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    or that you guys follow the news... But PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do not make the mistake of Legends, Reborn, Stella, or any others. Stay true to your community and we will support you guys to the end of the days. Many of us are waiting for Project SWG and love how devoted and trustworthy you guys are...

    That the end of my fan boy shout out haha. <3

    Been looking and maybe I just can't find it, but is there a command to boost to 90?

    Was going to play with a friend and duel/ kill some higher level monsters (need to equip the weapons/ armor).

    Thanks in advanced!! :duel:

    You could easily make mini quest lines for some items as well. Just trying to think of "new" content that in the end would not break the original game.

    I.E. To get the Hanger house, which is a massive deal, you'd have to complete a side quest or two that involves using your ship to kill X powerful npc and his wingmen. Then completing the quest allow you to get the reward.

    Another example would be

    Decoration type items would involve a community event or scavenger hunt for tokens. Essentially having people work with or against each-other to obtain as many tokens as possible before the event ends. This would add some variety to the grind fest we all detest without ruining the original game.

    These things in essence would not be hard to add as you would just make a generic NPC and give him quest dialog or adding tokens with simple art or colors/ name and description with a vendor for turning them in.

    That way not all the items would just be RNG drop chance but actually now forcing players to put forth some effort for the items they want.

    Just my thoughts :)

    Just a thought but it would be cool if someone/ anyone could get an "official" PSWG TS up and running. Would be fun to talk with fellow players and when the devs need it be able to have some of us help them test something on the spot... ie Mass pvp, invasions, or restuss etc.

    Hey just leaving this here to be updated to a proper recruitment post later but MPI (from Flurry) will be participating when this game goes live! ;)
    We are all looking forward to it and following the development closely as well as LOVING what we are seeing. :D

    If you wish to come hang out with us in TS or are from SWG MPI or a Flurry guild who remembers us and you are looking for a home when the game goes live shoot me a message on here or leave a comment below. I usually check this site at least once a day.

    (We currently are playing Archeage until this goes live since it is the closest thing we could find to SWG).

    -SeekyTheFox AKA Rucifel

    I was talking with my Girlfriend this morning and I had a huge thought about the game and drops.

    I remember while leveling through legacy quest (which I did a lot lol) with a group of friends we always got stuck on the quests with loot drops required to move on. I.E. The quest from watto asking to get money from people who owe him. Those quests, especially in a group of 3+ could take upwards of 30mins due to low spawn rates, low RNG on quest item, and no shared quest item drop.

    Our idea is allowing groups to quest and share the loot for the quest dropped items, if it is not already in the game.


    Here are a bunch of videos and screens (uploading as I render more and find old stuff on my old dusty in the closet harddrives).

    Dragostea Din Tei in SWG

    A music video in SWG

    SWG MPI vs FOW
    Top tier Imp and Reb players on the server Flurry battle 4v4 in Bunker Assault

    Good Times in SWG
    A nostalgic and funny trip in SWG

    The Battle for Bestine
    A more "cinematic" look at invasions

    EPIC FIGHT! lawl
    A tournament fight between 2 MPI

    MPI EK Run
    The Exar Kun Instance

    Exar Kun Instance Guide
    MPI's Guide to Exar Kun

    MPI IG-88 Run
    The IG-88 Instance

    MPI NS Run
    The Night sister Instance

    Restuss Battle 6-11-11
    A large pvp battle

    A Dedication to SWG
    A long look at the road SWG took random videos/ screens

    More to come! :dancing_wookiee::ewok_jump:

    Hi everyone!

    Quick question, and I am sorry if it had been answered I could not find it, will there be game updates once the game is fully reconstructed?

    I mean will there be things like new expansions, new content, ships, weapons, armor, pets, etc?
    Nothing game breaking like what happened to the EMU, but I am interested because that would be amazing.

    An example would be how there was a plan for invasions to also happen in space, they just never got around to it do to the game getting shut down.

    Thanks in advanced and keep up the work! My guild is really excited to get back in game once finished.