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    last time i tried this they hadd issues with the cores and the game as unplayable i just wanted to know if its complete no and i can get to the grinding ]


    If your referring to the Core 2, we dumped that mess and started fresh, the current server is still being worked on, but you can grind NPCs for XP, there’s no quests yet. Currently the server is down but we will be getting it up sometime soon, Obique has been busy with real life, mostly moving so his access to the internet is limited. We’re still committed to the Project, it’s just real life likes to make things less smooth.

    Perhaps there could be some additional text added to the structure deed in the inventory showing the slot number it may require? Not sure if it's possible to edit the existing text, but it would be handy.

    I have a feeling in the back of my mind that there was a structure locator command, you type it and a bunch of waypoints would be added to your datapad of all the placed structures you owned.

    Allow "disabled" vehicles to be fixable (specially those that have come from veteran rewards and the like)

    Perhaps we could make certain vehicles fixable at garages that are not high end vehicles, like the first speeder you get in A Speeder For Me quest for example. It makes getting through the Legacy less annoying if an NPC decides to take potshots at your vehicle, while also giving the garages a use. The higher performing and highly sought after vehicles would be the ones you’d have to go out of your way to fix, given their rarity.

    I've got mine pre-ordered, but have been avoiding most game play videos for the sake of being surprised when I actually play it. Granted I watched the first 10 minutes of the first game play reveal trailer, but the was all I needed to see. A single player Star Wars game is way overdue, and I hope this game scratches that itch everyone's been meaning to scratch.

    Anyone here play KoTOR 1 &/or 2? Just curious, I own both games on Steam.

    I played both on PC, 1 was great while my experience with 2 was... an uphill battle with the game itself. My main problem was a bug in the game that rooted my movement EVERY time I got into a fight, forcing me to save and then load the new save. I beat the game with this problem, along with a few minor bugs I can't recall. KOTOR 2's story is the most forgetful for me, I barely remember majority of it, just a few bits here and there.

    Will it be possible to add the Grevious wheelbike to the Frog? Can't really test if the sample works right now or not.

    I'm not sure if the bike is even usable right now in terms of being coded to function the way it should. Also, I logged in today to try and replicate the noise, and I got no results after attempting to enter the star port several times on a speeder, or while it was parked at the entrance of the star port. I used the Barc, but I wonder if it's due to other vehicles, or perhaps not at all.

    Well, I noticed this sound on one of the NGE emulators I played on, Prophecy. I kept suggesting for the sound to be removed on that emulator but they kept shooting my suggestion down.

    Well now that you mention that, I’m thinking back on times I’ve played on PSWG, I may have encountered the problem you’ve mentioned. It was when I entered the star port that I heard noise similar to what you described. I’ll try to see if I can replicate it after work, I’m not certain if it’s something that can be fixed though, we’ll see.

    Thanks!!! But will the sound still be added to the mount? It is rather annoying where you park the vehicle and head inside, you'll hear a high pitched sound coming from the mount.

    I’ve never heard of that mount giving a high pitched screech, and I had a friend who owned one. Was this back on live that you encountered this?

    Why wouldn’t we? It’s there, no point in not adding it, heck it could be the like the mural and be a low drop for Necrosis, it’ll be another incentive to do runs for the boss.

    So I havnt been in game for a long time thanks for the launcher video it was very helpful by the way! Im assuming that all my previous toons and achievements are lost? thanks for any help.


    Welcome back! More than likely everything got wiped, we've had a few of those in the past, so anything you had years ago is gone.

    We’ve had to wipe the server for updates, bugs, and other various reasons, so unfortunately that character is lost. It doesn’t mean you can’t reclaim the name, but we’re probably going to wipe on occasions, so I’m just warning you there may still be more.