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    Translation: You don't know. Great, that's why I asked. According to all the system requirements from SOE, it won't. But those requirements are comparing my machine to old video cards that are obsolete now. Even new dedicated video cards don't support SWG. I'd rather know before hand. Does anyone have this information? And don't lie to me or :emperor_lightning: !!!!

    My dedicated graphics card recently died. Leaving me with the default card, Intel graphics G41 integrated chip set. I was wondering do you think it would run the game just as well or would it perform noticeably worse? :/

    In the last incarnation of this website there used to be a guide showing how to install and patch the game to the launcher. Since that guide is now obsolete as we have a new launcher now, can one of you make a new one, please? Just showing how to install and troubleshoot if need be, link to the right launcher, instructions once you download it, help if mouse doesn't work, etc? Thanks all! :jedi:

    Time is ridiculously confusing. I spent several days on it and could not figure out why the packets sent didn't change the cycles nor the internal time. We know the proper length of cycles, and have all the systems in place to add it in--but for some reason the packets sent don't do the trick. I'll check it out again after I clean up a few other bugs.

    "Thank you very much, I appreciate it. I take nothing that you do for granted." I don't know if it will help, but I met some one at a convention, who said he used to work as a programmer for SOE. I'll see if he has an idea.

    That's disappointing. Unfortunately, I have no idea how to emulate that. Its been so long since I've played the full game, I have forgotten what it even looked like or even how long the cycles were supposed to be. Part of my interest in having it restored is because it was something I remember fondly about swg, that is sadly lacking in swtor.

    In addition to nomads and leeches, I think you can add the words, raiders, pirates, and pillagers of the village to that list. This type of action by them, only questions whether they have any moral code at all, as they were so concerned with how to get their project back off the ground, they didn't stop to question how there actions could affect others, as it seems, they were only thinking about their own interests. Btw, since the roadmap is going forward nicely, did we ever get the day/night cycles, aspect of weather service fixed?

    It seems the blow up of the team working on SWG Reborn was short lived. The remains of that blow up, have created a new emulator, SWG Legends. Not only that, but SWG Legends servers are accessed via the projectswg launcher. Is there something you devs could tell us? Like, is there a collaboration going on? How are they able to use your launcher, like that? Did you allow them to use your launcher for their project?

    I downloaded and installed the new launcher as requested. Now, neither one works. The old one says, "login server unavailable, please try again later". The new one says, "Destination server is unavailable at this time." Perhaps the new launcher wasn't ready yet? The install wizard for it didn't even give the option for a desktop shortcut. I am tempted to uninstall SWG and somehow figure out how to uninstall both projectswgs and start over from scratch.......

    Or another version.......The wookie met his demise when bush wacked by an incoming shuttle he wasn't prepared for, the gracious protocol droid laid out the corpse on steps which was then picked clean by sand people, which of course they wouldn't have found much on the stiff since it was after all.......a wookie.

    And now we have a crime scene, that starport authority has to mop up, since it took place on their premises.

    It is doing it again, "login unavailable, please try again later." Furthermore, before it started, while I was in game, public transit malfunctioned. Observation: the star tours shuttle in Mos Eisley, has a wookie corpse that spawns with the ticket collector. Did you know? Its apparently appended (possibly) to the code of the ticket collector. If the ticket collector is gone (which it was) the dead wookie goes with it. Have you tried deleting the wookie corpse without deleting the ticket collector at the shuttle?

    I thought I would report this bug, in case it wasn't known. If you return to character selection screen and try to reenter the game,(while already being in) it will cause your client to crash every time, without fail. So, if you want to switch toons, you have to exit the game completely and re-log. :!:

    I don't know about Kashyyyk, but none of the build outs for Mustafar are working yet, it seems. Mensix Mining station, disappears immediately when you arrive, stranding you there, permanently. It is more like Hell than usual, because you can run for hours and never go anywhere! :cursing:

    Ah, Now it works. I assume the creepy stuff in there is Halloween decorations, (death day)? Shuttles do take off now, cool. Just no way yet to get a ticket?