Patch Notes - 16th April 2020


  • Reduced the trigger radius for Fort Tusken exploration badge


  • Ability-specific modifiers now increase damage done
  • Added parry roll to combat engine #67
  • Buffs are no longer displayed as attacks in the combat log #201
  • Chance of rolling devastation, parry and dodge is no longer rounded down
  • Fixed combat exploit where modifying health or action during combat would replenish the pools to 100%
  • Fixed issue where you could buff invulnerable NPCs and your buff would vanish if targeting something that is not a CreatureObject #176
  • Heals are no longer displayed as attacks in the combat log #201
  • Proper coloring in the combat log instead of always yellow (miss)


  • Attributes from leveling up are now granted as base instead of enhance #195
  • Fixed issue where buff value was displayed as 1.#R points #177
  • Fixed issue where spent expertise points weren't displayed to the player #200

Character Builder Terminal (blue frog)

  • Added dodge and parry powerups
  • Added frog to AI test area
  • All jewelry sets added (only a few sets give some working bonus atm)
  • More ranged weapons added
  • Ranged weapons split into sub categories
  • Updated travel location for AI test area


  • Fixes issue where the GCW window causes client crashes
  • Functional GCW regions #29
  • GCW ranks influence amount of points generated and increased base amount of points per tick 200%
  • GCW region loader supports finding the region a player is in #29
  • GCW regions determine a player inactive if player is inside a private building
  • GCW regional presence awards and deducts percentage #29
  • Loading of GCW region locations #29
  • Split CivilWarService into CivilWarPointService, CivilWarPvpService and CivilWarRankService #29


  • Added melee and lightsaber methods to WeaponType #189
  • CR-1 Blast Cannon is now a heavy weapon
  • Exotic mods from equipment are granted to the player when equipped
  • Fixed armor dupe at server reboot #192
  • Fixed issue where static items were created with the wrong colors
  • Fixed issue where you can only equip one ring
  • Fixed weird behavior with set bonus items when having items from different sets equipped at the same time
  • Moved crystals to their own item database sdb
  • Set bonus attributes are applied to relevant static items #166
  • Updated all items databases


  • Added colors for system messages in admin log
  • Added folder structure and sdbs for CU and NGE serverdata
  • Added mariadb compatibility for user database
  • Changed gradle to kotlin DSL and updated gradle wrapper to 6.0
  • Converted ChatRoomLogWrapper to Kotlin
  • Created reducer that determines closest location #150
  • Ensured proper ordering of log messages
  • Fixed awareness issue where destroying a top-level object caused it to not be created again (along with a unit test to verify fix)
  • Fixed bad mongo collection name
  • Fixed potential concurrent modifications in LoginService
  • GuildObject is created and players are made aware #29
  • Reduced the trigger radius for Fort Tusken exploration badge
  • Updated Java version to 13
  • Updated submodule pointers and submodule URLs to github


  • Added new Ewok villager NPC
  • Added weapon type to NPC weapon database
  • Created database for min and max level for each terrain
  • Creatures that aren't controlled by a player now receive protection from armor #192
  • Fixed issue where aggressive NPCs teleport away from players instead of attacking them #60
  • Fixed issue where loitering NPCs inside buildings would teleport to 0 0 0 in the world as soon as they move #139
  • Fixed Corsec and Flails being enemies in faction database
  • GameObjectType based WeaponType determination is now only run for NPC weapons #191
  • Updated NPC weapon database
  • Updated NPC combat profiles
  • Updated creature NPC database
  • Updated droid NPC database
  • Updated humanoid NPC database
  • Updated vehicle NPC database


  • Added multiple patrol NPCs and routes in Mos Eisley
  • Fixed missing cells in multiple Dathomir patrol routes
  • Updated patrol routes for Character Farm area

Profession - Jedi

  • Jedi saber block chance increases parry chance

Profession - Medic

  • Added effects for medic Bacta Bomb and Bacta Grenade
  • Fixed being able to buff enemies
  • Medic heals can freeshot
  • Prevent players from buffing NPCs #176


  • Activated and deactivated some GCW spawns across galaxy
  • Added mini invasion "Jawa vs. Tusken" West of Mos Eisley
  • Added some NPCs and patrol routes to Mos Eisley starport
  • Added some NPCs to Dathomir POI Imperial Prison
  • Added police as social group and faction
  • Added police NPCs for factional presence in every town on Corellia, Naboo and Tatooine
  • Added datatable for no build / no spawn zones
  • Created data loader for no spawn/build zones #150
  • Created data loader for dynamic spawns #150
  • Created data loader for terrain levels #150
  • Created dynamic spawns database with a few test entries
  • Spawn eggs for dynamic spawns #gh-150
  • Updated Corellia spawners
  • Updated Dantooine spawners
  • Updated Dathomir spawners
  • Updated Endor spawners
  • Updated Lok spawners
  • Updated Mustafar spawners
  • Updated Naboo spawners
  • Updated Rori spawners
  • Updated Talus spawners
  • Updated Tatooine spawners
  • Updated Yavin 4 spawners
  • Updated GCW spawners
  • Updated NPE dungeon spawners
  • Updated NPE station spawners
  • Updated GCW spawners
  • Updated factional presence on Corellia for Imperials
  • Updated factional presence on Corellia for Neutrals
  • Updated factional presence on Corellia for Rebels
  • Updated factional presence on Naboo for Imperials
  • Updated factional presence on Naboo for Neutrals
  • Updated factional presence on Naboo for Rebels
  • Updated factional presence on Tatooine for Imperials
  • Updated factional presence on Tatooine for Neutrals
  • Updated factional presence on Tatooine for Rebels
  • Updated spawns for Character Farm area


  • Fixed issue with mount/dismount and storing

Last release: QA Release #3

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