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    i dont like being any of the force sensitive factions because i feel like there is too many limitations in story for them so i like to act as a force sensitive with a saber and a blaster and have the attitude of a smuggler there i can learn from sith and jedi but stay a true to what side i feel is right at the time and some people didnt like that saying i was exploiting the teachings and by having no creed to follow i may aswell be a civilian with a saber but i disagree and just because i dont have a creed doesnt mean i dont fight for what i belive in

    (Anyway its a game so i dont take it too seriously i just like to find a new way to do things i like)

    Tbank you for your opinions i am grateful as a force user im not a jedi or sith i tend to think of myself as a freelance user i work for who i think is right at the time

    As we know force sensitives where hunted to almost extinction as palpatine's galactic empire strategy. I have learned of an ability in the darkside of the force called force concealment, which palpatine used to hide within the republic as the chancelor this is a hard skill to master. This can be used to hide a place or a person so say a cave hidden. I'm not too sure what planet would be more effective but could this be a way to bipas the the relentles killing of force sensitives and hide a sith lord with few students learning until they emerge as grey jedi or somthing and fight back against the empire.

    I have read also about blazing chains a group of force sensitive pirates and smuglers that pretty much live in space, and dont land very often. I belive using this lore you could create the potential younglings sent to space for protection naybe, and all grown up and without masters they turned pirate to survive maybe, leave what you think down below please

    Thank you ~ Nekesti

    im not ask for new race in all honesty just to add a little flavour to the normal races like fo twilek the colourspectrum should IMO be more vivid not so washed out and correct me if im wrong but the zabrak of dathomir could still be surviving

    i played for around 6-7years my stepdad played it since release i only played on playstation before that but now im hooked lol i started playing swg when i was 10-11 years old started on Euro-infinity and did noobish stuff for a week or two for instance i was given 3mil by my step dad and i spent it changing my profession thinking i was buying armor my first char was a wook called cross face due to the fur pattern on his face got bored and made a human named Drowo Crestlighter and made him a spy to level up and then turn jedi i joined a guild by the name of -DoR- (defenders of the old republic) and the server got turned off i chose to go over to farstar where my stepdad went so he can feed me credits in return for kryat dragon pearls and eventually joined a guild by the name of SPQR (Senatus Populus Que Romanus) pvp orientated and heroic heavy i then go my CoH and i then kinda didnt play for the next ten months due to illness and the game turned off

    Lol big load of words choose to read at your own peril

    And this kind of hair would go well in the swg universe ^

    ^ This kind of hair is what i meant above

    ^like this but with colour ranging from reds almost to purple

    This ^ to add a little more flavour to the wook race and maybe some shackle scars from trando slavers

    ^ Ok as I'm not to read up on the twilek race i dont know if these tats/colour cells come natural eith with the dark side of the force or from birth

    And less OTT tatts but you still know the guys is a bad ass

    This is however to just add a little diversity to the game yet i would be just as happy to play the game as it was

    Some options i have talked about above and in this reply can be implemented via entertainer ability (i forgot what it was called but yeah ^~^)

    Thank you for anyone who takes the time to look into this ~ Nekesti

    as im not a developer and i know about as much about code as a politician being honest feel free to just say nope but here goes anyways.

    So there are looking back some pretty wack hair styles and stuffs so i would like to ask if at all posible to add some new hair like "the emo" "the shaved side (uta from tokyo ghoul) and so forth like yeah post your hai bellow :P

    Also tattoos like sleaves half sleave wook fur dye tats the tribals lore friendly sith tatts mor zabrak tats ant twilek sith tats again post your tats below :p

    more skin colours for zabs for that dath zab look

    And last scars for face yeah

    i'll post bellow some examples

    Im not going to pretend i know how easy or hard what im proposing is to implement but here we go anyways.

    So to start this would be either uploading an image via apdata i belive it is or if its to hard to regulate what is uploaded to have a set of ready made flags for instance a mythosaur logo for the mandas a sith symbol a jedi symbol and both faction symbols with added misc symbols found in starwars lore these will be carried on the guild leaders back into battle or to stike a deal for hq minerals for crafting these flags could also have an emote to place the guild flag down for an alloted time

    Sorry for lack of grammar and if any of the typing above is incorrectly spelled i do have dyslexia ~Nekesti

    Hi happy to help anyone with roleplaying both by voice and typing (i hope you know what i mean ^~^). Before servers went down i played a sith lord who lead the military side of a sith empire so now if any roleplayers or people who want to roleplay write it down bellow give us a briefe bio and what you look to do with your character. People who roleplay regularly will see it and recruit you for what they're doing i apologize for my lack of grammar and if any of this is mis-spelled but you catch the drift :stormtrooper:

    Hi i played pswg back in core2 i belive i was Nekesti Xela mostly. Its nice to come back to the community again im a roleplayer mostly but i love pvp too, i do hope i can find some old friends ^~^