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    I'm voting on clone ^^ I have a pretty long theory, but two quick thoughts are it would explain why Rey has no notable parents and would also explain that scene in TLJ when she snapped and all of her mirrored selves snapped too.

    But who knows! I just can't imagine Rey falling to the dark side and them showing us in the trailer, it's a bait and switch if anything. Heck, it could even be a vision like Luke in the cave on Dagobah or something created by Palpatine's spirit.

    We'll have to wait and find out! :popcorn2:

    Oh man, how things can change in the span of a year :ouch:

    I only have a little bit and I invested early enough that I still have a reasonable return, but still lol.

    I'm gonna say the easy one: they are very stress relieving. There are exceptions (Dota/LoL come to mind), but I find video games to be very therapeutic. It's nice to feel in control of your situation and have clear, achievable goals - something which can be lacking in real life.

    Sure your time can sometimes be used more productively, but managing stress is a very important ability to have and everyone needs an outlet. So, if playing games is that outlet, I'd hardly call them a waste of time.

    Yeah, I saw that on Twitter this morning, and as it is sad to see this happen, now that McSidious has brought this up again, it brings me to being concerned.

    I think PSWG is fine for now, you guys have a couple things going for you...

    1) You guys don't advertise PSWG much, unlike Apeiron which was working hard to sell themselves. Now the other SWG servers... some of them have been known to talk to the press, so hopefully they don't sink the boat for everyone.

    2) You guys are an emulator for a game that is abandoned and unplayable, whereas KOTOR is still a supported, publicly sold title.

    3) You guys aren't using Star Wars assets, logos, or other IP on your website/twitter/etc. so you're not appearing to be official. The only IP related stuff is within the game itself and that isn't any different from any other Star Wars mod out there (which seem to be more or less officially sanctioned).

    4) You're still requiring the base game to play this (although I'm not sure about this anymore with the new launcher?).

    ^Not sure this legally makes a difference anyway.

    5) You guys are very under the radar for now.

    So, hopefully this is enough to differentiate PSWG from Apeiron. You guys aren't trying to make this seem like an official Lucasfilm game, you're just trying to make playable a game that we all bought, subscribed to, and played for years and which we deserve to play again.

    Glad to see that some people are still around! I've been quiet for quite a while but I still poke my head in every once in a while to see what cool things you guys have accomplished.

    It's been almost seven years since SWG shut down and I still think this project is the best chance we've got to play the game again like it was. I'm in it for the long haul!

    It was quite a bummer to find out that Lucasfilm sent a cease and desist letter to the fans who were making the UE4 remake. They were quite public about the game (appearing on several news outlets) and (to their credit) were looking like an official, high-quality remake of KOTOR. However, this is probably what worked against them since Lucasfilm worried that it appeared to be an official Star Wars game.

    I am far from a lawyer, but the letter seems to specifically note issues that the game on its website, social media, and public statements create confusion that the game may be affiliated with Lucasfilm. The project was using the original KOTOR logo with their "Apeiron" subtitle underneath, so to anyone viewing that there's no way to know it wasn't official. That being said, they later specify that they want the code and game materials destroyed, so who knows if it was an image thing or the game itself that worried them.

    I don't think this is reason to fear similar action for any of the SWG emulators at this point, but still it's a small cautionary tale of the fine line that some of the bigger Star Wars fan projects wrestle with.

    The letter:

    One of several articles on it:…n-shut-down-by-lucasfilm/

    Their website if you want to learn more about them:

    Ah okay, yeah that could be better. As long as it equally affects everyone, it should be fine. Perhaps it could be something like a hit to weapon accuracy, like in rain or a dust storm you would lose a couple percent of accuracy. At least that way everyone would be affected.

    Well it should definitely be an optional thing, and the reward should definitely be more of a prestige thing than a gameplay affecting thing.

    Of course, I'm happy there's a discussion going on and I think some of these changes will be really nice for the community.

