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    Hehe, I've played both games, so much fun. I forget when I discovered the series for JK and Outcast but I have them downloaded on my-

    Shut up!

    ,,,No. Hehe, that's probably my favorite part in the 2nd re-edited video of Jedi Academy.

    Disappointing and pathetic I know but first off, I was going to take my drivers test last November but I missed one key item and was unable to take it that day, When I rescheduled it for last month after watching the mandatory 1 hour video, I grew too afraid. I found myself unable to do this, thus I cancelled my drivers test last month. That's all.

    Looking forward to the movie, and how it will all play out.

    Who knows may even see the Kessel Run happening in it haha. Solo and the Kessel Run in 14 Parsecs I believe it was?

    In The Force Awakens, Rey does say the Millennium Falcon made the Kessel run in 14 parsecs but Han corrected her with 12 parsecs.

    Hence why I am still here.:boogie:

    I still remember being in a guild on Legends and I witnessed an incident on Discord in which a father was talking about his Autistic son and the leader of the guild said "Son, we don't allow Autisim around these parts" or something along those lines and proceeded to ban the father from the guild. This I took offence to and left the guild. Truly annoying and insulting.

    I'll wait for PSWG. But thank you for the offer, Heat.

    I am of a mind with you. I was with Legends and Vision of Hope but the community was... toxic at best. People insulting those who have disabilities (such as myself) and whatnot. PSWG is vastly superior to those emulators, in my opinion.

    How sad for all this happen. In simple terms, what exactly did the two Core Officers do?

    Back on live, I didn't really do much in terms of end-game content but Star Wars Galaxies was the very first MMO I have ever played. I would mostly play as an Entertainer, dancing in the cantina as a female and I would play a Commando on the Test Center.

    It was beyond devastating when the game shut down but I didn't know what to think of it back then. It was only about a year ago that I began to understand how awesome SWG was. Sure. SWToR was good, at least in the beginning but now, it's just boring. It's open world maps can't compare to that of SWG, especially with the space content which I absolutely loved! This is all I have to say on SWG.

    That is correct, there was a set time before the shut down that they allowed anyone still subbed to continue to play, the rest were locked out. I personally didn't stay until the end, my mentality was I wasn't giving SOE another cent, they'd gotten 6 years of monthly fees out of me, the moment they announced the shut down, I think my wallet breathed easy... Until SWTOR came out with their monthly fees... and then went Free-To-Play...

    Then, ToR got tackled by squirrels and died. The end. :)

    The day SOE announced SWG was going to be shut down was one of the most depressing days in my life. I remember seeing the news but it not quite registering, and at the same time a feeling like a black hole had suddenly swallowed up the world.

    It was utterly depressing to log onto the servers over the next few months, less and less people were playing and in the end I couldn't bear it.

    Particularly In retrospect...we can all see clearly that it made no sense; The fear that it would somehow compete with SWTOR was/is false.

    Agreed. In the beginning, ToR was fun but as soon as they introduced the expansions, it just went downhill. It's limited open world content makes it inferior to SWG, in my opinion. What I loved the most about SWG was the space content without having to take missions.

    I am of a mind with you. The most depressing moment in SWG was when it shut down. It truly was sad. Although, the game was going to shutdown the following year so I guess they decided to pull the plug early.

    I seriously doubt any MMO could ever replace SWG.

    I'd advise using your turn signal every time you make a turn, regardless if there's a stop sign, it informs the person behind you that you are turning, allowing them to prepare to stop for you to make the turn. You should usually turn the signal on before you make it to where your turning, just enough to give people time to react if need be. If you have practiced enough and feel confident with your current skill, you'll be fine just pay attention to your driving instructor, they'll guide you on your test.

    I'll just say this, on my test I drove on the freeway, the minimum speed is 55 I believe, but you should take note in the drivers training manual what speed is accepted on the freeway of where you live, it could vary. Just be prepared that you may have to go on the freeway, it wasn't that bad for me, just keep your speed up, and watch for other cars. Sometimes you may have to look out for other cars that may be trying merge in a lane you may be in, it happens sometimes so just be wary.

    On the test, they want you to use your turn signals and it's something I have been doing for quite a while now. I doubt I'd have to get on a freeway, it's supposed to last 15-20min.

    Sorry to hear that, but I'm sure you'll do fine. It's understandable that your stressing over school, relatives, and the test but just think, you'll be another step closer towards being more independent, and you'll be going places.

    True... I still remember how to back up in a straight line for 15ft, parallel park, left hand and right turns and turning my turn signal when turning on a stop sign. Do you think I'll still be ok when I take my drivers test?

    Well, only 16 days until I take my drivers test. I haven't practicing as much because of college stress and the amount of stress it puts on my grandmas back.