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    I disagree with your appraisal, of course, as would many others.

    It's obvious you are very angry spitting such venom. You didn't like the movie, then that is your opinion, but to infer that anyone who enjoyed it is somehow bereft of having an intelligent and valid response only highlights a conceit and arrogance and tunnel vision on your part. Your idea that it *crapped on fourty years of Star wars tradition* is a pov, one that is not shared by everyone that loves Star wars; the truth is that the Star wars universe is in a state of creative evolution and change (as with all true art) and it does not have to abide by a set of imagined rigid parameters by what has gone before.

    Tbh I think you need to free yourself from all this baggage you are carrying, because it actually reads like you are far more concerned with some kind of paranoiac socio-political rhetoric more than anything else.

    Except the problem is that all the movies prior to TFA were about the Skywalker lineage, and this newest trilogy introduced the new characters too quickly and awkwardly, while simultaneously neglecting the screen time of the original characters. Compound that with the way they are written out of the story, it left many in the audience to no longer care or have any desire to continue following the Star Wars saga. For example, many people have zero interest in the upcoming Solo movie, since we all watched him die in TFA. That was a really stupid move on Disney's part.

    I do believe that it was time for the OT characters to make a graceful exit and the torch be passed to a new generation of characters, but the way Disney went about doing it, it left me disappointed and having no connection or interest with the new characters and the future of Star Wars. If the new characters were introduced more slowly, then perhaps I might be more intrigued, since less would be known about them. For this reason there would exist a natural desire to learn more about them, and that would get me back into a theatre seat. But after what we've seen now, not a chance. This movie disappointed many long time fans, not just a small handful here and there.

    As far as being angry? No, I'm just calling a spade a spade. It's a poorly written and produced movie. There is a glaring contrast between the praise it gets from the so-called professional "critics", who are only giving it positive reviews because they are bought and paid for shills who would find themselves at the unemployment office if they gave it a bad press, and the reactions from fans who were appalled after viewing this cinematic abortion.

    And lastly, if freeing myself from this "baggage" you imagined means embracing the ideologies espoused by the far left, and all the degenerate new age trash peddled by Hollywood, then think again. If you think this is all a bunch of paranoid rhetoric existing only in my head, then my suggestion to you is watch some of the speeches and lectures by University of Toronto Professor Jordan Peterson. This cancerous neo-Marxist agenda that has been spreading for decades unabated in the world of academia has made the logical next step into popular culture, and it's no surprise that one of the most popular movie franchises in history has been affected by it. Of course however, reprobate minded liberals will naturally see nothing wrong with these ideas and their subsequent use in both film and television, as well as art and literature.

    You can keep your "creative evolution", I'm sure you'll have no difficulty finding a place to put it.

    Further discussion would be pointless I feel; It's obvious you feel very angry that the movie did not do what you thought it should do. I think it's a great pity you cannot see it positively. It did the unexpected, but it remains true to Star Wars, and brings it into a whole new place.

    I'm not angry that the movie didn't do what " I " thought it should do. I never went into the theatre assuming that the movie was going to play out according to my assumptions, I simply did not like what I watched and how it turned out. I think you've misconstrued what I wrote. Assuming that I'm mad at the film because it didn't go my way is ridiculous. The movie went the way it went. I didn't like it, period. It is true that the movie did the unexpected as you mention, however it did so by crapping on forty years worth of Star Wars tradition.

    As far as it being a pity that I don't see this movie more positively, I do not share that sentiment. I see it for what it is, an objectively bad film. A film that breaks continuity by dismissing plotlines established by it's predecessor, all too obvious rip offs from the original trilogy (both in TFA and TLJ) and overly politicized with politically correct leftist propaganda.

    TLJ has done poorly in foreign markets, the largest being China (and the Chinese aren't stupid, they know a lousy movie when they see one) and an audience score that has fallen below 50% on rotten tomatoes. And as mentioned in an earlier post, the numerous negative reviews from both male and female youtubers. Pretty hard to ignore the fact that at least half of Star Wars fans dislike this movie. The real pity is that Star Wars has become another tool for marxist social engineering, and that viewers can't or either won't acknowledge that. Too busy enjoying their Hollywood brainwashing, but then again, that's the sad reality of the world we live in, some folks just can't see the forest through the trees.