    Generally, I'm against diverging from how the live servers were, but that being said, I think these are all very good and logical changes.

    A question: When would these changes be implemented? As in, would they be put in from the get-go, or would the original way be done now and then these changes would be implemented by the time the servers are live?

    A question/idea: What was the reasoning behind max droid level for combat classes being up to CL60? Was it a balance thing? Was it to give a handicap to traders? Was it to incentivize having beasts? I never quite understood why. So, the suggestion, raise the level cap for droids. This will be nice for solo players. Maybe not to 90, but to some level to keep them useful. I'm not too tied to this, so if anyone can explain how it would upset balancing then I'll drop the suggestion. I just figure that if beasts could be useful up to level 90, then droids should be too, but I still think beasts should get a "performance premium" over the droids to acknowledge the effort that is needed for them (and the restrictions of droid software).


    Thoughts on the suggestions:

    Buffs: Great idea, but I agree with DAK that medic buffs should have a timer penalty if outside the designated areas. Not sure I agree with 75%, but something like that.

    Character: Languages will be great. It was in there as a shell of itself, so why not reimplement it?

    Collections: Great idea.


    Longer day/night cycles are something I think would be nice, as long as they aren't too long and are proportional to their original times (since planets have different lengths for day/night I believe). I think a reasonable increase could be maybe 2x of current times. Nothing too crazy.

    Weather affecting DOTs is problematic though. I like the roleplaying reason behind it, but it isn't really fair how it affects gameplay because it is out of the player's control and not balanced. So, fire DOTs would be affected by rain, but what about poison DOTs? Any character that is poison based wouldn't be affected at all by any conceivable weather. I just don't see a logical way to make this balanced and fair to players, but maybe I'm missing something.

    Groups: I don't remember how the group pickup point timers affected things, but if it's more reasonable then go for it.

    Invasions: I'm absolutely supportive of this, so long as there is context for the invasion and they aren't happening too often.

    Loot: So, reducing cash loot is part of a larger discussion that the devs and community need to have about combating the saturation of capital and inflation in the game, and could be worth trying out. It'll be very tricky to balance, but the effort is worthwhile.

    Missions: All sounds reasonable and will keep missions relevant.

    Planets: Lowering the CL level would be good to even out the progression from planet to planet and leave more room for late game planets.


    The class specific changes are good, especially the non-combat professions. Some work needs to be done on them to balance their progression out. The problem with the non-combat classes is that they largely aren't useful to the rest of the SWG populace until they are at max level, at which point they could give the best buffs and make the best items. So, there is an incentive in this to level up as fast as possible and anything short of max level isn't really satisfying or useful, especially if they want to compete on the market with their services. So yeah, they shouldn't level up in a day, but it should be fairly quick compared to combat classes.

    There should be something for Bounty Hunter to making Bounty Hunting more relevant to the class, but I don't know what exactly. Same for smuggler with fencing stuff.

    About the level 1 reset, I'm not sure how I feel about this. I see how it serves a purpose, to reroll a character given the character slot restrictions, without losing all of those possessions and progress by deleting and recreating a character. But as a NewGame+ kind of mechanic, I'm not sure. I still need to think about this. What is the intention with this? As a player-friendly re-roll or NewGame+?

    Spawns: Generally this will be good to fight the bot/farming issues present on other SWG servers. I'm not sure I can think of any instances where instant respawns are necessary, but it is worth thinking about if there are any instances where instant respawns should happen.


    About some of the comments

    *Please don't change XP rates. The game isn't about getting to CL90 as fast possible. A lot of the game is about the journey there. The XP rate was very balanced in live. Same goes for XP events, they just aren't necessary outside of incentivizing players to log on at the same time.

    *It would be nice to decorate the outside parts of houses, not the exterior but the balconies and top floors. However, I imagine a technical limitation was responsible for that, so I'm not sure to what extent it is feasible.

