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  • How i install the new launcher?

    • I’m in the process of getting an install guide going, but the installation process isn’t that complicated. It’s really straightforward.

    • I made a post in Support Forums with more detail of everything I have done, that way is more easy to help me out. Thanks.

  • Happy birthday!!
    -From The Immortal One, master of space and time.

  • I didn't receive it :(

  • When im setting up the launcher and it hit "update" it says "failure to update resources"

  • Happy birthday Tosteto I hope you had a great day apart from the sad news about Carrie :(

    • Thank you, aside from the unfortunate events, that won't stop me from enjoying my birthday. I think Carrie Fisher would have wanted me to enjoy it while it lasts, even though we've never meet :)

    • My pleasure Tosteto.So sad her mother died the next day too Debbie Reynolds :(

  • Hey can you help me with a problem I have concerning the launcher?

  • Toasty no! I missed you by 3 minutes. >:L