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    I would recommend just downloading the holocore files and opening them in eclipse. Once you have a look at some of the work that has been done it will give you a better feel of how things are wrote here.

    Is there a list we can access anywhere that list any current working in game commands such as teleporting to other planets or giving credits etc...?

    For a complete beginner another good place to start is udemy. there are some free courses on there such as
    I have been going through the courses myself but not at the point I feel comfortable working with the server code. I do have a test server up but I'm still in the process of learning to make additions to it. I do have a few friends that are also learning to try to contribute so hopefully we can help at some point.

    Are there any plans to try to replace some of the guides and other informational threads from the old forums. It was nice to have a place to refer back to for information, and it gave new people a great place to start. Maybe I'm missing something but there seems to be a real lack of helpful content available to people who might want to begin to learn and help. Still feel like this project is the best chance for a smooth/stable server to play on.