Patch Notes - 18th August 2019


  • Fixed player location within buildout buildings on server restart
  • Fixed sitting in chair roots player


  • Fixed buffs expiring immediately

Combat / Commands

  • Merged combat intents into a single kotlin file
  • Fixed combat not starting


  • Fixed item preview loading in static item window
  • Fixed numerous string errors in StaticItemService
  • Fixed static item damage type
  • Updated item database


  • Added rare loot exception to NPCs over level 90
  • Fixed exception when no loot is defined for a particular creature difficulty
  • Loot message now specifies which corpse the item was looted from
  • Made rare loot rare again
  • Restructured loot generation and added a StaticItemCreator to streamline creating static items


  • Added connection stopped reason to player disconnect output
  • Added jlink build to pipelines (bitbucket)
  • Changed pipeline to build using the branch name as the tag
  • Converted databases to null-safe delegates and converted LootGenerationService to kotlin
  • Converted DataLoader to singleton object with delegates
  • Fixed compile errors with dataloader changes
  • Fixed exception on terminate in ServerHealthService when the performance log is disabled
  • Fixed plugin versions and gradlew execute
  • Fixed table ID output
  • Fixed startup issue with StaticPvpZoneLoader and changed the network code to use built-in Java classes for async i/o
  • Fixed variable name for docker hub tag
  • Frog now has Heroism set
  • Made network code more stable
  • Moved loot intents into Kotlin file and rewrote the TCP server
  • Suppressed all IOExceptions on read failure
  • Updated jlink plugin version


  • Fixed NPC TURNing
  • Updated droid, humanoid and creature NPC database


  • Updated patrol routes for all planets/dungeons


  • Fixed exception when toggling god mode and selecting a non-patrol route spawner
  • Updated all planetary and dungeon spawners

Last commit: 0d077d8