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    The final announcement of SWG closing was definitely rough, but my most depressing moment was when I rage/self-preservation quit.

    I was letting SWG consume so much time that IRL issues were becoming an EXTREME problem. I was really enjoying the time with friends and the in-game "life" but IRL was near catastrophe. After hitting very nearly rock bottom, I decided I needed to just remove SWG entirely from the situation and focus on rebuilding IRL and so took drastic measures on SWG.

    I wanted to ensure that SWG would no longer hold any power or draw to me so I deleted everything. I deleted my 4 main CL90 characters on 2 servers on my 2 accounts (8 total characters), deleted all my stockpiles of armorsmith resources for 99%-capped Primus armor in the millions of stacks, and all my other weaponsmith and shipwright resources. Also, 3 cabinets full of basically every different type of junk loot for RE'ing into pups and attachments were deleted.

    My beloved decked-out Tie Advanced, Oppressor, Decimator, Ye-4, Tie Heavy, and even my Tie Aggressor which I had a soft spot for, again, were all deleted. All of which were piloted by my 3-time ace Imperial pilot, also (of course) deleted. The 4000+ Restuss comms that I'd been hoarding went poof. Both Biological & Synapse Focus Crystals deleted. The painstakingly decorated guild hall that I created went up in smoke. I could go on and on, but I've belabored the point enough already. Suffice it to say, it ALL went gone (entirely deleted, not given away).

    The decision to do all of that was a hard, but needed one at the time.

    I wish I had some uplifting thing to say next, but sadly, such was not really the case. The exodus (and supposedly COMPLETE removal) from SWG was short lived. I think I came crawling back after about 4-6 months. I did start to recover IRL during the "break", but there was about another year/year and a half of SWG/IRL conflict until it was all resolved.

    My return saw me work to get it all back, and I was successful in just about everything except the vast wealth of mined crafting resources, those never really recovered. After about 9 months to a year I was back to the same problems IRL and I DELETED EVERYTHING again. Full circle. Then, I had an extended break from SWG and really did sort out most of the IRL issues.

    I had 1 more stint of SWG after that where I played CASUALLY and enjoyed a balanced experience (unfortunately, mostly all solo play) and shortly into my 3rd tour of duty is when the shutdown notice of SWG happened. Strangely enough, I was trying to rebuild/recover the exact same things as I had lost 2 times before, albeit, at a casual rate.

    It was a WILD ride! As horrible as things got, there will always be a fond memory of stint #1. It was the social aspects that made #1 the most fun. While I regained a lot of the items I lost from #1, I never had the same community and social aspect that I had in the first.

    Such was my love/hate relationship and experiences in SWG.

    This is a crazy question, one that's been rattling around in my head for about 8 years now, (so much so that I can't even remember if it was actually possible) so bear with me....

    Does anyone remember a way to find the NAME of the region of the area of the planet you were currently on? I seem to remember that the method to do so wasn't intuitive, you had to do a slash command or maybe check in the datapad or something. Hell it may have been from doing a cross-server /tell it would list where on the planet your were, I can't remember.

    When you did it correctly it would give interesting names of different regions on the planet that weren't just POIs or city names, but area names.

    (EDIT) It may have been the GCW planetary control regions. Did these have names? Anyone have any links to a screenshot/list of region names?

    Anyway, if you have any info I'd really appreciate it as it's been driving me nuts for several years.


    I had a similar experience on live once.

    I took a new CL15-ish Bothan spy (on a new server than main, for shytes/giggles) and was able to kill a Krayt dragon by using the harvester glitch to get him stuck, and proceeded to attack him until he died.

    10 year old memory recalls that it took approx. 45 minutes to do and the XP reward was similar, ~1-2000 XP. I don't believe I leveled up.

    It was quite the letdown. No love for the 'sploit!

    One other thing to consider is the ability to get the faction specific ITVs, such as Tie Fighter and X-Wing.

    My Tie Fighter ITV was one of my most prized possessions on live. I'd love to be able to get it again in PSWG, and would really like to avoid (too) harsh of restrictions on getting it, such as a long time delay imposed by a vet reward.

    Please make it a quest or better yet, allow the reward deed the ability to grant one version from a selection of the different ones we had on live, such as the faction, Royal Ship, Privateer, etc. Faction restrictions would still apply, of course.


    Sounds like a cool idea, just don't forget about Cold (etc.) or the Subway Sammich of Deathâ„¢ will live up to its name: