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    As was briefly talked about before, switching factions might be the difficult part in terms of it making sense.
    A limit on the number of times you can switch would be realistic I think. What faction is going to take you seriously if you have joined>left, rejoined>left again...if you asked to rejoin again the chances are they wold tell you to get lost! (or perhaps that problem could be dealt with by increasing the difficulty each time of the *switching missions* for the player, so that the first time it's relatively easy, but if you are on your 5th time the mission would be extremely difficult to complete, and any more than that would be practically impossible).

    I'm sure that during the *legacy* period, levelling a new character, doing the daily *10 terminal missions* is something that nearly everyone it might be nice to tie them in more with the legacy quests, and make them more *faction orientated*.
    It always seemed a bit silly for example when you do a faction terminal mission where you, for example, *scout out a wp location*.... NOTHING happens, its obvious its just a *fake* randomised xp-faction gaining exercise, so why not somehow tie those terminal missions with the factions questline and actually make them proper missions that has a chance of success or failure according to how well you do them,with actual enemies there that have to be either 1)Killed 2)captured 3)avoid detection from etc?
    Perhaps those missions could even affect GCW points?

    In terms of storyline for legacy II, I would certainly like to see it diverge very quickly into very different questlines and locations relative to whatever faction you want to join, very early on.

    I personally have quite a few ideas for a rebel questline that would involve freeing slaves from Ryloth and/or Kashyyk (yes my name is that for a reason), if you are interested I would be quite willing to write some of the dialogue, and research how that might work.