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  • is project swg still being worked on? or it closed?

  • Happy Birthday!

  • Happy Birthday Boss! :)

  • heyyy undercova when will the new launcher come out just wondering want to play again its been a couple years

    • hey
      we will publish the new launcher within the next few days. some more little tweaks and shiny things we need to do :)

    • Awesome thanks :)

  • Hey hey mate, don't suppose you're the same Undercova from WW2OL?

  • Hey...i got the game running, but I will love to help more to this server, please can you tell me how i can help?, with details please so i test a lot stuff. Thanks

  • please assist, I have tried and installed, several time the complete adventures, I have downloaded the latest launcher. I have folled the instructions to the letter , however there seems to be a problem with updating the last 8.50MB as it always fails. Like I have said I have uninstalled and re-installed several times, but it always comes down to the last 8.50MB. Can you assist?

  • hi, just wanted to tell you that I figured out how to log in the game! Thanks anyway. I don't know how to get back to that message to let you know that I figured it out.

  • My toon Acauno is stuck on mustifar LOL. i didint expect a flat plain nothingness..

    • Just tried to but it didnt work. Sometimes it doesnt work for certain names. Just delete your character and create a new one :)

    • well... ok then. thanks for trying!

    • would it have mattered if i was logged in?

    • no

  • Hi, the filebase has the launcher listed as discontinued, is there anyway to get a launcher right now?

    • You can still use that one right now.
      Our new one will be published in the next few days

    • Next few days is fine I suppose. I tried to download the current one and it's just not there.

  • You added the imperial officer uniform?

  • Hi Undercova last night was cool thank you.Just a shame there was not many of us.

  • Hi Undercova.For the event tonight what time will the test center be up ? or is it just holocore ?

    • It's the only server we have atm. Just log in :)

    • Ok thanks Undercova.See you there.

  • can you check this debug i still cant login says my user and pass is incorrect when its not

    1. Sun Jan 15 21:38:02 GMT 2017: unknown location : WARNING 09fa17fd: ConfigFile::loadFile options.cfg: The system cannot find the file specified.Sun Jan 15 21:38:02 GMT 2017: unknown(0x775E3B90) : WARNING 83256f1f: ConfigFile::processLine unable to load included file options.cfgSun Jan 15 21:38:04 GMT 2017: unknown location : WARNING eed84f59: TreeFile::addSearchTree - [patch_60_client.tre] not foundSun Jan 15 21:38:12 GMT 2017: unknown location : WARNING 860d2942: Could not find skill DEPRECATED_SKILLS in DataTableSun Jan 15 21:38:15 GMT 2017: unknown location : WARNING f7d861fd: Invalid StringId NAME [ui:gender_selection]Sun Jan 15 21:38:15 GMT 2017: unknown location : WARNING f7d861fd: Invalid StringId NAME [ui:clothing_selection]Sun Jan 15 21:38:15 GMT 2017: unknown location : WARNING f7d861fd: Invalid StringId NAME [ui_charsheet:gcw_rank1]
  • Hey , can we speak somewhere? In real time?

  • not able to do anything in game... are you still building the server?

  • haven't been able to get into the game for awhile, don't see a launcher update on forums

    • the latest launcher now is version 0.9.6

  • Is the server up

  • I have been seeing the name Undercova and I kept saying that this reminds of someone I remember from Europe-Infinity. Now from reading the posts I see that it is the same person! I was the mayor of Mos Krayt and guild leader of the KRAHU (Krayt Hunters) at the server close. Good to see a familiar person!

  • Thank you for making a dwarf nuna.. then an AT-AT.. then a women who killed me multiple times for running pistol whip waaaaay to fast with DPS as a Smug!

  • Mr Undercover Brother, So awesome to see familiar faces from Infinity :D

  • email me @ agroover69@yahoo.com plz

  • and all antivirus off or uninstalled

  • I did the exe file help dummy here will not install

  • Heya, would this be undercova from Infinity?? if so, hewwo :P long time no see, nice to see you started up a server, bumped into Ivers on here.

    • yup thats me :D
      your name rings a bell .....

    • Should hope so lol was around long enough :P

    • Vampy! Under!...omg :D

  • Hey there are you busy?

    • a bit. why ? :)

    • As you know I am primarily interested in developing player Warships for Jump To Light Speed,
      I know this is new content most of it new code to be authored.
      My input as a veteran gaming is first generating proper statistics,
      then authoring this into code as player crafted components.
      At least five hulls/wireframes/skins exists in as code in JTL already,
      this is the CR90 Corvette, Warlord class Corvette, Imperial Lancer class Frigate, Nebulon B class Frigate, and the ISD.
      The Imperial Lancer class Frigate, Nebulon B class Frigate, and the ISD all became mobile participants in SOE's ground GCW city invasions,
      not sure but I believe I have video footage showing a MC80 Star Cruiser as well.
      Other hulls/skins/wireframes will need to be encoded but I've considered borrowing from user made EAW ship mods,
      but close up detail meant this would be altered as well.
      Warship interior instances will have to be simplified but much larger depending on hull class & faction,
      accommodating crew, repair, & munitions' stations but I have no intent of recreating the actual interiors.
      By trade I myself work is a Computer Technician so the hardware aspect is nothing to accomplish,
      the software required & encoding I am willing to learn or enlist assistance for.
      What I require is a detailed list of the software required.

  • heya undercova I have a question
    I clicked the download swg launcher and it took me to the download links do I click and download the projectswg-0.9.1.deb to download?

  • hay r u there

  • yo under been long time but where do i download the game for this? ash owa infin/ -VI- memeber