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    I realize that this new trilogy is to introduce new characters and wrap up the skywalker saga. I just feel like it's all been done in the wrong way. My opinion of course, but I feel like the new characters were introduced too quickly without bringing proper closure to the stories of the older characters. I didn't like the way Han was killed off in TFA, not arguing the fact he was killed, it just didn't seem like a fitting death for that character. I also felt that Carrie Fisher's character should have been resolved in episode 8, for obvious reasons. That was my initial thought when she was blasted out of the bridge into space, but that floating part back to the door was just ...awkward. Not to mention Poe just opened the door to wide open space to let her in. And Luke's artificial hand, I guess it faded away and became one with the force as well, instead of falling onto the ground like it should have.

    As for the new characters, unlike the OT ones, I have no attachments or feel any sort of connection or fondness to them at all. I didn't think much of them when they were introduced in TFA, and now that TLJ has blatantly portrayed them in accordance with both Disney and Hollywood's cultural Marxist SJW feminist agenda, I have completely lost all interest in them. The main OT characters are gone now, and I have no interest in any of the future movies. Star Wars has been sacrificed on the altar of political correctness. After 40 years of watching every movie in theatres when it was released, I am now done with Star Wars. For me, it's dead.

    I can understand your feelings about Han's demise. Sometimes death is swift, brutal and senseless, but yeah he was an iconic character and somehow it would have been more fitting for him to go down fighting. I also think, in light of Carrie Fishers death, it would have made *sense* for her to have perished in the bridge explosion. As you say there is now the issue of what happens in episode VIIII ? More CGI?

    Personally I love the new characters; all of them. Rose is also a good addition to the new *crew*, I hope we get to see more of her in the next film.

    Tbh I don't know what to make of your "Marxist SJW feminist agenda" comment....? You are unhappy about Rey being the central Jedi figure now? If so, did you feel the same way about Ahsoka Tano in Clone wars? A lot of women like Star Wars and it's good there are strong female characters to relate to in the films. It's also good that *slavery* is being portrayed correctly as something that needs to be challenged and fought against....perhaps you have a problem with that...? I'm not sure..just that , as I said, not understanding your comment.

    It's a shame you are missing out on some great new additions to the Star Wars universe; it's very far from dead imo, but of course you are entitled to your pov.


    Luke knew what happened to his father and Obi Wan in the past ... what it could lead to if you dont "act" early enough

    think of it ... Obi kills Anakin on Mustafar ... no Darth Vader and super evil empire !!

    That is good logic, but It's simply not the way of the Jedi to assassinate people.

    Also, Luke knows its possible to turn someone away from the darkside; like he did with his Father.

    Luke is still in contact with Yoda through the force, so possibilities must exist to explore before any notions of simply murdering someone.

    I felt it didn't really fit in the Star Wars galaxy. Luke scared of what his nephew might become and tries to kill him in his sleep. That's not the Skywalker i remember

    That is a very unconvincing part of the story. We know that Luke's character is to challenge difficulties head on, not to be an assassin.

    So he senses the Darkside rising in would be far more in character for him to directly confront Ben about it knowing that he is family and would make every attempt to reason it out in a true Jedi fashion like he did with Vader and the Emperor. (I mean, what's he going to tell Leia and Han...? sorry guys I butchered your son in his sleep ...It just does not fit). I sense there are some kind of personal issues with Ryan going on here more than anything else.

    I can understand your feelings about this and in some ways I agree...and a lot of what you say is true.


    As a fellow long-time follower of Star wars I think we have to let go and realise this is Star Wars for a new generation. So whilst I still love the old characters Luke, Leia, Han and Chewie, this story is no longer about them as central characters. It is now about Rey, Fin, Poe ~et al....and its right it should be. Having said that I have to say I was disappointed with how Luke is portrayed.

    I agree with you 100% on Star wars gaming; its tragic that there are NO good star wars games iv'e said before on this forum and a lot of other places....where the heck are all the Star Wars games? The last 3 films have created some awesome new locations, characters, stories...and all we have is......battlefront? Utterly pathetic!

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    I just saw The Last Jedi today for the first time and it totally blew me away.

    In all honesty I was in trepidation about what Ryan was going to do with with Luke's character (especially after having seen all the things Mark Hamill was saying), and in the most part I was very disappointed...but it made sense at the end and I feel his true character was restored at the end. People change, and indeed when people get older a kind of terrible cynicism can set in, and guilt can be a terribly destructive emotion. Hope remains a true point of focus in the movie and I think that is what shines through. Hope in the face of all adversity.

    Although the movie seemed in some ways to try to blur the distinction between good and bad, dark and light, it also in so many ways poignantly made the distinction all the more. Rey and Kylo, both coming form unhappy/unsupportive/betrayed family backgrounds...grow in 2 fundamentally different ways. kylo, so full of hate and spite and selfish ambition for power, and Rey finding the value of life and trust and something much bigger and more important than her own existence; It clearly defines, after all, the lightside and the darkside. The First Order/Empire whatever are truly evil to the core, but all their rage and hate cannot snuff out the spark of light and hope. The message of the original movies remains.

    To date this is easily the most complex film in terms of multiple character story-threads and emotional convoluted issues...lot's going on in there...and I'm already looking forward to seeing it again.

    The saddest part for me was the ever present awareness that Carrie is no longer with us all...but as Luke says "nothing is ever truly gone".

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    I'd also really like to see proper night just for the atmospheric effect....but additionally with it also affecting vision and combat. The possibility to add stealth night operations would add a tactical element to the game it previously lacked.

    Some more ideas:

    1) Combat cover mechanic. Able to shoot from behind walls, crates, sides of buildings etc as partial cover. Npc's ai behaviour adjusted so that they do the same, to add environment-tactical element to combat.

    2) Adjusting terminal missions. Quite a few permanent small little villages /outposts/use of existing interior spaces/create more building interiors etc could be added to all planet maps...for the terminal missions to take place in. Instead of just a random co-ordinate in the middle of nowhere being the location for a random terminal mission, they take place randomly at one of these new designated areas, giving them a sense of place and meaning.

    I remember there being a lot of interior spaces in buildings that were never used for anything.....

    3) I still think atmospheric flight could be added successfully if it were done with care and attention to detail:

    a) Only available as a special expertise area choice (in a similar way to how beast-master expertise branch works).

    b) Limited to fighters and freighters, with severe limitations of how they can engage in air-to ground combat.

    c) Severe limitations on areas where they can fly, take off and land (ie cannot land/take off from the major cities, and a fly exclusion zone around all major cities).

    d) Introduce a fuelling system so that atmosphere flying takes up a lot of fuel that has to be replenished regularly.

    The day SOE announced SWG was going to be shut down was one of the most depressing days in my life. I remember seeing the news but it not quite registering, and at the same time a feeling like a black hole had suddenly swallowed up the world.

    It was utterly depressing to log onto the servers over the next few months, less and less people were playing and in the end I couldn't bear it.

    Particularly In retrospect...we can all see clearly that it made no sense; The fear that it would somehow compete with SWTOR was/is false.

    I don't know anything about this kind of stuff, but I'd guess it all comes down to filthy lucre as far as they are concerned. So long as something isn't cutting into any or their perceivable profits they probably couldn't care less. Just a wild guess....

    As a side thought: Ironically SWG back in the day may have been in a position to make lots of money, particularly considering the new surge of popularity for Star Wars. If only they had not been so foolish.... but then again we do have PSWG! :yay:

    The notions of Darkside /Lightside, and Jedi/Sith were never explored in any meaningful way in SWG, which is to this day one of its few *failures* as such. The whole story of Star Wars is about that central pervading conflict of course. I can imagine why Sony never even attempted to translate that to an MMO since it would have been extremely difficult to realise, but it would have been good to have seen some kind of meaningful differences in quests and RPG type options and possibly even consequences for certain choices. It's a shame that that the only differences were purely about combat choices and styles.

    The other related thing that I think SWG NGE got wrong was the ability to chose Jedi from start up professions. As Mad-macs says the original concept of force sensitivity was far more appropriate.

    I see no problem re; lightsabers.

    Of course anyone can pick up a lightsaber and use it as a basic weapon, but only someone who is force sensitive can truly use one. Obi-wan says to Luke in a New Hope about the force controlling actions as well as obeying commands with regard to them.