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  • i dled the file for launcher ex, and its not working getting errors, can i just get the port and host addy and ill launch it that way please, thanks

    • The launcher works as a proxy, making your game talk to it and then the proxy talks to the game server. Unfortunately there's no way around it. I advise posting a thread in the support forums with your issue(s).

  • Do you guys still have a chatroom IRC? or anywhere? would love to talk to old friends.

  • i used the frog to teleport to yarvin 4 and my game crashed now when i try to log that toon in my game crashes any idea how to fix?

    • You cannot, it's a server problem. We know why it's happening. Thanks for the report!

  • any idea how to fix failed to update resources in the launcher install sir?

  • hey, how is the server going? and how i can help?

    • Feel free to play on the public test server. We actively monitor errors and fix them.

  • Are you by any chance the player on Wanderhome who had a pet named Ziggy who was hailed as the "True Leader of the Rebel Alliance?"

    • Nope, sorry to disappoint.

  • My toon Acauno is stuck on mustifar LOL. i didint expect a flat plain nothingness...

  • May the fourth be with you all!

  • You have been visited by the Hawaiian Pizza of tropicalness. You'll be blessed with Hawaiian Pizza, Vitamin C and great juicy Pineapple will visit everything you eat; but only if you comment: 'Get that dirty shit away from me'

    • Get that dirty shit away from me.

  • a!so plz join me guild {homo} we r looking for memburs to get going !

  • HEllo i am need assastance and i have ask man y time for help but no one seem available are u? i am bad computer and look need some get going. thank.

  • Hello Ziggy: So far I am a very good fire starter but I cant do much on the developing end,
    I'm more a hardware Tech than software developer. I played SOE Everquest2 and SWG from CU to NGE Publish8.
    What I noticed most was the NGE was simply the EQ2 Combat engine,
    even SWG Expertise rivaled EQ2's Achievement character specialization.
    My only major disappointment was KOTOR,
    the ship interiors where interesting enough.
    But the fact that the PoB and Star fighters flew on rails killed the desire to fly.

    • The on-rails experience during space missions was definitely a huge letdown.

    • Btw my JtL/Capitol Warship formulations are developing nicely, only wish I had a realistic way to play test the statistics.

    • Ship stats are finished, there is only booster, capacitor, and reactor schematics/stats to complete. All Warships are either Rebel/Imperial, or Flight Artistry to operate on 6 arcs using a weapons array system, its proven to make for some interesting ship to ship/ship to star fighter combat.

  • Oh look, its Ziggy.

    • Kill it!

    • I'll go get the flamethrower.

    • Some nice flames! Don't forget some meat and beer, it would make for a perfect barbeque!

    • Yes!

  • Hey, I'm not getting a email for my activation code.

    • There's some sort of issue regarding that. The majority of new accounts are being manually activated by the webmasters.

    • Okay thanks, I'll wait on that then.

  • hay ziggy u ther