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    Heh, the comment about WoW emu's (they used to be REALLLLY strict - like issuing C&D (cease and desist) letters when a group of dev's would just start a forum/website for interest in it if the wrong words were used on the site... lol

    There actually was a project/emu that got blessings and best wishes for their work, in exchange for some of the code they created, and to this day (I think) still run and develop their emu'd game. The game? Ultima Online. I won't mention the emu, but their project wasn't coded in the same language as UO, but ran far better. More stable, less cpu intensive and held more players stably then the real game. For the exchange of some of that code so they could improve THEIR systems, the emu was given it's blessing. Always thought that was really cool.

    That other game mentioned too, the one requiring Engineering of the Space sort.. My son and I were playing a dedicated server we run here once.. (well, still do). When planets were introduced and whatnot, we spend awhile stockpiling and building up a a rocket that could partially convert of course, in space when it got there into a small station for us to then branch out and harvest from asteroids and all that - You know how it goes.. So we spend WAY too much time doing all this, right? We launch, all excited and pleased that we were getting off the Earth-like world. We get to space, again rejoin ensues, as we watch out oxygen levels go down and realize, of all the ores we packed on board (to make small transport/mining ship etc, easier to bring ores than lift off with all these ships 'built in' right, yeah, we didn't bring any ice OR any oxy bottles that we had stored up back on the EarthBase. Lolz.. Same tragic ending, gasping for air and yeah, death. No medibay on it, so... Got to spawn back on planet and redo it mostly.. Horrible times those learning days were...

    I have the original Special Edition Box (and all it's contents) just as they were the day I bought it on release day. Course I also have about every edition released after too (yeah, I was one one of those jerks who ran multiple accounts to get the harvester slots for my mini-empire - Also so my kids could play with me :)

    That book was an awesome find, wish ya won it! Are there others out there or is it a one of a kind thing? Wonder who's it was originally..

    Imagine some SOE rep carrying that to LucasArts.. Hey George, what do you think of this? Heh..

    What you need to understand and keep in mind is this:

    Disney owns the IP that is Star Wars. What that means, literally, is if they find out about something and they don't like it, their lawyers WILL be sending you a notice. It doesn't matter whether you're 3d printing Millennium Falcons, recreating the TCG virtually or with physical cards, or making sellable 'art' in the form os space craft out of metal; If they don't like it, you will get shut down. And I can almost promise if it's something you're making money at, money that deters THEM from making money... You'll be hearing from them. Making stuff as a free project (ex. this emu) generally okay. Setting up an etsy store or anything along those public sale kinda lines... Again, prepare to receive mail. The fact that you're cagey about what you plan on doing tells me you already know the answer and were hoping someone here would give you their blessing.

    Let's be honest. If you want to know if Disney would be cool with you making or doing something, you're going to need to ask them. Period. And for your legal safety, that's a really good idea. If it's not something in their wheelhouse, or of quantities that they would simply laugh off, you may get their approval, who knows.

    The other half of this coin is specific to the SWG portion. Something specific to SWG but involving the Star Wars IP not only 'could' put you in Disney's crosshairs, it could theoretically put you in Sony's as well, as they were responsible for the game. They were leased the IP rights from LucasArts (now Disney as you know), but because of this it's also very possibly that if you replicate something from the game, it's something Sony (SOE now DayBreak Studio right?) created, causing them to possibly have a steak in it as well, even though they only leased the rights to the IP, 'they' technically are the ones who spend time and money rendering all the 3d, creating objects and worlds.. Yeah, I wouldn't do anything without getting approval to be safe, period.

    I'm reminded of the Leeroy Jenkins story. Ever look him up? Interesting story.. Became one of the biggest legends over a youtube video, right? Did you know he didn't profit a bit from it? He tried to make all sorts of deals, all sorts of items.. T-shirts, collectible 'toys', you name it. And time after time he received letter from Blizzards lawyers saying (essentially) Uh-huh, you're not putting that WoW logo, any of our character artwork or anything that has to do with the IP of WOW on your merchandise nor make merchandise of our IP. So he sold shirts that merely had his real life face on them with his character name on them (Leeroy Jenkins), the only thing he couldn't get sued for, since Bliz didn't 'own' his name or face. Ironically, Bliz had/has a quest USING his name, however... And as you'd expect, he didn't receive a dime for it.

    Just saying..


