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  • Help me out here please. I've reviewed the updated launcher installation and to my knowledge have done everything correctly. Ran as admin, settings for projectswg folder, setup pointing to (x386)\SWG. yet when it completes the download of resources and I click on setup the launcher says failed to update resources. what am I missing here?

  • hey I was wanting to know, do yall have the clone wars armour known as katarna

  • hey man

    i downloaded the launcher and added the path of the swg but it is not continu.. to 2

  • how do I download the game?

  • i click on settings on the launcher when setting up the game and when i go to click on the original SWG folder. it says its not found. what do i need to do?
    please help

  • Please keep up the fantastic work :)

  • I cant find the link to download the game

  • hay u there

  • I can't post anywhere else it seems since I can't complete the activation process as I'm not receiving the email with the 9 digit code. Tried multiple times to resend it, but get nothing in my email inbox.

    • all sorted out now:-)