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    Just created my account today. Logged on for the first time and when I tried to put in my avatar name is just stays on "verifying Avatar Name." I've tried different races and names but it seems to just stay on this loading screen no matter how long I wait.

    Did you keep both the game and launcher open? i just tried to make a character and it worked fine, that is until I closed out the launcher, which is required to be active while you play.

    I'm not one to be knowledgeable when it comes to keyboards, all I can really say is with my experiences, I prefer wired mouses and keyboards, wireless has never really been my thing. I also don't use expensive keyboards, the most pricey keyboard I have used is the SWTOR keyboard, but I switched back to my Dell wired keyboard awhile ago. If your using it for office work, you don't need anything fancy, casual gaming like Minecraft can still done with a simple keyboard and it really doesn't require anything fancy.

    traveled to one of the dungeons i forgot which one now i am stuck in the middle of space on my JEDI toon on my account. there is nothing around me seems like im stuck in the map really unsure.

    Weird, did you travel via the Blue Frog? If so, I'll have to check the Blue Frog to see if I can emulate this problem. In the meantime I would suggest creating another character and explore with the new one, the server does get wipes from time to time considering we're still working on coding it, and that it sometimes is required for testing out new things.

    is there a place I can download the game itself ? my copies are I dodnt know and my cd rom on my system is not realy working

    Hello, we have a video you can watch to get a better understanding on the installation process for our server. You don’t need to worry about fumbling with discs.

    Why hello there, it's always good to see a familiar face from way back when!

    So in sense it's a pick a stat for each level up? As far as the increased leveling, I believe it's possible to increase the stat gain per level, the only noticeable thing is the profession wheel doesn't have the capability to indicate there's more levels to gain. I think it's hard coded into the game itself, or something in that regard that we can't alter it's appearance, but hey, i could be wrong!

    So, I was thinking about during the Legacy Quest you eventually go the one small area on Tatooine where you find a quest giver asking you to deliver flowers to a grave which is at the Lars Homestead, and it's Anakin's mothers grave, which gives you temporary buff for about an hour. The only problem is it's a one time deal, which gave me an idea.

    What if there a system in place where you can obtain an item from a specific vendor with whatever kind of currency it may require, and you take it to a designated "shrine" and use the spatial menu to give an "offering". The item would be used and in return you would get a buff with a few benefits besides stat boosts. Extra benefits that would suitable for the planet the shrine might be located at. For example the Nym themepark could have a shrine that could give you a buff to increase the odds of obtaining the harder to find weeds for the collections.

    It would be almost like the Meatlump kissing booth that grants a 100 Luck buff, but it would be more suited towards the activities surrounding the planet, and what you might do during the time you spend there.

    Would it be better if I did a local host?

    Like Undercova mentioned, Obique needs to update a couple things, the only problem is finding time to do it with school and other life situations. I’m certain he will let us know when he does.

    Thanks. Does there need to be any other downloads? I have java and some other base ones.

    I believe the launcher doesn't need anything other than the file folder you designate in the settings to install the assets for the game itself.

    I turned off all my security software, I have tried it via admin, in safe mode, everything I can think of, Is there somewhere with the files for manual install or anything like that?

    I shall forward this to the other guys, perhaps one of them might have an answer.

    I literally cannot even get the launcher. I downloaded the installer, installed it, but nothing runs when I click finish. Ive tried re-downloading, Ive tried clearing my temp and redoing. Can you send a screenshot of what a proper install should look like, of the files in the main folder.

    Perhaps giving the launcher installer admin rights before installing it might help, it could also be due to security software which you would have to allow through the firewall.

    Yes, I watched and followed the video. Im running Windows 10. Is there a zip of the launcher folder anywhere for a manual install?

    Note to my knowledge, it's all downloaded to the folder you make and designate to have everything in it. Your launcher is version 1.3.3, correct? Also, you are trying to log into the Project SWG version?

    Is there a manual download location for the NGE client files? (and the UDP to TCP wrapper stuff to manually config? I am looking to get started in PSWG development and at minimum just need to get the client files so I can begin extracting them for my dev env.


    Undercova is usually the guy you want to talk to when it comes to that. :)