         Hey everyone. Today I'm going to start organizing an un-official FAQ for those looking to run a server. This is only the beginning and many edits will follow with more info as I come across it. When there is structure (and enough worthy information, I or someone else can add it to the bitbukkit wiki page perhaps. Many of you core members here probably already know this (well and a ton more), so this obviously won't apply to you, and please correct me if I'm wrong on anything.


    As mentioned in the forward, this FAQ is just by an avid gamer/hobbyist. I have no connection with the fine folks here other than the same goal of seeing an awesome SWG server. I'm going to try and address what I feel might be common issues, mostly server-side stuff, as this FAQ is geared specifically toward the setup, configuration and operation of the dedicated server. If you are a player, there is an excellent guide in my sig block that is highly detailed.


    The first thing you need to figure out is what environment you are going to run Holocore, the ProjectSWG dedicated server software on. When I first set it up, I did it on Windows 10x64. I run numerous game servers, and have a couple rack servers that *mostly* run linux on, so for me, putting this on linux was a no-brainier. There is already a rough guide on the wiki about getting the software, but I will probably cover this again, for both sides. Understandably YMMV when it comes to linux and getting stuff on it, as each distro's instructions can certainly vary, lol. I will do my best to provide the info I can for my particular setup, however google may indeed be your friend if you're running something not as similar. My flavor is Centos 6.8 for this configuration.

    For time being, we're going to assume you're sharp enough to read over the wiki and grab yourself Java 1.8, git, and gradle and follow their guidelines. (I know, detailed instructions would be nice, I will do it here someday, but on this initial post I want to get into more of the meat and potatoes). One thing I will provide for now to help get you running.. As the wiki indicates, you start the server with:

    Code: run this to start server!
    1. java -jar build/libs/holocore-all.jar

    You're going to want to check the actual .jar name as that one probably won't be right. On my first compile it was called "projectswg-holocore-10fa38ca9126-all.jar", the next build, a few weeks later, it was simply "holocore.jar". Clearly the dev's are ironing out the system, no worries though, there will be a .jar there, and that's the one you want, whatever is in the build/lins/ subfolder.

    If you are running linux, you will want a handy, dandy script to launch this beast. I highly recommend my standard game-server firing script:

    Code: (startup for linux)
    1. screen -d -m -S pswg java -Xms512M -Xmx4096M -jar build/libs/projectswg-holocore-10fa38ca9126-all.jar nogui --log-append=false --log-count=3

    This will start the server via detached screen session under the name pswg (you could call it holocore, or server1 whatever really). You will see I have set a minimum of 512MB and a max of 4GB to the java session. In my testing both on Win-based and linux rigs, the server seems to like about 1.7GB. Because I'm unsure of the long term usage and potential load, I do have mine set to 4GB. You could safely run at 2GB, at least for a few people, again, no clue yet on stress/load tests how RAM will be utilized.. One of those things down the road to do...

    Windows users can do something similar of course:

    Code: start.bat (startup script for Windows)
    1. java -Xms512M -Xmx4G -jar "F:\dedicated\SWG\PSWG\build\libs\holocore.jar"
    2. PAUSE

    I shamelessly ripped that from a different dedicated game and edited it, in full disclosure, I have run holocore on Win-based rigs, but only for testing and diagnostics, so never needed a batch file.. But that will work :)


    Okay, so you've got your dedicated server installed, and you want to fire it up, right? Well, the good news, is you can, the bad news is currently there is only one account in the system, and that's the default one: username: holocore password: password. So we're going to run by a couple quick things, and then you will have a more customized server that people can get on. First things first....

    Code: /cfg/nge.cfg file
    1. # 03/07/2017 00:02:37 MST
    6. GALAXY-NAME=PE2850 Test Center
    7. LOAD-OBJECTS=true
    8. PRIMARY-SPAWN-LOCATION=tat_moseisley

    CLEAN-CHARACTER-DATA (NO IDEA, best guess either wipes all characters, or purges old ones after this number of days.

    GALAXY-MAX-CHARACTERS How many characters can each account create on each galaxy

    GALAXY-MAX-CHARACTERS-PER-PERIOD Hoe many characters can ONE account have on simultaneously

    GALAXY-MAX-ONLINE Max players online at once

    GALAXY-NAME Name of your galaxy

    LOAD-OBJECTS (NO IDEA, leave alone)

    PRIMARY-SPAWN-LOCATION (Haven't verified this functions yet!) Tells your server where to put starting players.

