Patch Notes - 27th September 2019


  • Degrees != Radians
  • Fixed dueling
  • Updated versions for sqlite and mongodb
  • Updated kotlin versions in build.gradle
  • Updated gradle wrapper
  • Updated plugin versions


  • Added AI rotation to face target
  • Added NPC vs. NPC combat
  • Added small variation in combat loops
  • Added Light (rebel) and Dark (imperial) Jedi to NPC database for GCW combat
  • Added Light and Dark Jedi to POI Jedi Temple Ruins (Dantooine) for faction combat testing
  • Fixed NPCs not attacking nearby NPCs when in loiter mode
  • Added fast travel to Character Farm Test area to frog
  • Added Character Farm spawns
  • Added patrol routes for Character Farm area
  • Improved NPC combat navigation
  • Ensured NPCs will attack even if the enemy becomes attackable after being aware


  • Added group combat for patrols
  • Added patrol route formations
  • Fixed parsing issue with patrol formations
  • Fixed patrol not fighting together when attacking a player


  • Added 15s respawn timer for NPC v NPC combat
  • Changed non-patrol spawns to begin respawning immediately after death, rather than waiting for the whole group to die
  • Fixed the mass multiplication of NPCs
  • Fixed loiter spawning location
  • Fixed loiter movement over time
  • Fixed spawning count for NPCs after death

Last commit: 6f1a814