[Development] Looking for Content Contributors

Content contributors do not need to have coding skills at all

What is your job ?

- NPC placement

- NPE equipment/stats

- loot tables

- lair tables

- patrol routes

- building placements (like tents and single houses/settlements) and populate them

- implementing new content

- improving old & new content

What do you get ?

- forum title/group

- access to the spawn tables

- access to the NPC tables

- actively support the development of our code/server

- be the creator of some nice spots and scenes in the ingame world

- access to our hipchat development channel

What are the requirements ?

- access to Test Center

- dedication

- creativity

- bitbucket account

- if possible a local server installed so you can work on it much easier and test your changes before creating a Pull Request in our repository

What to do next ?

Send a PM (conversation) to Obique or Undercova if you are interested in joining the development

Also we would like to thank you ALL for your continuous support of the project/team and with posts and/or donations !

May the force be with you !

Project SWG Team