More Time For Progress

Greetings to the Project SWG community.

The ongoing concerns of COVID-19 has effected everyone in some way. While some take extra precautions to combat the virus in work environments, it has unfortunately lead to many business closing their doors, leaving many without work. This problematic turn of events has caused many problems for everyone, resulting in many people residing at home.

Despite all this, the Project SWG team has found a positive outlook on how to pass the time, by making more progress of course! We've had a rough start this year, but we now have the time and commitment to coding more of the server.

Lets do our best to make the most of the time we have. Stay safe everyone, we will get through this together!

    About the Author

    I'm a diehard Bounty Hunter, and also a 6 year veteran. I originally started in July 2005, on Wanderhome for almost 2 years, and eventually landed on Sunrunner when the Complete Online Adventure pack was released. I played up until June 28, 2011 which would be the last time I logged out on Live.

    If in any case you need to directly contact me, please email, and I will respond as soon as I can.

    Tosteto Community Relations