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    Apparently the system doesn't like my ticket, then. Clicking on droid or terminal does nothing.

    look at bottom of the Patch notes. it is described that it doesnt work. you have to use radial menu on the ticket droid.

    Ah, Now it works. I assume the creepy stuff in there is Halloween decorations, (death day)? Shuttles do take off now, cool. Just no way yet to get a ticket?

    the halloween stuff is only loaded partially. effects like fog/flames/ghosts and co are not working atm

    you get a ticket but it only shows up after relog. nevertheless you can use the ticket collector without relog because system knows that you have a ticket ;)

    cant wait for it :D

    i remember how i bought Wasteland ... Fallout 1 and all the games after it. its a great scenario ...

    in the current development it doesnt make much sense to concentrate on creating new worlds. we (our devs) better concentrate on the main game and its basic stuff so you can play the game asap again

    creating new worlds and implementing new races or other stuff is WAY down in our priority list. if someone in the community wants to work on it ... do it ! we wont stop you. we can give you some hints if needed ... but not more. and yeah Taanab is in the current client files. its a fully working empty planet. the environment works. the flora ... the terrain ... lightning. all fine. it just needs to be populated with POIs, buildings, npcs and other stuff. my advice here is that you set up holocore as local server and teleport yourself there so you can explore the planet. make some notes ... and start to work on a concept and some drawings where you want to place towns / POIs on the planet in general. then you can start to think about single buildings. starting to place stuff ingame on your local holocore server is just too early imo. solid concept/plan comes first

    So... just curious. We're all aware of the thing with all the players looking like unkillable NPCs with (LD) over their heads, when you log into Eisley right?

    yup we are
    this "thing" popped up after we patched TC. we didnt experience that bug on QA server so far or locally. Our devs will look into it this weekend since they are busy in RL this week

    15. June 2018

    • Added Twitter timeline of Obique his Twitter account. He can now inform the community about his latest work and work in progress. Go into forums and check right hand side for it

    06. March 2018

    • RSS Feed of Bitbucket is not available anymore. This means our auto generated patch/commit notes of our Holocore code does not get posted on forums anymore. Checking for alternatives

    27. February 2018

    12. December 2017

    • Added progress bar to own user rank box (shown in forum and sub forums)

    15. September 2017

    08. June 2017

    • Added a box about Test Center settings on page

    15. May 2017

    10. May 2017

    • Restructured forum a bit

    04. May 2017

    • Exchanged existing smilies and added many more

    26. April 2017

    10. March 2017

    • Trophy System is back. Also added all the old known trophies so far.
    • Added a new trophy called "Somebody Likes You" => Somebody out there liked one of your messages. Keep posting like that for more!
    • Added a new trophy called "Can't Stop!" => You've posted 100 messages. I hope this took you more than a day!
    • Added a new trophy called "Seriously Likeable!" => Content you have posted has attracted 100 likes.
    • Added a new trophy called "They LOVE it!" => Content you have posted has attracted 500 likes.
    • Added a new trophy called "First Anniversary" => You've been registered here for a year, congratulations!

    04. March 2017

    27. February 2017

    • Reorganized Support forum section and moved threads to the correct sub forums

    15. February 2017

    • Added page for "Credits" to footer bottom
    • Added page "Forum Infraction" to footer bottom

    09. February 2017

    • Enabled Teaser Slideshow to ALL usergroups (was set to disabled by default in settings)

    30. January 2017

    • Multi accounts added to the exception lists
    • Added page for "Forum and Server policies"
    • Added page for "Forum / Ingame rules"
    • Updated all donations from the past
    • Added Teaser Slideshow to the dashboard

    29. January 2017

    • Forum updated to WoltLab Suite 3.0
    • Trohpies have been removed for now. We have stored the info and they will be re-applied to the accounts to a later time
    • Guilds have been removed for now. We have stored the info and they will be re-applied to the accounts to a later time
    • Ticket system has been removed for now. If you have a problem please send a PM to Tosteto or Skorpios or check out our unofficial support forum !
    • Several old module and information pages will be added over the next few days

    28. September 2016

    11. August 2016

    • Staff members now have a bigger PSWG icon below avatar

    03. June 2016

    • Website sections sorted new
    • Added JIRA section/button
    • Changed some icons for a few sections

    19. May 2016

    • Added a new user rank group for "Code Contributors"

    28. February 2016

    • Added new subcategories in Developers Corner for NGE and CU
    • Added new subcategories in Unofficial Support (Community)

    09. February 2016

    • Changed a timer setting in Bug tracker so there is no time limit anymore between new posts/comments

    07. February 2016

    • Removed suggestions section in Bug Tracker
    • Added more sub catagories in Error Report section in Bug Tracker and moved old suggestions there

    11. January 2016

    • Added "Active Staff" and "Retired Staff" trophies

    8. January 2016

    • Added more labels
    • Adjusted donation goal

    16. December 2015

    • Added labels for thread

    26. November 2015

    • Added "Guilds". You are now able to create guilds here on forum and make them private or public. also invite ppl or set guild to open.

    26. November 2015

    • Added Roadmap button

    18. November 2015

    • Decreased size of banner

    15. November 2015

    • Fixed "About us" link in the footer
    • Added new banner

    5. November 2015

    • Added some Star Wars smilies
    • Added labels for support threads

    atm we enabled the galactic moon festival on TC. but all items ... specially the effects (light,smoke,audio) don't get loaded correctly

    yeah, I checked everywhere in my email when I was trying to register earlier yesterday, but didn't find anything sent. But I'm able to post now anyways, so I guess I don't need anything more sent.

    yeah i approved the accounts by hand so far. only a few managed to "confirm" their accounts so far. we are still figuring out why it is happening. our guess is because of the missing cert atm

    ok, now I can actually reply on these forums now. When I went to register, I didn't receive the code in the email. Tried to resend it many times but still got nothing and was unable to post anything. Now I can, so..., not sure what happened, but can post normally now.

    yeah we had problems earlier with our mail server. it should work now. also dont forget to check the spam folder. i think it might pop inside spam folder for now since we dont have the certification working atm