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    hmm lesson learned...don't attempt to delete a cant log in period

    Yeah that happens, I’m not certain, but I would bet that we might wipe the server sooner or later. There’s been a few wipes in the past for resolving bugs/problems and adding new content, I’m not sure how long ago the last one was, but I think one is due at some point.

    yikes not restuss again! btw I have been in game and never see others in game :( and the npc groups I fight never have fought I missing something?

    I believe they were reacting when being attacked, not sure what's currently going on with the NPC awareness right now. There's not much to do in-game other than kill NPC's, the real meat of the game is going to be later, getting from the potatoes to the main coarse is what we're currently working on. Remember, this is a work in progress, we've come a long way and there's still more to be done.

    Only thing I see is that I can not delete my old toons here and use name again...but ok. What updated?

    A general rule with any SWG emulator is once you've delete a character, that name is gone for good, but in PSWG's case ATM, we can undo all that with a wipe. I'm not certain what exactly was added, I'll have to ask.

    I see that there were updates to do today on nge server. I did this and then hit PLAY. Message responds: Invalid SWG Directory...what's up?

    Not sure, I'll check to for myself.

    Edit: Just logged in just fine after hitting play.

    My guess is that the toons are corrupt and not accessible. I'll check to see i can log in to any of mine.

    Edit: I just got the same issue you guys were having, I remember making a new toon allowed me to login the last time this appeared.

    it is but I cannot log on my existing toons. I was able to make a 3rd toon.

    I believe those would be corrupted toons, but from what I heard we might do another wipe along with some new updates to the server.

    I let the other guys know, they’d have more of a chance to provide an explanation than I would. Hopefully it’ll get resolved soon. Sorry about the wait and inconvenience.

    The only server you can log into is the ProjectSWG, the one in the middle of the launcher, local host and CU do not work as of now. Also, if you can’t login to ProjectSWG, try exiting and then try again to put in the login information, it’s case sensitive so enter the exact same password and user name you use on the forums.

    Any idea on when a go live non test center server will be?

    We don’t have a ETA as of now, we’ve been at this for quite some time, coding by hand definitely has benefits in the end, it’s the middle that’s the most challenging aspect of it because errors/bugs pop up when you don’t want them to. XD Despite the long road we’ve walked down, there’s been much progress over the coarse of that time. The fact that you don’t need install discs is quite a breakthrough, and that is just one of many things that can provide even more options from coding.

    We’re in for a long haul, but the outcome is promising.

    I'm sorry to be a bother, but I've been trying for about 2 weeks now to fix it on my own, but I just cant. As the name of the topic says, everything I do results in an Incorrect Username error every time I boot up. If it matters, it also keeps trying to login before I've even had the chance to enter my password, and gives the same error, even if I cancel the attempt before it can finish.

    I’ll forward this to other guys, they should hopefully be able to troubleshoot it.