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  • Hey. Does anyone play on Project SWG nowadays? If so, where is the community hanging out?

  • Hi i was wondering if you could help me

  • Good day.

  • The auto-login feature on the launcher is working great. No issues so far.

    • That's great to hear! I hope it continues to work great for you.

  • Any way to play the game without the original files?

    Thanks in advance, Lightfall.

    • Unfortunately not, you will need to acquire a game copy in some way. The most legal way is to purchase it online from a seller (ebay or any other site). As long as you have the game files the launcher will automatically patch to get it up to date.

    • Ugh, great, have to buy something I don't have money for...

  • the only thing i can do is explore because i'm kind off a noob right now

  • How many servers are active?

  • I got an issue, I signed up and then forgot the password, I guess. I then tried to reset password, but the E-Mail hasn't been sent. Help?

  • Hey bb

  • Where is my game, you promised me a game?

    • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

    • I'm just here for the food

    • bum

    • In the fullness of time, my friend.