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    I turned off all my security software, I have tried it via admin, in safe mode, everything I can think of, Is there somewhere with the files for manual install or anything like that?

    I shall forward this to the other guys, perhaps one of them might have an answer.

    I literally cannot even get the launcher. I downloaded the installer, installed it, but nothing runs when I click finish. Ive tried re-downloading, Ive tried clearing my temp and redoing. Can you send a screenshot of what a proper install should look like, of the files in the main folder.

    Perhaps giving the launcher installer admin rights before installing it might help, it could also be due to security software which you would have to allow through the firewall.

    Yes, I watched and followed the video. Im running Windows 10. Is there a zip of the launcher folder anywhere for a manual install?

    Note to my knowledge, it's all downloaded to the folder you make and designate to have everything in it. Your launcher is version 1.3.3, correct? Also, you are trying to log into the Project SWG version?

    Is there a manual download location for the NGE client files? (and the UDP to TCP wrapper stuff to manually config? I am looking to get started in PSWG development and at minimum just need to get the client files so I can begin extracting them for my dev env.


    Undercova is usually the guy you want to talk to when it comes to that. :)

    Hey guys, thanks for bringing this to our attention, we’ll get around to fixing it at some point, but unfortunately Obique is currently doing school and has limited time to look into it. We understand that you wish to take a look at our server, and we appreciate your interest, the only thing we can do is wait until Obique can get around to fixing it, until then our hands are tied.

    haha ... i have that game .. but didnt know about that game mode ! :D

    I honestly liked the zombie like game mode, it gave an entertaining experience with a friend, I also had a shining moment of being the only survivor even though I had half my health taken almost at the very beginning of the match, I was laughing the whole time knowing everyone lost the match. Also, this happened;

    I have this problem too. I try to start the launcher but get the same window that was linked in the image in the original post. last update says "will be fixed in the next few days" but that was more than 3 weeks ago

    Hello, I'm not sure if Obique has been able to get around to it due to being busy with real life issues or not, but I'll let him know about it, thanks for bringing this issue up.

    So, I was thinking about how Vet Rewards would work in terms of how they are unlocked and gained. I’m sure there might be another post similar to this, but I’ll reiterate. Perhaps there could be a counter that clicks once every time you log in and immediately goes into a 24 cooldown so to speak. You could play for however amount of time, but the cooldown would still continue until it’s up or past the time you logged in. Then afterwards you could get another click on the counter that eventually accumulates towards a reward. Not sure if it’s possible to code in a global clock cooldown per day, but it could be an incentive to log in and check things out.

    No need to justify anything to me. I'm sure everyone done what they had to. But it's also important you guys know that I really appreciate you putting in the work. Thank you very much.

    We continue to do what we do because of the community of people who still show interest in Project SWG, the love and support shown towards us gives us a reason to pursue our goals. You guys are the ones we should be thanking.

    There should be a blue frog near where you teleport from the previous one... or did you wander off and now have no idea where you landed?

    imjust now joining anyone still do Jedi RP?

    Greetings and welcome! Project SWG is a work in progress, so people most lurk in the background while we code everything by hand, so there's not many people around as of now, but once we've coded in content that people will want to try out, then there may be more activity. Until then, feel free to check back every now and then, we'll be here :)

    Hey there Slacker, we're still here, and we're still at it. We recently discussed a few things in regards to Jedi robes, but I'm sure you might have seen that post already. :D