    I do concur though, that this particular discussion has gone as far as it can. If you or anyone else responds, so be it. I may or may not reply. My final thoughts on this may ruffle a few feathers, but I don't care. Sure, some people like this latest movie, but that just reminds me of something my old man said many, many years ago in regards to people who like something so obviously awful; "Some people would drink piss as long as it came in a bottle". And Star Wars: The Last Jedi, is the cinematic equivalent of a bottle of it.

    Yoda slapping back luke is not the same, as they are both male. Bad example.

    And Finn was indeed being cowardly by attempting to escape in the pod and leaving everyone else to their fate. It wasn't until some coercive taser point persuasion from a female, did he change his mind. And you are wrong about Poe, he is not white.

    And as far as the sexual objectification of Leia in RotJ, don't try to play the reverse psychology bit with that example when there are plenty of young women who do the cosplay thing and deliberately wear the slave girl outfit out of their own free will in public. Not to mention the many other scantily clad costumes from comic book and gaming lore that they willingly wear. And also, what is wrong with a man finding a female character cute or visually appealing? I suppose if it was the opposite and I expressed disgust at the character, you'd likely nitpick about that as well. And what about Kylo's shirtless scene? If you are going to complain about the objectification of women, then you must also protest against the objectification of men, lest ye come off as a hypocrite. See what I did there?

    And when it comes to slavery, yes it is indeed a horrible injustice. However, the depiction of such bondage is necessary in order to add some realism to the story, otherwise the audience will spot the poor writing and give the film a bad press if it's not believable. Think about it, how are you supposed to portray an evil character such as Jabba the Hutt, who just so happens to deal in slavery, without depicting it?

    And lastly, you are incorrect about me cutting and pasting story bits to fit my projections. If you think this gender war exists only in my head as you claim, then you are blatantly wrong. The following video pretty much sums up the way I feel about the latest movie, and I'm not alone. This video has over 3 quarters of a million views with a like to dislike ratio of 10 to 1. There is also a slew of other videos expressing the same opinions and contempt for this SJW dumpster fire of a film.

    All in my head you say? Hardly.

    And I equally don't know exactly what you mean by *slavery*.

    As far as Rey and any other female characters, I have no issues with them being central characters in any role. What I do have a problem with is the deliberate portrayal of male characters being these lower rank, incompetent buffoons who need to be corrected by their wiser female superiors. Poe getting slapped in the face by Leia, belittled by purple haired admiral (forget her name) Finn being portrayed as a spineless, cowardly ex janitor who gets tasered by Rose when trying

    to escape (coward only thinking of himself trying to escape) Kylo, a brat with anger issues, Hux, evil white guy with anger issues (cause all white males are inherently evil) Now compare all those to how the female characters are portrayed, and you'll understand why I don't like it.

    And to further prove my point, rewind back to 1977, to when it was simply just known as "Star Wars". When we were introduced to both Vader and Leia on board the corvette, she immediately begins berating Vader for his actions. Similarly, she does the same when brought before Tarkin. "I recognized your foul stench when I was brought on board"

    Some more of her dialogue from that film; "little short for a stormtrooper?", "will someone get this walking carpet out my way..", "into the garbage chute flyboy!". That doesn't sound like a weak, helpless female character to me.

    Leia always had a feisty, scrappy sort of personality, she certainly was no pushover. This was her personality throughout the entire OT. And male audiences had no problem with that at all. It was never an issue, period. So why 40 years later do male characters in this story deliberately have to be portrayed as they now are? Need more proof? Just look how Luke has been emasculated, reduced to drinking unpasteurized swill from the swollen teet of a beached space cow. Take Finn again for example, compare him to the black OT character Lando. Finn, as mentioned, is a spineless cowardly ex janitor (not sure how the hell he ended up a stormtrooper) which is quite the contrast from Lando Calrissian, a smuggler turned administrator, who became one of the main heroes, piloting the Millennium Falcon and leading the attack on the second death star. Lando also had that swagger, a certain kind of confidence that is clearly absent with Finn. No wonder many in the black male audience are pissed off at this movie.

