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    sry maybe I should have described this a little better. On the pre nge servers a player that has a placed a cantina in a city can drop items like a basket and move it up and on the bar counter in the players cantina. On the nge servers the item when it is moved to try to position it on the bar counter gets a invalid location message. I think there must be some kind of collision in place that prevents any item to be move into this area. The same collision seems to be in affect on the shelves on the wall behind the bar.

    Then it's very possible, the Pre-NGE servers have updated the hitboxes on their servers, so they can do that. Where objects can be placed/moved to in a building is defined by the server itself. (I was talking about the wrong ones in the first place)
    I don't think the "Source NGE" servers have quite figured out how to fix that, yet, since they'd have to dig though SOE's broken code just to find all the 5-10 (new and old) different ways it's defined.

    Would probably be cool to modify that to have broken, crumbling walls to make it look like an old run-down, shuttleport that's fallen under disrepair; then put it out in some of those remote locations, like Mos Taike (non-functional), or replace the working ones in Anchorhead and Wayfar with it - those places seem like their shuttleports might not get enough maintenance.
    Heck, maybe even have a longer Shuttle-timer for some of those locations, while we're at it.

    On a similar note, might also be cool, to have some simple rusty/cracked/charred/Graffiti/weathered textures that we can add to separate .shader files that are used for Player structures/Installations, to make each structure actually look abandoned or run-down, when a player falls behind on maintenance. I figure if Harvesters catch fire and smoke, everything else can have some effect applied to it, when they run out of maintenance.

    what filename ?

    It's two files - comes with a small box for an interior (cell)

    This is what it would look like, when assembled:

    Maybe I'm wrong, and it's actually used in the game, but I swear I've never seen it before...

    I've used the TRE explorer and import the meshes for the cantina into blender 2.79 My goal is to remove the interference that stops an object from being placed on the bar counter top. My first look at the mesh shows that the object bar counter top is joined the object that is above the bar, along with being joined to areas of the floor and some areas ceiling. I might be able to seperate them. If I'm successful how would I submit this for review and testing. Hopefully I would not effect any texture, shaders or collision that is already applied.

    It wouldn't take much, other than someone re-exporting the "hitbox" or boundaries for the interior, with the changes they want....
    I totally know what you're talking about and it's always irritated me, that you couldn't place objects on the bar in the Player Cantinas.
    On that same note, I wouldn't mind seeing additional variations (or at least re-skins) of player City buildings, like Cantinas, Med Centers, City Halls, Shuttle Ports and Cloners. It can be done, and I have Plans of doing some New content like that myself, when PSWG gets to the point of being able to place Player Buildings (if I can manage to get some free time for it, by then).

    I was also hoping maybe re-skin the interiors of different Buildings to at least match the motif of their exterior - Star Ports are the worst, when it comes to this. They all have Unique 3D Object interiors (possibly they intended to make them look unique one day), but they all use the same textures. It wouldn't take much to make new textures for each interior, now that most Graphic cards in modern PCs can easily handle the memory requirements for SWGs textures (and THEN SOME).

    It seemed dumb that Theed was the only unique StarPort.

    P.S. Did you know.... There's a Unused version of the Shuttle Port, in the TRE files (maybe from the Beta version of the game). It's enclosed; probably was supposed to have a forcefield around the Landing pad; and there's a small room that you enter for the Ticket Terminal.

    Something I think that should be looked at, is bringing back the "Optional" looted Armor Components. (Rancor Hide, Nightsister Armor Shards, Ect)

    If you still had any of these components from Pre-CU or CU, their stats were immediately converted to a Health+ stat but could still be crafted into NGE armor cores, and armor.

    I say bring this back, but go one better... instead of Armor Encumbrance with the +/- Health/Stamina/Mind - have +/- Terrain Negotiation, and/or Fire, Disease, Poison Resistance.

    Would at least help make Armor as more than an appearance thing. (Certain armor types could naturally have better Terrain Negotiation, but terrible Disease resistance or Fire resistance, ect...)

    But obviously still keep appearance tab, so people can wear the armor they like, while wearing armor that has the stats that work best with their character build...

    Numbers would be based on how things balance out, and how much of each +/- stat affects gameplay (depends on Devs and Community preference.)

    I'd like to see getting "special" armor for more of a reason than "it looks good".

    so no cu then?

    Not at this time, no.

    CU is being worked on here and there, in the background; but at the moment it's progress depends on the "common" functions and systems that Pre-CU - CU - NGE share between the different versions (Mail, Waypoints, Spawns, containers, buildings, Terrain/world handling, ect...)
    Once things start to break off into the realms of the specific differences of CU/NGE (Skillmods, Skill Training vs. Expertise and all that stuff...) around that time we're likely to see a TC for CU.

    class tutorials..... specifically the trader professions - having something that explains how the crafting system works and how material qualities affect the final item

    Definitely wanted something like this long ago. It's considered content, but that shouldn't be too hard to write up a few quest/dialogue scripts. (I think even some players might have done something like this on live with the Chronicler Quest system.)

    all pocketed clothing and bandoliers count as extra storage

    100% agree. Even if your jacket or cargo pants only counts as 2-5 item storage. (obviously still keeping the restrictions with Wearable Containers on appearance.) It should just be a thing. I've always wanted to keep a spare rocket Launcher in my pants...

    And this would be a good start to having some kind of trade-off for Clothing vs. Armor, again.

