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  • Happy Birthday!

  • Happy Birthday!

  • Working my way back into a more prevalent presence in the gaming communities I belong to. Real life tends to have that effect on people.

  • Dormant but haven't left. I hope to contribute to the PSWG community in the near future.

  • Thanks again for having me on the podcast. I posted on on my Social Media outlets about it and pinned it to my SWG playlist on youtube. I also uploaded it to - let me know if you want it taken down.

  • Just did a guest spot on the podcast with Tosteto & Dakk. ...had a blast... :D

  • I'm still here - back from a vacation and then getting inundated at work. I seriously look forward to logging in again and hope to see many of you in-game. :D

  • I had such a fun time on Kashyyyk with those who were there. The Live Stream tanked and I blame antiquated equipment. That's too bad because we all made the best of it. :D

    Screenshots here: Fun on Kashyyyk

  • Live Streaming premium Kashyyyk vacation destinations tonight at 7 PM EST: