Patch Notes - 14th October 2019


  • Armor protection works now - still needs to be cleaned up
  • Changed armor protection to int value 1500-6000
  • Converted ProtectionService to kotlin
  • Fixed armor mitigation calculation
  • Streamlined protection service


  • Added dodge into combat calculation
  • Added flytext when dodging an attack
  • Dodging and base combat stats
  • More flytext added


  • Added converter for Terrain (incomplete)
  • Added proper support for SWGMap#putAll()
  • Added RGB color table
  • Added example information for elevators into database
  • Deactivated Bestine GCW invasion
  • Fixed import in test after SkillModService was moved
  • Fixed expertise points not being granted correctly when having an uneven CL
  • Fixed system chat room spam
  • Server log available in-game as a chat room for admins


  • Added a test area for NPCs in terrain "Character Farm"


  • Fixed patrol heading

Profession - Commando

  • Devastation combat roll
  • Innate Devastation Chance

Profession - Entertainer

  • Fixed improperly displayed dance animations


  • Added toString() in RawResource and converted GalacticResourceSpawner to kotlin
  • Converted GalacticResourceSpawner to kotlin and fixed resource spawn count


  • Removed clone droids in cloners
  • Updated multiple spawners throughout the galaxy


  • Equipment statmods now grant skillmods
  • Fixed randomness in skillmod updates
  • Stat mods now also add relevant skill mods

Last commit: 267767d

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    • Know what I'm doing when I get home from work. hehe

      • with 50x XP bonus ... very good to level up fast and test things ... try the new armor values on robes :)

        i will add / change some existing robes on CBT so at least one kind of robe for every CL range is available.