    Increasing player Level cap would be interesting (for the sake of the game UI, let's say 99) - maybe allow for new things after level 90, like: Dynamic Quest Levels that work with the dynamic spawns that adjust depending on your level so there's no over-leveling Quests, like a "New Game+" sort of thing...
    Maybe also extra Skill/Expertise points that you could train into a Sub-Class (unlock a 3rd expertise page or something) and Make Master Smuggler/Field Medic or Bounty Hunter/Heavy-Weapon Commando, even Master Smuggler/Officer, possibilities again.

    I like the idea of having some small restrictions with junk dealers, and maybe open up other loots to be sell-able. Like maybe only certain types of Junk dealers buying Junk Loot Weapons/Armor, or space loot (and maybe not having them just standing around at the Bazaar; that always seemed a little too convenient)

    So maybe like how there were different "Trainers" have different Junk Dealers that deal in different "junk" goods (possibly someday tie-in some kind of smuggling quests later on)

    Possibly even have certain "dealers" speak to you after certain quests, or depending on your Profession or Faction Standing, maybe even have certain price bonuses (or rip-offs) depending on certain criteria (faction standing / time of day / supply & demand).
    Maybe even have a scenario of bad faction standing, but dealer is willing to buy your illegal goods, for a bad price (nobody else will buy it) and still rats you out to Imperial Agents...

    I guess, even after all that I would still leave the "Smuggler Junk Dealer" and the Player City "Junk Dealer Terminals" as they are. Any general Junk Dealers around an NPC City, should be minimal (keep them as a garbage dump for the junk loot that clogs your inventory. Armor/Weapon loot restrict to certain dealers, but have one in each town somewhere?)

    Again, these are just suggestions. We could try any of these, in any combination or whatever for a bit; and if it turns out awful, we can always go back.

    Hey nobody's perfect, man. I've been oblivious to many things sitting right in front of me. You do feel embarrassed by how obvious it seems after you get hit with that feeling of hindsight - but it happens to more of us than you think.

    This is a great idea.

    I would have liked to vote for crafting but yeah I can imagine that would take way longer than a month.

    I voted based on what I thought would help quickly establish crafting, once it becomes active;
    - Bazaar[to sell stuff],
    - Housing [to display/put stuff in] (also harvesters/factories wouldn't be far off from this),
    - then Armor (because munitions/armor crafting is awesome)

    - Vehicles were a close second for me.

    Please make it Bothawui, homeworld to the Bothan species :)

    That would be up to the community/developers and/or whoever does the initial world development.
    I'm just talking about the building/structure theme for the planet, whatever it may be; if it ever comes into development.

    It drives me absolutely batty when I see buildings from every other planet, on "New" planets. We've had the ability to reskin pre-existing models in SWG since the game was live; and for the last couple years had the ability to create new static models (like buildings).

    Nobody wanted to make the extra effort to reskin or remodel a new set of planet - specific buildings and walls?

    If we announce a new planet for PSWG....

    Heck I'd go as far as to even make a new line of City and civilian buildings. Generic/Corellian/Naboo/Tatooine is not enough.

    Communication between any applications we make can be secured to whatever level we deem necessary, if that's what you mean.

    I care primarily that it works, is intuitive and can be expanded upon, which is partially why the design isn't super complicated either. The images are there to give that Star Wars Galaxies vibe, which would otherwise be lacking. The idea is that new functionality can be added with ease due to the navigation on the left, instead of trying to fit it all into a single space.

    I misunderstood - I thought you were talking about an in-browser Launcher. I just naturally assume anything on a browser is not as secure as an application - but I haven't kept up with web security/HTTPS/Certificates at all...

    I've had the idea of a holocore server browser on my mind for some time.

    That IS pretty sweet looking, and it probably has some other applications that could be integrated with it, but is it secure enough?

    Here's the whole playlist in this series... very funny stuff, if you've played JKO/JKA:

    These were the best, they go back to 2005/2006; Before YouTube took off. Originally you could only watch them via download from (now dead) . Really made me want to get into machinima Video work.

    Alas, not much time for that these days.

    And if you have time, these are hilarious:

    They've just finished Episode 6, BTW - watch all of them if you haven't before...

    So I've been thinking about how Grenadier Commando kinda needed an overhaul to be more effective.

    I was thinking, instead of fixing the expertise maybe lower expertese requirements and lower the damage to a base ammount for each ability, and then have a new kind of equipable "grenade mod" (Kinda like with Borderlands) that increases damage, determines elements, status effects, (maybe have a mod that has armor shredder built-in) and have it work along side the Grenadier Jewelry Set.

    Maybe even do something similar with each profession's grenade/AOE traps to have different effects/debuffs, to make each battle unique in both PvP and PvE.

    Just a random thought.

    Most TCG stuff, I think should be in RLS.

    Vet rewards, should be collections - either repeatable, consumable collection items like the crystal collections - for those vet rewards you could get multiples of (YT-1300 modular seating, holonet consoles) or a one-time collection for like Harvester Power deeds and 30k Resource deeds. (Or maybe restrict the one - per account things to the actual vet reward system)

    The Combat Upgrade actually had all the expansions live, to my knowledge.

    I agree with the statement of NGE being improved upon by adding older systems, such as Beast Mastery (reintroduction of Bio-Engineer) and campsites.

    I must be thinking of Pre-CU, Rage of the Wookies beta, then.

    I checked the publish notes and the release date of Trails of Obi Wan - November 1st 2005:
    NGE didn't drop until November 15th...
    ...ouch. It just all hit me again.