    WIPE-ODB-FILES (NO IDEA, wipes ODB files, hehe.. Leave alone!)

    Once you are done with that, double check network.cfg:

    Code: network.cfg (also in /cfg folder)
    1. # 03/07/2017 00:02:37 MST
    2. BIND-PORT=44463
    3. BUFFER-SIZE=4096
    5. LOGIN-SERVER-NAME=LoginServer

    Pretty straight forward again. Only thing really to note that should matter at this point in the game is the Bind Port. This is the port you want to forward to your server and forward your router through. You'll note it is DIFFERENT that the one PSWG uses. I say this, because if/when you tell people to join your server, when they create a login server for your server, they need to ensure the port matches what you have here. Simply creating a new login server in the launcher may not give them the correct port!!!! You'll note another possible hit of multiple server support in Login-Server-ID... (not important at this time)

    There are more files in the /cfg folder, I wont' get into them at this time.. I honestly haven't messed with them enough myself and merely re-pasting them in here would just be a waste, lol.

    Adding Accounts

    It's the best part, right? Getting your own account, and getting in the game! So for now, there's one down-side.. While it looks like they are working on a web-portal where players can get on and create their own account, it is not up and running yet. This is bleeding edge, people. The upside, is it's REAL easy to add accounts.. You just have to get dirty. Follow these steps and you'll be adding 100's of players in moments:

    1. For Windows, Mac, and GUI Linux (recommended), download DB Browser for SQLite and install it.

    2. Run the DB Browser, and point it at: <yourbaseinstall>/serverdata/login/login.db

    3. You will be looking at the database structure. RIght click on one of the tables, eg "users". and select "Browse Table".

    4. You will see a drop-box, click on it, and select users.

    5. Edit as necessary. Add a record, remove one, edit one, etc..

    5a. Example on adding a user:

    a) Click Add "New Record"

    b) In the empty field it created, enter a username, hit tab, enter a password, hit tab enter an email address, hit tab and..

    c) for access_level select one of the following currently existing levels:

    1. PLAYER(0),
    2. WARDEN(5),
    3. CSR(10),
    4. QA(15),
    5. DEV(50)

    (so to make them a player type "PLAYER" (no quotes of course!)) - You can also leave it blank, blank default to PLAYER.

    6. When you are done, click the 'Write Changes" button up top, all set!

    It is instant, so no need to restart the server, it pools this database every time there's a new connection it seems, which is great!

    My server is running, now what?!

    It's the dream come true! Heh. Okay, first things first, get in your server. You'll note... The PSWG Launcher has a status in the upper right corner.. It pings constantly, which is great. It can tell if your server is OFFLINE, LOADING (yes, really), UP, and a couple other modes (like LOCKED, not sure if that's implemented yet?). This is highly useful, especially for players trying to join. Just like you'll read in the support threads here, the 1st thing to ask when you've made an account for someone, and they say they can't get on, is "Does it say 'SERVER STATUS: UP' on your launcher (and are you set to the correct server in the settings/login area"? When you see your server UP, jump on your server. Assuming you are on an access level other than player, you should see the corresponding level in parenthesis, EG {CSR} when you hit SHIFT+F1.

    To use important commands, you'll need to first type /setgodmode to tell the server you want to use admin abilities and commands. From there, for now, you'll have to hunt for admin-specific commands (working on a structured command list if I don't find one elsewhere first). For now a few simple ones, good for testing and seeing what levels can do what: Server, QA

    FootNote1: An aside, it looks to me like they are coding this with the possibility of running multiple servers, meaning we admins could have a test center and live/production server on the same rig. Unsure how this will come to be, as there is only the one main jar, but maybe down the road.... Coolness..

    What won't work on a linux machine?

    I doing it all on a linux machine :)

    Well to be clear.. I have gradle on it, I have pulled the files with git, run and built the server just fine, and run it. About the only thing I do on windows only (other than console access to the server!) is using that database editor I mentioned on a different thread to edit accounts.

    What is it you think I can't do on a headless dedicated linux box?

    Sorry, was on vacation there for a bit lol.

    I created a new account (a couple actually) and they work.

    Not really sure what the problem was, but I can confirm that I can:

    *create a new account with any access level (and they work, not sure what commands belong to which for sure though to test)

    *edit an existing account (with a created player), and change their access level and it works.

