Posts by LtBeefy appears to either moved or removed. If one clicks on Levarris's posted URL, one get a 404 Error

    If one types the URL, minus the forum/index portion of the URL, one gets redirected to a picture of Donald Trump, and then forums page. This looks like it is a reconstruction project (like reborn and legends), and unlike the DarkLight project which was based on SWGEmu.

    I think I will remove the StellaBellum URL from my bookmarks.

    Yea, I just assumed Darklight changed their name to StellaBellum. I know people from Legends hate StellaBellum since they say it is run by the people they kicked out.

    So much drama.

    Why I love PSWG, our devs are great!

    So recently started playing on legends. Fun playing SWG again, but playing there makes me look forward to PSWG even more and a stable game (Also a closer community).

    Keep up the great work Devs!

    Also, if play on Legends my names are AccameI, Accame, MisterT and -Bruno-

    Theoretically they are... but that hasn't added up to anything so far. Also, in theory, all SWG emulators or source code based servers are liable, but operate in a sort of grey zone. Either Disney/EA are unaware or just don't care so far. This could change at any moment, but it seems that PSWG is safe/safer than most projects. The only thing I can see changing this is if any of these SWG projects get super popular to the point that EA hears about them and starts complaining to Disney about "lost revenue", then I could see them making changes. But that would be a stupid move and very-anti fan base, which Disney (or at least Lucasfilm) tries not to be with Star Wars fans.

    Sure EA or Disney know that there are Emulators going. Be more surprised if they didn't know about them. It's probably that they just don't really care which is good thing.

    Anyway thanks for all the replies, good 2 know the difference.

    And I assume for that they are more liable for potential law suites and getting shut down.

    Ok many thanks for that. Also explains a lot about their current status.

    SO what is the difference between these 2? I really have no idea in the difference besides it seems like SWGLegends is farther along in development.
    Really want to know. If someone could explain it to me I'd be thankful.

    I don't think it would be bad if instead of Customers putting up Orders for items. If it was instead traders/crafters who put up information on what they can offer to the players.

    This way it would be easier for people to find a crafter/trader that they need to get the items they want if they can't find it on the bazaar.

    Customer A, "Man I can't find Weapon XX with Stats YY and augs ZZ on the bazaar. I should head to the service terminal to find a crafter who has the skills to achieve it."

    Customer A looking at service terminal, "Man this service terminal has so many crafters on here. Let me narrow it down by Crafting Profession and specialties. Now I have just the high-end weapon crafters on the server. Which one should I choose? This guy looks good, I should contact him about making my Weapon XX."

    Trader B "Ah Customer A you want Weapon XX with Stats YY and augs ZZ? Sure I can craft that for you. That will be XX credits. Is that fine?"

    Customer A "Yea, that's fine go ahead and make it."

    Trader B "Your weapon is done"

    Customer A "Thanks Trader B! It's perfect."

    The end.

    It was something that probably didn't get much use, so using it with something like this would make it have a bit more of a purpose.

    Depending on who you are, the offer on player's vendors got used a lot.

    I had items offered daily to my vendors as I had either had people dropping off supplies that I had ordered or I had people dropping off supplies for items that they have ordered. Allowed Traders to get items they needed without being on the same time as their supplier.

    Eh, not to interested in this myself. I admit I'd prefer just getting an email from a customer for an order instead of me having to go out and look.

    Furthermore, this wouldn't be to helpful for weapons.


    Customer A puts up a 2m order for XX weapon with YY stats and ZZ Aug and enhancements.
    Trade B accepts to take fulfill this order. So Trader B starts to craft the weapons cores with the needed materials. However due to the nature of core crafting he ends up using 3m in resources in order to craft a weapon core that can get the weapon with XX stats.
    Now Trader B has a weapon that used 3m in resources, but Customer A order is only 2m. Thus Trader B loses out on the deal if he decided to offer it up to Customer A.

    Trader B must decided whether to take a 1m loss and give it to customer A, or try and sell it on their own vendor in the hopes of at least breaking even.

    For those who said Trader B should have stopped after he reached the 2m in resources cost, well then he is still 2m in debt without a good weapon to offer to recoup his loses. So its a loss if he does.

    Essentially, what I am saying. Now if the customer A had emailed Trader B, Trader B could of explained things about the risk of Weapons crafting and inform them that the price could change depending on how it worked out. Thus ensuring Trader B could at least have a guarantee of breaking even on the Weapons crafting.

    Besides having a lack of decorating skills, my house never really had room for doing anything fancy. Yes, that's with every single possible house storage add on I could get including the TCG ones.

    Reason why is in the picture below

    All they contain is resources for crafting and crafting components. That area of the house probably took up about 95% of the storage.
    Yes, I also did use a storage vendor for things, but can't do it really for resources when you are using everything.

    I don't mind at all and anyone can use them if they have a need for them. I made them towards the end of SWG as a crib sheet for my use as a Bio-Engineer/Beast Master. I want Project SWG to prosper and I cannot hardly wait to start work on my Lab once again.


    Same here can't wait to start up my BM lab again too. That along with crafting and creating a trade empire in order to fund my mad BM experiments.
    Goal is to finally create a spined rancor which I never managed to do previously even with 2 years of constant attempts. I mean I could of created 1 if I did experiments at the end of days where they essentially made it a 100% mutation chance but I stopped playing at that time pretty much,

    Wasn't sure where to post this so I did it here.

    Are all the posts from the old forums lost or did anyone save them? Reason I am asking is because the forums had a lot of professions guides and other swg related guides that would be nice to have here on the new forums again.

    Trying to hunt some down for myself but so far haven't had to much luck.

    These pictures are for charts of hydro tables that can be used for the creation of 1 or 2 appearance mutations. Meaning they are 48pt and 36pt tables.

    These Tables where made by Ratero and many thanks Ratero for making them.