    And I don't really have an opinion on Ahsoka from the Clone Wars, as I never watched it, maybe a few clips on youtube, but that's about it. Cute character though.

    *edited for typos*

    I realize that this new trilogy is to introduce new characters and wrap up the skywalker saga. I just feel like it's all been done in the wrong way. My opinion of course, but I feel like the new characters were introduced too quickly without bringing proper closure to the stories of the older characters. I didn't like the way Han was killed off in TFA, not arguing the fact he was killed, it just didn't seem like a fitting death for that character. I also felt that Carrie Fisher's character should have been resolved in episode 8, for obvious reasons. That was my initial thought when she was blasted out of the bridge into space, but that floating part back to the door was just ...awkward. Not to mention Poe just opened the door to wide open space to let her in. And Luke's artificial hand, I guess it faded away and became one with the force as well, instead of falling onto the ground like it should have.

    As for the new characters, unlike the OT ones, I have no attachments or feel any sort of connection or fondness to them at all. I didn't think much of them when they were introduced in TFA, and now that TLJ has blatantly portrayed them in accordance with both Disney and Hollywood's cultural Marxist SJW feminist agenda, I have completely lost all interest in them. The main OT characters are gone now, and I have no interest in any of the future movies. Star Wars has been sacrificed on the altar of political correctness. After 40 years of watching every movie in theatres when it was released, I am now done with Star Wars. For me, it's dead.

    Went and saw it last night, was entertained. But I also agree with a lot of the negative reviews it's been getting. Some ESB similarities with the base evacuation at the start and the ground battle near the ending. Troops in trenches with defensive turrets with approaching AT-AT's, and instead of snow, salt. Kinda felt like ESB in reverse. With Leia surviving to the end of the movie, it leaves you wondering how they are going to deal with that issue since Carrie Fisher obviously cannot reprise her role as Leia in episode 9. So much for learning more about Snoke, not to mention Rey's parents. Another thing I don't like about this and the previous TFA, is the overt political correctness being shoved in the audiences face. There are also a lot of other things too numerous to mention that don't sit right. What they did with Mark Hamill's character is just a slap in the face to both him and the fans. The Luke Skywalker in the movie is totally opposite to the Luke we came to know in the OT.

    I grew up with Star Wars as a kid, watched every movie in theatres when it came out going all the way back to the 70's. But it just seems like Star Wars is now dying ever since it's been taken over by a greedy corporate entity. The story of the beloved characters that were a part of my childhood has been squandered and spoiled for the sake of profits. Disney has ruined the Star Wars movies, and EA has ruined Star Wars gaming, much like how this game that we all loved was shut down for a poorly made, unfinished WoW clone with a Star Wars skin.

    RIP Star Wars 1977-2017

    Many thanks. That's very helpful but where I'm at, there's 3 lanes with the left and right used for turning, not sure about the middle. Even after my dad showed me a bit on which lanes to stay in last night, I still don't completely understand it.

    Don't worry about those lanes, just drink enough beer and they will all merge into one single lane. That's what two buddies John Molson and John Labatt said anyway.

    One of my favorite crystals was Kit's Ferocity. Acid elemental. I used it in this vid I made in the final months of the game, when the devs added this and other crystals to the loot tables. Hope to see it and all the other crystals in pswg.

    I remember trying on my imp toon, but I couldn't do it for some reason. I can't remember, been such a long time. I also had a imp toon that was a neutral pilot, ( wanted to fly the Vaksai ) couldn't do it on that character either. Smugglers Alliance was the rebel leaning neutral piloting squadron and Corsec was the imp leaning squadron. Can't remember what the third one was. If I remember right, the 3 imp ones were Storm Squadron, Black Epsilon, and Imperial Inquisition. I think The only way was to make my character neutral, not just neutral in piloting, and I couldn't do that with my imp toons at the time.