    With that in mind, I really don't know why it didn't work for me before when I made this post, but, uhh, it's working perfectly now! :)

    Wondering what the best method is to pull/query to see if there have been holocore updates since my install. How will it work if I run the gradle again, for instance, since I have edited my login.db file for additional accounts, do I need to copy and repaste that file after running the process, or will it only download updated files?

    As always, thanks!

    For anyone tracking what works, I used the Original (literally) Collector's edition set (5 cd's) and then the JTL expansion (1cd), and it worked fine. It did have to download like 150+ tre files, but it worked :)

    (I also tried using my retail "literally the last day of official SWG", install, which for some reason I was never able to get working with PSWG. I intend to troubleshoot this sometime down the road. (kinda don't care right now why, cuz the 1st method I mentioned worked, lol).

    Sounds like a plan! As far as server testing goes, I was wondering if local server parallels the hosted server? What I mean is say I get my kids up and running on one here and we start working the crafting system (my fav, btw). Would that be suitable, or does the local receive less/slower updates, and we should concentrate mostly on the official public one more? That being said, are there IP limits on the public would that would prevent my kids from joining? Some others I've been around have IP limits in place, because of people with mule accounts who want to dominate the land with their sheer number of harvesters :) (heh, yea, I'll be honest, generally I make my kids drop some too, it's how they pay for the gear and items I make them, rofl). Anyway, let me know so I can plan accordingly :)

    Was thinking of gathering all I've found here in the past few days and re-writing it in one simple post too.. Others may run into the same situations, and while the answers are there, it's a lot of posts to scour through! And I don't mind taking a look at documentation and adding to it. Will start poking my head around, heh.

    LoL works now :) Lolz..

    So to recap:

    You have to have an access_level set highter than player (based on what you want to do), AND you have to /setgodmode to be able to use the commands? The access_level itself is not enough, correct?

    The aqbove spoiler was from a post I just created, but then was solved by a reply on another thread. It doesn't matter, just ignore it. Read on for new issue:

    . When I used the broadcast command, I got this error:

    I hit up the qatool there at the end, which worked just to verify my access was working after useing /setgodmode. I tried the broadcast two times there as you can see, both same error.

    It should be noted from my experience so far, the access_level isn't working..

    It doesn't matter what I pick, warden, csr, admin, or qa I don't have access to /server or /qatool (dunno what it does, just saw others trying to use it in old posts, knew it has to be a above-player command :) For help tickets possibly? Anyway, tried in both all caps and lowercase (the holocore is set to csr, all lowercase fwiw).

    Ok, it's pretty simple:

    1. Go to the site Here and download the version which applies to you.

    2. Fire it up, click on the 'Open Database' button up top.

    3. Go to your PSWG server install, look for "S:\projectswg-holocore-10fa38ca9126\serverdata\login\ and select login.db.

    4. You will be looking at the database structure. RIght click on one of the tables, eg "users". and select "Browse Table".

    5. You will see a drop-box, click on it, and select users.

    6. Edit as necessary. Add a record, remove one, edit one, etc..

    6a. Example on adding a user:

    a) Click Add "New Record"
    b) In the empty field it created, enter a username, hit tab, enter a password, hit tab enter an email address, hit tab and..

    c) for access_level select one of the following currently existing levels:

    1. PLAYER(0),
    2. WARDEN(5),
    3. CSR(10),
    4. QA(15),
    5. DEV(50)

    so to make them a player type "PLAYER" (no quotes of course!)

    7. When you are done, click the 'Write Changes" button up top, all set!

    It is instant, so no need to restart the server, it pools this database every time there's a new connection it seems, which is great!

    I just threw this in here, I'll pretty it up with some graphics in a bit perhaps.. It's really simple to do though once ya know what tool to use :)

    it is in my download folder, also i am in administrative mode for launcher. could it have anything to do with me having windows 10 on this desk top?

    I can tell you with assurance it's not a win10 issue. I'm running it on 2 PC's both with 10 on them.

    What is the version of launcher (top right corner of launcher)? Should say 1.2.0.

    It may or may not matter, but I'd move your install of SWG from the Downloads folder to actual C:\<something>, just to be safe. Then be sure to point the launcher at the new folder location.

    Check and make sure you are running the launcher in administrative mode. Others have also suggested ensuring your SWG install is not in a system controlled folder, example Program Files.. I highly recommend putting it in somethng like \Games\PSWG\