to boot up my computer, Discord and Google suffered multiple Java Errors. Now when I try to even stay on Google Chrome I continue to receive Java script errors. From the messages and posts I wasn't sure which Java program to download, there was 9, 10 and other tools included with it. Does anyone know the exact Java Program, like a direct download or walk-through I am supposed to have?

    I couldn't even launch the ProjectSWG Launcher even.

    what is your OS ? Windows ? Linux ?

    What version ? Win 7 ? Win 8 ? Win 10 ?

    64 bit ?

    first uninstall ALL java stuff. reboot PC. then get the latest Java version for your PC and install it. after that reboot again and all problems should be gone.

    SDK not needed

    just go with SE kit ... since you are no developer and dont need all that tools in that package :)

    Got the launcher downloaded tonight! ready to play but it appears that it is down? or is there a place where I can see server status?

    Server status is shown in the Launcher

    press ENTER key a few times. it should connect you to the login server then

    as the launcher has a CU server listed (whether we can currently access it or not) where does the launcher put the files required for it as it seems counter intuitive to have them in the same root as the launcher itself where the NGE files are currently placed...

    Would it be possible to have it so that the NGE and CU required files can be stored seperatly from each other yet both still accessible from the Launcher?

    Ziggy can tell you more about that

    posting a list with coorindates and names for NPCs ... is super simple :)

    right now i am even working on a list of new combat NPCs. NPCs that were invulnerable so far in the game or barely used. like Muftak in the cantina in Mos Eisley. why not make a real combat NPC of his race ?? that is why we offer a different game/galaxy than Legends and co.

    make the game more vivid and fresh. new content. could even change the legacy quest line and themeparks. more NPC battlefields all over the galaxy

    just used the standard Commando Focused Fire 3 with a level 40 Commando, I had been kiting it for a fair while before it actually killed me, I got DC'd, then died while DC'd, waited 30 mins for the clone to activate, went afk outside the clone facility at Nym's to do something came back and the toon was dead again with the kimogila stood over me

    wasnt able to replicate it

    tried it with same setting

    well i got killed multiple times when i ran there over and over.

    there was only a few times the combat/aggro didnt drop instantly after i got killed ... but so far none of the kimos chased me to nym

    anything special you did ?

    what was your level ?

    any special attack you performed ?

    I need some help with new NPCs all over Tatooine. i already placed many in Mos Eisley on my local server but as we all know Tatooine is a lot bigger and has many "secret" places that dont have any NPCs at all. Right now i am standing at the Jawa Traders POI on Tatooine and thought it would be nice if someone else can populate this spot. put in some Jawas ... droids (name the type if possible) ... and/or some additional explorer NPCs or settlers so this place will look more vivid :) [preferred are invulnerable NPCs]

    i can also add new objects to the scene ... like speeders ... junk ... shuttles or whatever. smoke ... fire ... electric discharges ...

    this is just one spot of more than 100 spread out all over the planet !

    to get your correct position and heading you have to open up the window shown below

    press ctrl + left shift + G to open/close it

    the important data is the PLAYER CELL line

    an example could be like this:

    NPC Coordinates / heading Mood
    Jawa 1234.5 / 10.0 / -1439.0 / 67 standing
    R4 droid 1234.5 / 10.0 / -1449.0 / -39 standing
    a settler XXXX / XX / XXXX / XX conversation

    here are the known NPC moods

    • angry
    • bored
    • calm
    • conversation
    • dance_1
    • dance_2
    • entertained
    • fishing
    • happy
    • idle
    • nervous
    • neutral
    • npc_accusing
    • npc_angry
    • npc_consoling
    • npc_dance_basic
    • npc_dead_01
    • npc_dead_02
    • npc_dead_03
    • npc_meditate
    • npc_sad
    • npc_sitting_chair
    • npc_sitting_ground
    • npc_sitting_table
    • npc_sitting_table_eating
    • npc_standing_drinking
    • npc_use_terminal_high
    • sad
    • themepark_music_1
    • themepark_music_2
    • themepark_oola
    • threaten

    remember that not every NPC can show all the moods. jawa npcs cant dance ... or sit. blame SOE ! :aua:

    if you want to use an actual NPC we have in our database ... check out the tables