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  • I personally would like to thank you for your compliments on my post,
    I myself besides being a fan of Star Wars movies, pen & paper as well as PC gaming.
    I am by trade a studied PC technician before a programmer,
    I do however have decades of experience with gaming engines and authored a few items for FASA & TSR back in my youth.
    But SWG has been my home for more years than I care to count,
    I may never regain my old glory days but I sense an opportunity to spread my wings within the NGE engine.
    You see I invested in SWG's sister game Everquest 2,
    so CU and NGE I simply recognized as EQ2's Achievement system so that when SOE released the Expertise system I confirmed it.

    • Hey I just like what you're saying. Star Wars is crying out for epic and involved space battle gaming imo, and Galaxies would be a highly appropriate setting for that in every way.

      FASA made some truly classic games, battletech in particular, I loved the MechWarrior and MechCommander series.

  • hey y is there no one on or cant do anything but walk around im new here sorry

    • Hey there. The game is being rebuilt, so a lot of features are still to be added. If you take a look at the timeline on the forums it will tell you what has been done and what is yet to do. The exploration badges are active, and a few of us are on doing those, but the server is still pretty empty until more things get added.

  • Hi thank you for your reply :)

  • Hey Ryloth! Looking forward to the event in 5 minutes?