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    I think right now Constrictor is only access by invite. I think you have to private message one of the devs (Undercova or Obique), so they can add you to the player database for that server.

    ProjectSWG's Holocore main server adds the player ID automatically just by sign up an account in the forums.

    Found three bugs that should probably be looked into.

    1. NPC levels in Mos Eisley - Currently there level range seems to be between 15 and 20. I think the starting range should be lowered to between 1 and 20.

    2. Disappearing XP Bar - The yellow xp bar seems to be disappearing after the first load in. Basically logging out and logging back in is cause the XP bar to disappear.

    3. For some reason Elmirea (my testing character) is not able to load into game or be deleted. You might want to look into why that is.

    Ok, I think I got a handle on this bug.

    The issue is in live.cfg

    The line that says "searchTree_00_4=patch_60_client.tre"

    Since "patch_60_client.tre" is missing from the ProjectSWG folder. "searchTree_00_4" is looking for a file that doesn't exist.

    I think the line should be saying "searchTree_00_4=patch_61_client.tre". But you should check it to be sure.

    Ran into some client crashes. I was in combat inside the Shin's Guard base @ 3404. 5. -5448. The crash caused me to LD mid fight, when I went back there on another toon, my body (Elmirea) was on the floor. When I selected to revive Elmirea back at Mos Eisley, A second crash happen.

    Also ran into a container error in that same base when selecting the Datapad at 3412, -5, -5469 and when looting one of the guards in the base. This was on the second toon I created to look into the crash. The error came up as (An unknown error has occurred during a container transfer).

    I have a feeling these two issues are related due to there proximity to each other. The first crash happen within 5 meter of the Datapad and the guard that had the container error.





    Arkanjel1, send a private message to Ziggy. He has to manually setup your account for the CU Server.

    This is based off the following qoute.

    Right now there is no way to create an account without having me create it manually for you. We're currently figuring out the ideal way to solve this. We'll likely have separate users, meaning you would have to create a new account instead of using your ProjectSWG one for login. This remains undecided.


    I'm not 100% sure what fixed it for me. But it is possible that it might have been old installations of pswg or swg that are not up to date causing that issue.

    If you run windows 10, two place to check is "user/"you name"/Appdata/local or Roaming"

    Also delete any previous verison of swg or pswg in your program files (x86).

    Current version is 1.1.4, All files in your pswg file should be up to date, if not delete them and re-update them.

    Also you may need to delete your toon to see the effect.

    Ok, I think I got it fixed on my end. Not sure if is was the last patch or the deleting of my original SWG files or some old pswg from a previous install back from 2016. But I just level 2 toons passed the point I was getting stuck on because of the bug. Without any issues.

    Try letting it sit for about 2 minutes after you log back in, then check to see if you have a stable ping.

    It could be the buildings in Mos Eisley loading in. It will start off that way, then after about a minute, then you will start to see a high ping, and it will lower till you get to normal. If it is not stable after about 5 minutes, then there is a problem.