    *Not sure how trainers would work, but could be good.

    *I really like DAK's/Undercova's idea of badges and then unlocking character slots based on this mastery. It'll definitely incentivize playing the game and be pretty rewarding for those that properly level classes. Again, we have to have a discussion on how many character slots each account should have, but this will definitely balance out multiple characters.

    *Again, I'm not sure how I feel about re-leveling a character. It feels wrong for SWG, but it could be worth it if it.

    So yeah!

    Star Wars Rebellion is nice

    Played that game like hell when it was out :D

    Having only played it recently, I found it a bit tricky to get into, despite absolutely loving the concept of it. There are elements of Empire at War, but Rebellion was much more of a board game with this macro view on the war than Empire at War, and I appreciated that!

    I've seen this once before, and it's still incredibly interesting to know this unknown history. There's a number of leaked videos out there that show some really neat ideas.

    A couple take-aways:

    -LucasArts seemed to be a bureaucratic mess. I don't think this is news for many in the corporate/entertainment/videogame worlds, or those who have followed LucasArts over the last 20 years, but it seemed to cause the death of many interesting ideas. In some cases, games got green lit and funded with abandon, and in other cases, games were shut down at the one-yard line. I bet working with LucasArts was no easy thing given how they seemed to change motivations with the wind. I actually knew a couple people within LucasArts and I always heard how much of a nightmare it was at times, with some very spotty leadership at the top.

    -There were so many interesting games, at least in terms of concepts, that were developed. But, it seems that there were some that were inconsistent with quality and conveying that Star Wars experience. I can understand LucasArts shutting down a couple of those projects, but then others probably could've been quite good with the right guidance and attention from LucasArts.

    -Disney, for better and for worse, has acknowledged that they need a AAA company to control the video game side of Star Wars, and I can see how they arrived at that decision given the previous years inconsistent quality of games (and their own lack of experience). Disney's guiding principle with the IP is to deliver a consistent, high-quality, and genuine Star Wars experience, even if its ambition is lacking. Those are two distinct approaches to the Star Wars IP that Lucasfilm and Disney had, but you can tell it's what Lucasfilm was trying to be more like.

    I cannot speak for McSidious, but I would think it would have the most meaning if it were in-game. Also it would be extra special if it looked like the Jedi McSidious killed. What a hoot it would be to visit McSidious's bunk and see my head on the wall. It could be the Order 66 collection. Kill 100 Jedi and you get the last Jedi's head. This has turned dark. 4000 MEMBERS! Woo hoo! (even if some are bots)

    The head thing could be something later after the Road Map is complete. Regardless, it would be such an honor to have my Mon Calamari or Ithorian head on McSidious's wall.

    Haha I like your line of thought. Well, it would be such an honor to display such a fine trophy.

    It would be hilarious if there was a special PvP event where, if you defeated another player, you would get their head as loot. Now those I'd dedicate an entire house to display lol! :emperor::sith:

    Thanks :)

    But I'm guessing that most of these accounts are bots. I think we will have to add a few more security questions into the registration

    Hey, bots are people too!

    But I'm curious why bots would be signing up for PSWG of all places... I mean sure, I guess they could be nostalgic lol. I wonder how many are real players then.

    That's a pretty nice deal! I've only played four of those games, X-Wing, Galactic Battlegrounds, Rebellion, and Rogue Squadron, so it'd be worth checking out the others.

    I'm always curious why the first Star Wars Battlefront is never available on here, especially when other, more obscure games are. Hopefully it happens one day!

    I am enjoying it so far, my only real annoyance was when I got to play as Boba and for some reason his jet pack wouldn’t activate and Rey whacked me, I couldn’t escape, although this has only happened once. Overall, I’m really looking forward to the final product.

    I wonder if that was a stun lock thing or a glitch. Either way it's a bummer to spend all of those Battlepoints and lose them in a silly way.