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    i think they can be a pick a perk you can do it up to 5 ranks and you can do it for crafting also like getting a critical success on crafting something like 1% chance to stats per rank or something and same with entertainer but it would be time on buff or amount buff gives or something along those lines (never played a entertainer)

    ding welcome to level 91! please choose a skill

    hit chance buff rank 1

    chance to dodge buff rank 1

    chance to crit rank 1

    chance to avoid detection rank 1

    run increase by 20% rank 1

    and so on

    ding welcome to level 92 please choose a skill

    hit chance buff rank 2

    chance to dodge buff rank 1

    chance to crit rank 1

    chance to avoid detection rank 1

    run increase by 20% rank 1

    and so on

    just a thought on an alternative way of lvling past 90 or past 100

    i have to say when i seen The Farce Awakens i was really pissed that they didn't pull any of the char's from any of the expanded universe (the book's after the first trilogy), so i was not expecting much from this movie at all !!

    i was glad i was not expecting much cause i wasn't surprised but i was expecting so little i was happy with the movie as a starwars-ish movie, not what i was hoping for out of the movie but i will be happy if the han solo movies are close his already set stories in the expanded universe.

    just my 2 cents

    so if not a GUILD crest how about a PSWG crest for imp or reb armor for those that are part of the PSWG community before the servers go LIVE. MUHAHAHAHA

    Just an idea (someone once told me there were no bad Ideas, and a short time later I changed there Mind)

    i have been waiting to play when the traders become usable i can only shoot things so long before i want to go in to space or craft

    so when i played i had the Mustafarian bunker (might have the spelling WRONG), and i was wondering if there was a way that people that were in game before the launch of the completed game could get that as a reward for the first day of game play or something like that.

    I know that you guys were thinking about adding some of the TCG in to quests and stuff but the bunker is something not everyone could get unless you got the expansion at a certain time and i think that rewarding people for being there before the completion would be a nice way of showing people in game yah this guy here was here at the start of the compilation.

    just an idea

    (i know my spelling sux so sorry if there are any misspellings)

    here's how i view it. the government is doing its thing and trying to protect the law abiding citizens, and then all of a sudden BAM!! some body gets there feelings hurt by some small thing that was said, and then they decide they want to start a rebellion and kill thousands of government workers, and then after the fact they make these propaganda movies (episode 1-3) on how bad the empire was and how they had "just" cause for what they did, but the truth is they are just wanting to fight and kill and look like the good guys.
    if they couldn't live they the laws that were set they could have left the empire and lived on one of the many worlds that were not part of the Empire Like Hapes or Arkania but no they cant do that cause they are the "good guys" trying to same the Galaxy, but we all know the truth there just criminals.

    i seen in peoples posts there are posts and points, what are points?
    i may have missed this from another post but i couldn't find it on the forum

    if we are able to lvl at a normal pace we can reach the higher lvl stuff and test it out as for the frog its there because there is no loot dropped right now so how would we test our higher lvl skills if we are still using the lvl 1 weapon.

    the wipe will happen as soon as it goes live because these are just test chars on a test server. i know we all seem to fall in love with our chars as we play them but that's what happens in alpha testing and Beta testing you lose those chars. i would think this is more like a alpha test, they are still building parts of the game and then after the game is built that's when the Beta test comes in to efect to weed out all the bugs they can but it will help alot if they can get as many of the bugs as posibal so they dont have to worrie about them later

    thank you.

    if i do get he to try playing can we add her to the IP address as well?
    or can she start an account at her moms and play here?
    just wanting to know what is possible before we even think about it SWG is the only game i was able to get her to play with me for longer than 3 days.

    so i told my friend to check this out we finally got the game downloaded for him and he created an account and when he tried to log in his account got banned?
    not sure why this happened.

    i looked at every thing he did and cant figure out why this happened, and now he cant even post on the web site any help would be welcome