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    although probably making re-building the HK-47 should be a quest rather than a schematic..... Probably started on Dantooine....

    There was an HK-47 Instance, although I don't remember ever doing it. (mentioned right at the bottom in misc)

    Did Droid Engineers get a schematic for an HK-47 upon completing it?

    Would also be good to have K2S0 as a schematic.

    This actually reminds me of an idea for an event that I mentioned a long while ago; a tug of war event between Rebels and Imperials. The Rebels need to rescue a downed Rebel Pilot while the Imperials want to capture them, they would need to take the pilot past a certain checkpoint to win.

    Originally I thought an actual player would be the pilot, namely myself posing as the pilot in distress, but I wonder if we could just program an NPC to follow certain designated "Officers" and whenever the Officer dies, the closet Officer, Rebel or Imperial would obtain the pilot. The pilot could also shout out certain phrases that could make things interesting, namely give an idea on which faction has custody of him.

    Honestly I wonder if this would be best suited for a random event, a warzone, or part of an invasion. Anything is possible.

    Liking this.

    A development of the Remembrance Day Wedge Antillies quest?

    If I may..There could also be a second part to it (inspired by the ARC-170 ship quest) of having a chance to require/rescue the pilot from prison or holding. That would make for a very interesting infiltration/covert-ops style mission: a chance for some stealth and clever tactics I think...?

    Sounds like it could get pretty epic.

    Engineers will be able to build turret emplacements and assault vehicles around the battlefield ? Smugglers will be able to slice terminals like in the GCW invasion battles to spawn elite npc's etc?

    This will be PVE but with a choice to go special forces?

    Thanks. I may check it out.

    "I am really looking forward to when PSWG starts working on surveying, sampling, and crafting."


    That will be a great day. I am really looking forward to gathering a stack of resources and start experimenting and building stuff. :boogie:

    Thanks for your answers guys.

    I mostly want to know if all crafting and trader professions are fully working, player housing and space.

    ie will I be able to harvest resources, build a house to work/craft stuff in and make spaceships ?

    I don't know how feasible it would be, but some mini-scenarios of npc battles that you could join in would be fun.

    Perhaps like the GCW they could be timed to happen at certain parts of the day, or maybe they could be triggered once a day by speaking to a certain npc commander.

    (I'm remembering that on Naboo for example there was a POI Gungans vs Imperials battle site, but all the npc's were non-combat and nothing ever far as I know).

    It would be great if such a battle could actually be triggered and you could take part in it, with a choice of joining whatever side you want.

    It would be a good idea to keep these mini-battles small and kept in out-of-the-way places, and like the GCW they would remain non-PVP unless whatever players involved in them specifically decided to become special forces.

    Great vids Tradestealer.

    I look forward to space so much in SWG. :xwing::rebel_pilot:

    Sometimes I just can't describe the sheer longing I have to once again be able to climb into my X-wing cockpit and take to the skies once more..........................:xwing:

    I hope at least some of these great ideas of yours can be realised and integrated into the game.

    I would like to be able to play as a droid. :r2d2_scan::c3po:

    (I think I may have mentioned it before, but it would add an interesting new way of playing).

    There are droids for pretty much all professions with a fascinating array of different ways to look.

    Droids would obviously be:

    * immune to any kind of mind-control or persuasion etc

    *immune to poison attacks etc

    *able to naturally learn how to *hack* into any security network or device.

    To counter these positives:

    * They would be very susceptible to electrcity attacks and EMP. Perhaps even very susceptible to any blaster fire (they could have a shield generator that absorbs a certain amount of fire, but once it has been drained they become very vulnerable).

    *Could not be healed but would have to be repaired by engineers (if they chose the profession of droid engineer then they could possibly repair themselves to a certain degree)

    *Certain professions would not be available to them; Jedi nor Officer, nor would they be allowed to be beast master, politician, chronicler.

    * Level cap at 80.

    Generally they would not *level* in the normal way, but once a certain amount of xp is gained they have to buy program chips to learn skills.

    There might also be limitations on vehicles they can use and maybe even certain places they cannot visit.

    Bespin is great however its not unlike Nova Orion station admittedly on a larger scale,

    we would need a flight docking sequence loading video as when travelling to Mustafar.

    It would be all the exterior area that might be a challenge to make, a planet-sized map with nothing but buildings and streets.

    The architecture is completely different to any existing buildings in SWG too, so everything would have to be designed new.


    Personally speaking Bespin (Cloud City) is the one place I would love to see added more than any other.

    That would require a completely new set of structures and themed buildings. I would offer my services in the making of such a project. ^^

    I'm most definitely FOR making the Jedi profession one that can only be unlocked.

    It always bugged me that Jedi was a starting profession.

    The problem is of course how you actually unlock it. Collecting badges might be one way......? ...but tbh I'm not sure about that, cause it doesn't really make any sense.

    The problem is that the old pre-cu system (with its much more flexible skill-system) was much better adapted to introducing a profession that is unlocked later on; the NGE system is far more rigid. There was talk a while back of introducing some of the old skill system elements back in...?

    If not, maybe introduce it slowly through the expertise system? Have a *force sensitive expertise tree* that people have to invest points in over time as they level. In the tree, no actual skills are gained as they advance through it, only after having reached the end of the tree does the profession unlock (made so that it wont happen until char is around level 40 or something). By making it a tree that does not actually do anything till the end means players have to forgo expertise points in other things; meaning it always becomes a hard choice.

    Perhaps collecting badges could unlock the *force sensitive skill tree*?

    Q) When the Jedi profession is unlocked what happens to all the chars previous skills and levels? Does it work like a respect, or does the char start completely form scratch at level 1 again?

    My main thoughts are that a more flexible skill system is needed for it to happen.

    The credit payouts for terminal missions was already very low, the most you could ever make was like 200cr per mission (if you were lucky enough to find one that high) and took about 10 mins to do; so I don't think it would ever be possible to make millions from them (works out about 1200 cr per hour max, which is nothing compared to what you would get for 1 hour of looting corpses). They are also pretty boring to do.

    In terms of getting XP, from what I remember, after a certain level (level 10+) you never got any xp at all from them...?, and again the amount of xp was very low (apart form the very first *tutorial type* missions).

    The only terminal missions that were actually useful was the 10-a-day faction-type missions from what I remember...any others simply weren't worth the effort.

    If anything I would say something to make them actually worth bothering with would be good.