Patch Notes - 2nd May 2020


  • Added new command/feature [/createSpawningElement type comment] that will create a spawner (AREA / PATROL / WAYPOINT) at the characters location (non-persistent!)
  • Following information will be stored in a log file (/log/spawners.txt): location.terrain, building, type, cell, location.x, location.y, location.z, soeYaw, comment
  • Logfile content can be easily used for spawner sdb files
  • cSE created spawners will vanish with server reboot
  • cSE log will be cleared with server reboot


  • Updated readme with JDK 9 => 13 and MongoDB instructions
  • Updated kotlin version and pswgcommon submodule pointer


  • Added some Tatooine patrol routes
  • Fixed some Tatooine patrol routes


  • Added NPCs to Character farm to test and show all different moods they can have
  • Added NPCs to Anchorhead
  • Added NPCs to Bestine
  • Added NPCs to Jabbas Palace
  • Added NPCs to Mos Eisley
  • Added NPCs to Mos Entha
  • Added NPCs to Mos Espa
  • Added NPCs to Mos Taike
  • Added NPCs to Wayfar
  • Added NPCs to Coronet

Last release: QA Release #4

    Comments 2

    • Awesome!

    • This patch (the admin feature) is very helpful for those who want to contribute content code like NPC spawners