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    I played both on PC, 1 was great while my experience with 2 was... an uphill battle with the game itself. My main problem was a bug in the game that rooted my movement EVERY time I got into a fight, forcing me to save and then load the new save. I beat the game with this problem, along with a few minor bugs I can't recall. KOTOR 2's story is the most forgetful for me, I barely remember majority of it, just a few bits here and there.

    The bug where your character wouldn't move? If you enable/disable v-sync it fixes the problem, it's a common bug in KoTOR 1 as well.

    I'm not sure if the bike is even usable right now in terms of being coded to function the way it should. Also, I logged in today to try and replicate the noise, and I got no results after attempting to enter the star port several times on a speeder, or while it was parked at the entrance of the star port. I used the Barc, but I wonder if it's due to other vehicles, or perhaps not at all.

    Hmm.... perhaps at this stage, the sound is nonexistent. I'm not really sure.

    Well now that you mention that, I’m thinking back on times I’ve played on PSWG, I may have encountered the problem you’ve mentioned. It was when I entered the star port that I heard noise similar to what you described. I’ll try to see if I can replicate it after work, I’m not certain if it’s something that can be fixed though, we’ll see.

    Thanks!! I just hope the sound can be removed, it is really irritating. And I find it annoying it got shot down over at Prophecy which I stopped playing now.

    I’ve never heard of that mount giving a high pitched screech, and I had a friend who owned one. Was this back on live that you encountered this?

    Well, I noticed this sound on one of the NGE emulators I played on, Prophecy. I kept suggesting for the sound to be removed on that emulator but they kept shooting my suggestion down.

    Why wouldn’t we? It’s there, no point in not adding it, heck it could be the like the mural and be a low drop for Necrosis, it’ll be another incentive to do runs for the boss.

    Thanks!!! But will the sound still be added to the mount? It is rather annoying where you park the vehicle and head inside, you'll hear a high pitched sound coming from the mount.

    How I got into SWG was actually through my dad. This must have been in 2007-8 where I would see him play SWG every now and then. At some point I asked him if I could play SWG to which he bought me an account and I just started playing my very 1st MMO. The game was simply amazing!!!! Although, I didn't know how to play online games with lvling, questing and such but I did play on Tansarii Point Station quite a bit! Remember when you could advance past lvl 10 on TPS before they changed it. I mostly played on Chilastra (because my dad and one of his friends played on that server), TC Prime and the Test Center (because I had no idea how to properly play). I played as an Entertainer on Chilastra and a Commando on the TC, so much fun!!!!! I forget what houses I had but I do recall a time when the Frog on the TC was, for no explicable reason, moved from Tatooine to a building on Naboo. I recall showing my mom and sister a character I was creating on SWG where I made him fat and just messed with the appearance settings. Sooooo much fun......

    When I heard the game shut down, I played til it shut down, was able to get a combat class on Chilastra from lvl 1-90 in just a few days because of double xp and I managed to do the Fate of the Galaxy quest as well!!! Sadly, I didn't take any screenshots back on Live, only ever remember one character name Freakembreu on TC Prime. SWG will always be the best MMO I've ever played!!!! :)